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Welcome back to returning students and a special students and a special welcome to students new to our school community our school community.

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1 Welcome back to returning students and a special students and a special welcome to students new to our school community our school community

2  Regular attendance is important  Call the day of any absence due to illness or appointment (905) 257-3534 x 2008  If you become ill during the day, report to the office-being ill in the washroom is not an acceptable excuse for being absent  If you arrive late – sign in at the office.  Before leaving the school – sign out at the office.  Otherwise you will be marked truant.  Students are expected to leave the building by 3:15 pm unless they are under the supervision of a teacher advisor for a club or team activity.

3  Arrive on time to minimize class disruption  You must be in class before the bell. The day begins at 8:35.  Classroom teacher deals with first 4 lates.  5th late you must report to office and school school consequences will occur.  Signing in late at the office and not reporting to class will result in a suspension.

4  Detentions will be issued for lates/truancies/uniform infractions/inappropriate behaviour in class  Missed detentions may result in suspension

5  Ambassador of school so wear appropriately  No hats or bandanas in the school at any time  Closed toe/heel shoes – no boots  Uniform shirts must be worn under the uniform sweater  Plain white shirts only under uniform shirts  No long sleeve shirts under short sleeve uniform  Only McCarthy pants are allowed  Shorts must not be rolled or hemmed  HT sports/spirit wear is not a part of the uniform  Detentions and suspensions will be issued for non-compliance  Coats and non-uniform sweaters are not to be worn in the school

6  School appropriate clothing only (no club or beach attire)  Shoulders must be covered  No hats (hats will be taken until the next Monday afterschool without warnings)  Skirts and shorts must be of modest length  See agenda or school website for more examples  Administration reserves the right to decide what is appropriate

7  Take all drills seriously. They could save your life.  Remain calm and follow the instructions of staff.  Remain silent.  If out of classroom – seek shelter or stay out of sight  Turn off all electronic devices – the school will notify parents – call 911 if you have vital info

8  Not allowed on school property – not even in a car  By-law officers will fine students found on school property over $ 300.00  2 day suspension for students smoking on school property  Chewing tobacco is a tobacco product and same restrictions and consequences apply  No e-cigarettes are allowed in the building or on school property.

9  Extra sets of eyes and ears to ensure the safety of all our staff and students  Follow their instructions

10  Students driving must have a parking pass  Drive safely in parking lot and surrounding areas.  While walking, be courteous and look before crossing.  Driving is a privilege not a right.  Student parking is in the half of the parking lot away from the school  Students parking in the wrong location or without the parking pass clearly visible may be ticketed by bylaw enforcement and may lead to suspension

11  Be respectful of school and neighbourhood  Clean up after yourself in cafeteria.  Hold your garbage while walking in the neighbourhood.  Recycle and compost!!  Food/drink should only be consumed in cafeteria and atrium – not in hallways or classrooms. Please put all garbage in either the recycling buns or garbage cans. Eating in the atrium is a privilege – don’t leave mess or it will be taken away

12  We have students with life threatening allergies to peanut and other tree nuts  Do not bring any food containing peanut or any tree nut to the school  Anyone with a medical condition (such as Asthma, Diabetes, Anaphylaxis, or Epilepsy) that has not completed the necessary paperwork, please pick up the forms after the assembly from the main office. If we have your info and nothing has changed, there is also a form that needs to be completed – also, pick up from office.

13  Visit your friends off of school property.  Plan your visits after school.

14  Must be in locker assigned  Property of school and may be searched at any time.  Leave all valuables at home  Backpacks must remain in lockers, do not bring them to the cafeteria or the classroom  Lockers must be secured with a lock (the lock must be appropriately engaged)  Locks will be cut if a locker is being occupied by someone other than to whom it was assigned

15  Be respectful  No students should be in the hall during class time.  At lunch, visit locker during first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes only  Elevators may only be used if students have an elevator pass issued at the office and cannot be used in the event of a fire alarm

16  Extension of the school  Privilege not a right  Must be on the registered list to ride the bus  Courtesy seats not available until October 1 and only after being contacted by the Halton Catholic District School Board

17  Electronic devices can only be used in the classroom for educational purposes under the direction of the teacher  Phones to be used only outside  School is not responsible for lost or stolen devices  Inappropriate use of electronic devices may lead to confiscation, detention and suspension

18  Sexting is defined as sending inappropriate pictures or text messages by phone or through social networking sites.  What may seem like a good idea at the time rarely ends well  Students sending/forwarding/posting these pictures or messages will be suspended  Students sending/forwarding/posting these pictures or messages will be suspended and possibly expelled, and police will be contacted

19  School consequences will result when inappropriate behaviour occurs on school property, during school events, or if an event occurring off school property that affects the climate of the school  Students forging notes will be suspended  Students calling the school and pretending to be the guardian to sign themselves out will be suspended  A student and his/her possessions (purses, knapsacks etc. ) may become subject to search if there is suspicion of illegal activity  Zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and fighting  Students not reporting to the office as directed by the teacher will be suspended  When in doubt – report to the office  Students not reporting to class after being given a late slip will be suspended

20  Teachers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff and school bus drivers provide a variety of valuable services for students. Students are expected to be respectful of all staff and to follow their direction at all times. will be suspended  Students not following the direction of staff will be suspended

21  Will not be tolerated in any form:  Verbal, physical or electronic  Remember that Facebook posts are PUBLIC  Report all concerns to a teacher or administrator

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