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Reading, Writing and Organizational Tools for All Students! Sign in to be entered to win a free copy of Read&Write Gold.

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1 Reading, Writing and Organizational Tools for All Students! Sign in to be entered to win a free copy of Read&Write Gold

2 m About Us Pamela Kancler Assistive Technology Facilitator Windsor Public Schools M.S. Educational Technology M.S. Special Education Provide consult, training and access to assistive technology for Windsor staff and students to address IEP Goals and Objectives Jessica Coulombe Territory Sales Director Texthelp, Inc. 5 years of experience in Assistive Technology consulting. Assist schools in the Northeast to define and achieve literacy objectives with Read&Write Solutions. (Back)

3 Agenda Read&Write Gold Overview Who does it help? Smarter Balanced Alignment Hands-on/Classroom Strategies Questions

4 m Your Current Situation Reading: grade level content Writing & Research: Organization, note-taking and study skills strategies. Text: creating and providing accessible materials to students Continuity: PC, Mac and Chromebooks. MS Office and Google Apps for Education. iPads! Smarter Balanced: preparation for 2014/2015

5 m “Answer in complete sentences.”

6 m Same student after using Read&Write for only 3 months! “Answer in complete sentences.”

7 m How do we make this happen? Text-to-speech Word prediction Visual & talking dictionaries Self-editing tools Speech-to-text Organizational tools Brainstorming tools

8 m 3 Platforms DESKTOPCLOUDiPAD

9 m A toolbar that integrates with other applications. Each icon represents a powerful tool. These tools help students to read, write, organize, and research independently. What is Read&Write Gold?

10 m Smarter Balanced Assessment

11 m Reading- Let’s Get Started Natively reads in MS Office, PDF files, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Demonstration/Hands-on reading a Word Document, a website (IE), and an online textbook. Presidents Website: Pearson text Visual and Talking Dictionary can be accessed anywhere a word can be highlighted.

12 m Research Read&Write Gold’s writing tools increased student writing conventions by 276%. Sources: Elkind (1998), Montali and Lewandowski (1996), Disseldorp and Chambers (2002). Sources: Central Washington University Study (2007) Text-to-speech with dual highlighting can increase student comprehension by two grade levels.

13 m Organizational Tools Collect Highlights with Bibliography Information from Word or a Website Collect Highlights and create a Vocabulary List with images and definitions. Presidents Website:

14 m Writing Supports Word Prediction can be used in Word or Google Docs to reduce keystrokes and frustration by the student in producing content. Word Prediction Comparison Research

15 m Writing Supports “Accommodations aren’t cheating, and they don’t unfairly plant ideas into anyone’s head. They simply remove the barriers that prevent dyslexic students from expressing what they already know - and that’s all. Appropriate accommodations are often essential for students with dyslexia to develop their skills as writers, and that unlocking of potential is ultimately what education should be all about.” “Not only do these programs help dyslexic students reduce spelling errors, but when used consistently they actually teach individuals with dyslexia to spell better.” Source: The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain by Brock Eide M.D.,M.A. & Fernette Eide M.D.

16 m Google Apps for Education Chromebook education market share 2012:.04% 2013: 20% In the US education market alone about 22% of school districts have chromebooks. Why?

17 m Read&Write for Google Freemium: Text-to-Speech with dual highlighting and the Translator for the Web and Docs. Premium: Google Docs Extension includes Word Prediction, Highlight, Vocabulary List Builder and more. PDF, ePub and kes reader.

18 m Resources Toolmatcher: matches accommodations with the student’s needs.Toolmatcher Video Tours: located in the Read&Write Gold toolbar and on YouTube.YouTube Webinars: Free monthly interactive webinarsWebinars IEP, School and Single Licensing available.

19 m Thank you! Jessica Coulombe Cell: 978-808-1627 Pamela Kancler 860-687-2050 x155 Please sign the sheet for an opportunity to win a copy of the program. The PowerPoint will be provided to all attendees.

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