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Leigh Settlemoir Dzwik Academic Human Resources Joi Cunningham Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives.

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1 Leigh Settlemoir Dzwik Academic Human Resources Joi Cunningham Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives

2  Successful searches begin with successful search committee members— trained, dedicated, and experienced individuals.  Search committees succeed when they build highly qualified, diverse applicant pools.  Highly qualified, diverse applicant pools lead to the potential for outstanding hires which, in turn are natural recruitment vehicles for the next searches.

3  Transform the search process  Commit to diversity through action  Build a diverse applicant pool  Avoid exclusionary thinking in recruitment, selection and hiring  Be aware of unconscious bias

4 “They must have attended the ‘right’ school, training program, etc.”  Consider the situation of the National Football League.  If they only considered those from traditionally outstanding programs (e.g., Oklahoma and other Big 12 schools), would John Elway have had the opportunity to lead the Broncos to two Super Bowl victories?

5  Unconscious bias is based on a stereotype.  A stereotype is a standardized mental picture that represents an oversimplified opinion, affective attitude or uncritical judgment about a group. (Merriam Webster Online).  MIT/University of Chicago study – sent 5000 resumes to help wanted ads in Boston and Chicago with stereotypical white and black names.

6  The composition of the search committee is critical to its success. Involve people with diverse perspectives and fresh ideas.  Note: Departmental faculty not on search committee still play critical role in search process.

7 Fact or Fiction

8 The few faculty of color are being sought out by numerous institutions, and are not affordable.Fiction! Reality ~ Some minority and women faculty weigh location and job environment more than salary —so market your assets!

9 Faculty of color won’t select academe—they choose more lucrative positions in government or industry.Fiction! Reality ~ Minority and women PhDs are no more or less likely to work in academe than other PhDs.

10 Minority scholars are not available in the STEM disciplines.Fiction! Reality ~ Although numbers are low recent PhDs and Post Docs are available.

11 We need to know what role each affected area plays in the search process.


13 Search Committee  Prepares selection criteria, evaluation information and advertisements.  Corresponds with applicants.  Screens candidates and recommends for interview. Conducts interviews and reference checks.  Recommends candidates to hire.

14 Department Chairperson (if applicable) ◦ Appoints search committee ◦ Approves recommendations of search committee ◦ Interviews candidates Dean/Director ◦ Approves recommendations of search committee ◦ Interviews candidates ◦ Prepares offers to candidates

15 Inclusion Director/Provost’s Office ◦ Approves recommendations of the search committee ◦ Interacts with search committee regarding procedures ◦ Summarizes candidate data and information relative to protected groups with regard to the position

16 Cast a Wide Net It’s important to recruit from a wide range of sources and use a variety of methods to cast a wide net. If you need extra resources, contact the Office of Inclusion.

17 Do not post job announcement until: 1) Search Committee has reviewed 2) Dean/Director has reviewed and approved 3) Office of Inclusion has reviewed and approved

18  If you are not going to consider applicants, until all materials are received, indicate so in your job ad.  Remember… Outstanding candidates often do not apply for advertised positions—you must ‘court’ these potential applicants.  Graystone Advertising – make them work for you!

19  Change in the law related to permanent residency-- National Print Ad No Longer Required!! Can still place national print advertisement but can use electronic or web-based national professional journal too.  What is required if use electronic or web-based national professional journal? ◦ Advertisement must be posted for at least 30 calendar days ◦ Documentation of advertisement placement required ◦ Documentation of advertisement placement must include evidence of the start and end dates ◦ Documentation of advertisement placement must show text of advertisement  NO POSTION WILL BE APPROVED FOR INTERVIEW UNLESS THERE IS DOCUMENTATION OF ADVERTISEMENT PLACEMENT. TEAR SHEETS OR SIMILAR DOCUMENTATION MUST BE UPLOADED TO THE PEOPLE ADMIN SYSTEM AS PART OF THE INTERVIEW PROCESS.


21  Cannot give the appearance of or favor relatives or those with which you have a personal relationship ◦ No involvement in the search process ◦ No direct or indirect line of supervision  Such relationships must be disclosed to Academic Human Resources  Might pose a conflict of interest in contravention of Board of Trustees policy ◦ Conflict of Interest Policy In the Appointment and Assignment of Related Employees

22  Invite minority and women scholars to campus to present symposia, etc.  Provide mentoring and other resources for junior faculty, esp. important for women and minority faculty.  Build cultural competency into clinical and educational experiences.  Build diversity into curriculum.

23  Messages start with words and behavior of leaders (deans, department chairs, etc.).  Build networks and resources/ continuous recruiting.  Grow the pipeline.  Champion Diversity Initiatives at OU – ERGs, programming, Welcome Committee, policies!!

24 ALL search committee members share responsibility to attract diverse pool and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all applicants.

25  Telephone calls  Personalized letters to potential applicants  Personalized emails  Talk face-to-face with people who might nominate candidates

26  Approach potential candidates at professional meetings.  Consult with diverse faculty members on campus about outreach activities.  Contact traditional professional organizations that have affiliated groups for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups.  Other ideas?

27 Committee must establish selection/evaluation criteria and scoring process before reviewing applicant materials. Internal applicants should not participate in the evaluation process of other applicants.

28  Treat all applicants consistently and fairly.  Be courteous and prompt in correspondence.  Remember your own experiences as an applicant.

29 The search committee does not need to wait until the materials submission deadline to review applicant materials. Review may begin at any time.

30 Now What??

31  All discussions among committee members are confidential.  Applicant names and materials should be kept in secure location.  Confidentiality breeches should be disclosed to committee chair.

32  Formal selection interviews are conducted by the search committee and sometimes additional evaluators.  Must be consistent for all applicants.  Use questions that cover major job functions and desired skills/abilities only.  Must ask same questions of all applicants, but can ask varying follow up questions depending on applicants’ answers and/or experience/education.  Use interview questions to probe ‘potential’ using ‘what if’ type questions.

33  Committee members who miss some or all of the interviews should not participate in discussions of rank ordering of applicants, but may provide comments on those that they attended.  You or the applicant have questions ◦ Academic Human Resources Ex:2922 ◦ Office of Inclusion Ex:3496

34 Inappropriate interview venues:  Sporting Events  Gentlemen's Club  Dinner with Partner/Spouse and Family  House Parties

35 Do not ask about or discuss the following (even if applicants volunteer the information): - age - sexual orientation - marital status - religion - children (present or future) - ethnicity/culture - veteran status - disability status - Pregnancy and Health

36  Arrange for applicants to meet with other faculty of similar interests or backgrounds on campus.  Prepare ‘welcome packet’ for campus visits (e.g., handbooks, school/dept policies, benefits summary, web site info, regional activities, chamber of commerce materials, etc.).  MI-HERC – Dual Career Issue

37  Concern about struggles with promotion due to race/ethnicity (perception that they might not ‘fit the profile’)  Having gender/ethnicity given more attention than credentials (often report that their race is mentioned first, not their academic credentials)  Being expected to work harder than non- minority/male colleagues

38  Being treated as a token and feelings of isolation  Being expected to handle minority affairs (expected to be ‘experts’ on their racial or ethnic group)  Concern about whether they can maintain their cultural identity under pressure to ‘fit in’

39  Connecting faculty with campus resources and support  Mentoring programs  Clearly stated standards and procedures for advancement

40 No negotiations with finalists, even verbal, are to occur prior to Provost’s Office review and approval of the search and the finalist list.

41  Not enough time to perform a search  Renewing a visiting faculty contract (must be completed each year)  Outstanding individual (with detailed explanation attached)  Make certain to attach CV to the completed form for submission/approval

42 Turner, Caroline S.V. 2002. Diversifying the faculty: A guidebook for search committees. Washington, D.C.: Association of American Colleges & Universities. Barker, Kathy. 2002. At the helm: A laboratory navigator. Cold Spring Laboratory Press. (Covers personnel issues in a laboratory setting. Geared toward new Principal Investigators.)

43 Academic Human Resources website Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives website


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