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Report of the Brazil Ad Hoc Committee J. Roberto de Marca, FIEEE Region 9 Meeting 9 Abril 2011 Salvador, BA, Brazil.

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1 Report of the Brazil Ad Hoc Committee J. Roberto de Marca, FIEEE Region 9 Meeting 9 Abril 2011 Salvador, BA, Brazil

2 Brazil Ad Hoc Committee J. Roberto de Marca, Chair Antonio C. Ferreira Edson L. Leal Henrique A. C. Braga Luis Pilloto Luiz K. Tomiyoshi Nelson Segoshi Renato Silva e Silva Ricardo Reis 11/21/20142

3 My past (and present) as a volunteer President, IEEE Communications Society (2000 -2001) IEEE Division III Director (2004-2005) IEEE Secretary (2006) IEEE Vice President, Technical Activities (2008) IEEE Presidential Candidate (2009) MGA Board member (2010 – 2011) 11/21/20143

4 Brazil Ad Hoc Committee 2010 Activities Supported the development of and provided input into an environmental scan of Brazil Coordinated an extended visit with key constituencies for IEEE Corporate Staff and Tania Quiel (R9 Director) Established a list of recommendations for how IEEE can move forward to increase its visibility, engagement and impact in Brazil Developing business cases for three lines activities 11/21/20144

5 About Brazil Source: IEEE Environmental Scan of Brazil, 2010

6 Brazil’s Economy Brazil is the 7 th largest economy in the world (ahead of India, Korea, Canada, Russia and now Italy) Brazil is one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. Brazil economy remains strong, despite the recent global recession. Brazil stock exchange is second largest in the world behind Hong Kong and ahead of Chicago. 11/21/20146

7 Brazil’s Economy Brazil is a leader in science and technology in Latin America Brazil is a global leader in biofuels, agricultural research, deep-sea oil production, and remote sensing. Brazil has one of the most advanced industrial sectors in Latin America, including automobiles, computers and aircraft Brazil has a diverse and sophisticated services industry including developed telecommunications, banking, energy, commerce, and computing sectors The country’s financial sector is both stable and secure (has the five largest banks in Latin America) 11/21/20147

8 World Internet Users 11/21/20148 Source: (79.8%) (50.1%) (70.6%) (67.1%) (25.3%) (7.0%) (34.0%) (27.1%) (67.7%) (77.3%) (74.1%) (74.0%) (Users in millions, Numbers in the parenthesis percentage of nation’s population who use internet) WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

9 Brazil’s Statistics (Cont.) Brazil is ranked 5 th in the world in terms of Internet users (behind China, US, Japan and India) Brazil has also the 5 th largest population in world (behind China, India, US and Indonesia), about 35% of Latin America. Brazil is ranked 5 th in the world in number of cellular subscribers. 11/21/20149

10 Government Science, Technology and Innovation Action Plan 2007-2010 Main targets in the plan for 2010: –Investment in R&D: increasing overall investments in internal R&D from 1.02% of GDP in 2006 to 1.5% –Innovation in business: increase private enterprise participation from 0.51% in 2006 to 0.65% of GDP, in terms of total investments in R&D –Training human resources: increase the number of masters and doctoral scholarships granted from 100,000 in 2007 to 150,000 by 2010, with an emphasis on engineering and Policy for Productive Development priority areas –Science and Technology for Social development:  Establish 400 technology vocational centers  Establish 600 new telecenters  Enlarge the Mathematics Olympics by 2010 with participation of 21 students and granting 10,000 scholarships for secondary education 11/21/201410 Source: PACTI 2007-2010, Ministry of Ministry of Science an Technology

11 Education Brazil has over 200,000 electrical engineers and a large number of computer professionals It is estimated that over 30,000 engineers graduate every year in the country. Brazil gives more than 100000 master and doctoral degrees each year. (engineering+CS about 10% of this number) Brazil is ranked 15% in the world in number of scientific papers published. Engineering has been considered a high priority area for the future. Expected number of new engineers will grow faster in the next five years. 11/21/201411 Source: Plexus

12 IEEE Today in Brazil

13 Customers and revenue In 2009, revenue from Brazil was $1,729,931.01, up 13.5% from 2008. This constitutes about 1% of total revenue. The amount was spread over 2,777 transactions, up from 2,603 in 2008 (6.7% increase). This constitutes about 1% of total number of transactions. Average revenue per transaction was $622.95, up from $585.74 in 2008. In 2009, Brazil was ranked 20 th among all the countries by revenue. 11/21/201413

14 Activities In the years 2007/09, 70 IEEE sponsored conferences were held in Latin America, of which 30 were held in Brazil. A simple search in Xplore indicates annual numbers of about 150 papers in IEEE Journals. In July 2010, there were 7,674 visits to the IEEE main site from Brazil, 1% of total visits. Brazil was ranked 17 th among all the countries visiting the site. TryEngineering, an IEEE initiative, is viewable in Português (Portuguese) 11/21/201414

15 Membership in Brazil has grown in recent years 11/21/201415 Brazil Council total members since Year 2000

16 Brazil Council membership demographics 31 Dec 2009 11/21/201416 Having 17 fellows out of 28 in Latin-American is significant

17 IEEE Visit to Brazil 23 August – 2 September, 2010

18 IEEE’s Recent Visit to Brazil 23 August – 2 September 2010 The ad hoc Committee hosted and coordinated a visit to Brazil by Jim Prendergast, Matt Loeb and Tania Quiel Cities visited –São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador –Meetings were held with leaders from industry, government, academia and national societies 11/21/201418

19 IEEE’s Visit to Brazil 23 August – 2 September 2010 Industry –Eletrobas ; Cobei ; Coelba; Embratel; CEITEC Semiconductors, Federation of Industries of Bahia (FIEB), FIERGS Academic/Educational Institutions –Federal University of ABC Region (Greater S. Paulo Region) –Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul –Federal University of Bahia –CIMATEC/SENAI (Technology and Manufacturing Integrated College) 11/21/201419

20 IEEE’s Recent Visit to Brazil 23 August – 2 September 2010 Government –Ministry of Mines & Energy –CGEE/Ministry of Science and Technology –Secretary of Industry, Trade and technology, State of Bahia –FINEP (Brazilian Agency for Innovation) National Societies –ABINEE –SBC The committee met in Rio to discuss opportunities for IEEE going forward 11/21/201420

21 Summary of Visit IEEE has excellent volunteer leaders in Brazil with strong connections to industry, government and academia. Similar to other locations, these leaders are constrained by time available for IEEE volunteer activities Companies and government agencies visited confirmed that the need for continuing educations resources and other valued services are in demand Competition: Engineering and technology professionals are affiliating with other organizations/national societies in lieu of IEEE because those organizations are delivering value through programs IEEE relevance and value is challenged in Brazil –Academia knows IEEE –Few companies are aware of IEEE –Very limited IEEE visibility in government

22 Summary of Visit There are immediate opportunities that justify investment in the country –Growing power/energy industry; increase in power engineers offers opportunity to provide continuing education programs –Great interest by the Brazilian government in fostering innovation in companies. –Focus on continuing education programs, conferences and e-membership

23 Motion presented to IEEE BoD in November 2010 (passed) Be it resolved that the IEEE Board of Directors receives the report and endorses the recommendations of the Brazil Ad Hoc Committee; Further, the IEEE Board of Directors recommends that the ad hoc Committee be reappointed for 2011. 11/21/201423

24 Recommendations made to IEEE BoD as part of November report Develop a business plan with aggressive, measurable goals to improve IEEE visibility, further engagement and maximize impact in Brazil Business plan, including establishment of a local office, should be presented not later than the June 2011 Board Series –This provides time for collaboration with the VP, MGA

25 Current Activities Business Plans are being developed for the following activity/product lines: –Continuing Education (live and virtual short courses, webinars), primarily focusing in industry participants and leveraging the IEEE brand. Local presenters will be used. –Certification (training for) initially for programs already being offered by Computer Society. Partnering with local organizations in aggiornamento of engineers in mid-career. 11/21/201425

26 Current Activities: Business Plans (Cont.) –Small, Focused Workshops in topics of interest to Brazilian community. (including possibly Schools which have a lot of value for the academic segment) –Other activities will be considered later such as translation of standards and launching of IEEE books in Portuguese or English by Brazilian authors. Business Plans will be presented at the the June IEEE BoD meeting. 11/21/201426

27 Thank You! Gracias! Obrigado! Questions? Perguntas? Preguntas?

28 My Personal Views IEEE must improve its visibility in Brazil. IEEE must be able to engage in its activities and direction setting more Brazilian professionals and students. IEEE must deliver value to Brazil by offering activities that are relevant to the different sectors of Brazilian economy: industry, services, government and academia. IEEE must increase the number of events that held in Brazil, working in partnership with the existing national professional and scientific societies. 11/21/201428

29 My Personal Views (Cont.) IEEE must create mechanisms for timely information and activities of IEEE Standards Association The likelihood of success in continued education activities will increase if the material is produced in Portuguese and delivered by local experts There is no way volunteers can do what it necessary to be successful achieving the actions above. A physical presence using professional staff is required. 11/21/201429

30 Society Membership in Brazil - Ranking (1-8) SectionCCOMPEIACASSPCISCS Bahia3736311746217 Brasília274122771389 Minas Gerais202232153597 Rio De Janeiro62637618 341421 South Brazil2101421405882545554 Total35630430111511411210798 11/21/201430 1. C = Computer Society 2. COM = Communications Society 3. PE = Power and Energy Society 4. IA = Industry Applications Society 5. CAS= Circuits and Systems Society 6. SP= Signal Processing Society 7. CIS = Computational Intelligence Society 8. CS= Control Systems Society

31 Society Membership in Brazil - Ranking (9-16) SectionPELIERAEEDMTTAPIM Bahia121410816546 Brasília107864844 Minas Gerais461043423 Rio De Janeiro128870659 South Brazil3831303629 3022 Total7666 6152 4544 11/21/201431 9. PEL = Power Electronics Society 10. IE = Industrial Electronics Society 11. RA= Robotics and Automation Society 12. E= Education Society 13. ED= Electron Devices Society 14. MTT= Microwave Theory and Techniques Society 15. AP= Antennas and Propagation Society 16. IM= Instrumentation and Measurement Society

32 Society Membership in Brazil - Ranking (17-24) SectionEMBMAGVTSMCAESSSCITEMC Bahia52180253 Brasília82333452 Minas Gerais33132011 Rio De Janeiro53324141 South Brazil1823221420221220 Total393330 29 27 11/21/201432 17. EMB= Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 18. MAG = Magnetics Society 19. VT= Vehicular Technology Society 20. SMC= Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society 21. AES= Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society 22. SSC= Solid-State Circuits Society 23. IT= Information Theory Society 24. EMC= Electromagnetic Compatibility Society

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