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Page 9 Avancemos 2 TENER.

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1 Page 9 Avancemos 2 TENER

2 The Verb TENER The verb TENER, which means “to have” follows the pattern of other -er verbs.

3 The Verb TENER However, some forms of the verb are irregular.

4 The Verb TENER You must memorize verbs with irregularities.

5 The Verb TENER Here is the verb “To Have” in English.

6 TO HAVE I have You have He She has It We have They have

7 TENER Yo tengo Nosotros tenemos Tú tienes Vosotros tenéis Ud. Uds.
Él tiene Ella Nosotros tenemos Vosotros tenéis Uds. Ellos tienen Ellas

8 Other Uses of TENER As you know, TENER is sometimes used where in English we use a form of the verb “to be”:

9 Other Uses of TENER Tener sed (To be thirsty)
Tener hambre (To be hungry) Tener ____ años (To be ____ years old.)

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