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You’ve Got to Be HEARD to be Believed! Don R. Simmons, Ph.D.

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1 You’ve Got to Be HEARD to be Believed! Don R. Simmons, Ph.D.

2 The Forward Lean An expectant mindset that looks for opportunities to communicate, looks for situations to be a positive influence, is always prepared to speak on a moments notice, and strives to communicate with energy and excellence.


4 95% of the time you try something, you WILL SUCCEED.

5 Greatest Fears 1.Speaking 41% 2.Heights 32% 3.Insects & Bugs 22% 4.Financial 22% 5.Deep Water 22% 6.Sickness 19% 7.Death 19%

6 What Impacts Believability?

7 I didn’t say she was a bad leader.

8 The Written Word vs. the Spoken Word


10 So, Avoid Reading Speeches!!

11 People BUY on emotion and justify with FACT. (ya’ gottta feel it!!)

12 KEEPERSIMPROVEMENTS 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 3X3 Feedback

13 Eye Communication If you don’t have Eye Communication, you don’t have communication!

14 Eye Dart Slow Blink The Triangle The Ceiling/The Floor The “VIP”

15 Learning the Behavioral Skills Energy!

16 Learning the Behavioral Skills Posture and Movement

17 Learning the Behavioral Skills Use the READY Position

18 Learning the Behavioral Skills Move out from behind Barriers

19 Learning the Behavioral Skills Dress and Appearance If in doubt, dress UP rather than dress DOWN

20 Learning the Behavioral Skills Gestures and Facial Expressions Find out what the NERVOUS BEHAVIOR is that’s inhibiting you.

21 Learning the Behavioral Skills The likability connection is not superficial, it’s the authentic YOU

22 Learning the Behavioral Skills A SMILE creates the likability connection.

23 Voice and Vocal Variety


25 Language and Nonwords UH UMM AH LIKE YA’ KNOW?SO YEAH AND


27 SUBJECT 1.POINT OF VIEW (POV) FOCUS Your feeling, opinion, and attitude about the subject 2. LISTENERS 1.Who are they? 2.What do they know about the subject? 3.How do they feel about the subject? 3. ACTION STEP 1.General Action Step 2.Specific Action Step (Physical, measurable, time oriented) 4. BENEFITS The Benefits YOUR LISTENERS will receive from taking your Action Step(s) (List three Benefits)

28 Stories Humor Analogies References Pictures


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