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The University of St. John Fisher Be part of Something Special.

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1 The University of St. John Fisher Be part of Something Special

2 Marketing Situation Confusion Catholic? Where's the diversity?! Beautiful Campus Teachers are Local Professionals

3 SWOT Analysis Strengths: Beautiful campus Convenient college town Strong athletic programs Respectable education and valued degrees Weaknesses: Expensive Lack of Parking Lack of diversity

4 SWOT Analysis (Cont.) Opportunities: Division 1 Team Become a university IMC program Move focus away from Catholic religion Adding more online courses Threats: Declining number of college students Other schools in the Rochester area Identity Crisis

5 Market Gender Interests- Learning about the now, not the past Religion Income- A non-factor

6 Target Market High School Students Parents Those who want to be something special

7 Positioning Fisher is NOT Syracuse Fisher is NOT West Virginia Fisher is NOT Southern California Fisher is Fisher

8 Competitor Evaluation Primary: Nazareth College SUNY Brockport Ithaca College Secondary: Rochester Institute of Technology University of Rochester

9 Marketing Goals Short Term Enroll at least 50 new students Long Term Enroll at least 1,000 new students

10 Budget $7,300,000 Total – TV- $3,000,000 (2 per week, primetime cable) – Event Planning- $2,000,000 – Transportation- $500,000 – Online Advertising (Banner Ad’s, Facebook, SEO)- $1,000,000 – Billboard/ Outdoor Advertising- $500,000 – News Paper- $200,000 – Radio- $100,000

11 Budget (Cont..)

12 Creative Strategy Focus on IMC program Strive for Excellence Develop personal skills and character Location

13 Advertising Objectives Increase awareness in 25% of target market within one year Enhance perception of superiority within three years

14 Execution Radio Scripts Small Portion of Ads Donald Bain Sparking Conversations

15 Execution TV Commercials Former Fisher Graduates Clips of more student activity Not so much Donald Bain

16 Execution Event Coordination Hosting High School Sports Young Media Panel’s

17 Billboards

18 Online Advertising SEO Facebook Banner Ads

19 Integrated Marketing Recommendations Predominant business figures Appearances in ads and events

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