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2 A snapshot taken on September 1, 2015 reveals the future story of the Pulaski-Bleckley Baptist Association. The photograph details the story from the eyesight of our Master, Jesus Christ himself. His eyes tell the story of His working thru the churches to achieve the Kingdom status just as He desires. Ones attention is drawn first to the most obvious notation of the photograph; the individual churches. The current state of the churches is much different than past decades. Suffering thru years of unhealthy practices and life choices, every church now exists in a state of balanced focus and a conscious priority of vital health. This radical change in the life and personality of each church began in 2009 when each church agreed to utilize the Association as an intentional instigator of revisioning and refocusing the life of the church. Exuberant life burst forth within the congregations when there was a shift away from congregational identity to Kingdom identity. Pastors and lay leaders rediscovered their biblical calling to be Kingdom focused; not a sustainer of local congregations. This understanding empowered local congregations to recognize and acknowledge themselves as team members, networking together, with planned strategies, using gifts and passions, to bring new meaning to the members lives and the body life of the church demonstrated in ministry and mission. This notation is recognizable in the snapshot by the healthy shoots of new life bursting forth with fruit from the stem of the church. A third dimension is recognized by the level of impact the churches are having in transforming lives in Georgia and around the world. Local churches have begun fulfilling the Acts 1:8 Commission by networking to impact the daily lives of local residents and cooperating with the International Mission Board, The North American Mission Board, and the Georgia Baptist Convention to coordinate volunteer mission trips that will have a Kingdom focus. This dynamic focus is seen in the snapshot by the new congregations that have been birthed. Vision Statement Guiding to the Future Story The vision of the Pulaski-Bleckley Baptist Association is vital, healthy churches networking to transform lives in fulfilling the Great Commission. Purpose Statement Guiding the Vision Under the authority of Christ, the purpose Pulaski-Bleckley Baptist Association is to equip and assist its churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. The Future Story of Pulaski-Bleckley Baptist Association

3 On a trip we use a map. Precisely measured and drawn. Turn by turn directive.

4 On a journey we utilize a compass. The needle must be aligned. With what?



7 Restructure of the Executive Committee: Utilize messengers from each church 4 for the first 100 members and 1 for every 50 The new committee will consist of 193 members Maintain quorum requirements of 30 members from 10 churches Meetings will last no longer than 75 minutes All reports will be printed and distributed Financial and issues requiring a vote will be discussed Informational/Training time for the second half of meeting Committee will meet three (3) times per year Annual Meeting in October Early February Mid August

8 Pulaski-Bleckley Messenger Roster ChurchMessengers Antioch6 Bethany11 Blue Springs5 Broad Street12 Browndale5 Christian Friends4 Corinth5 County Line6 Empire5 Evergreen4 Faith5 FBC, C12 FBC, H12 Hartford4 Lakeview7 Limestone12 Midway7 Mt Calvary9 Mt Pleasant8 Riverside4 Ruth10 Salem8 Southside10 Trinity6 Union Hill7 Westview9 Total193

9 Administration Team: Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer, 3 Permanent Sub-Team Chairs, and the Associational Missionary. Financial Leadership Enlistment Meetings and Hospitality General Responsibility: Day to day operation of the Association Function within the desires and directives of the Messengers

10 Team Structure: Comprised of 3 to 5 members affirmed by messengers (Annual Meeting) Comprised of gifted and talented persons desiring to assist churches Teams will have the authority to create sub-teams when needed Sub-teams are temporary; will disband upon task completion Must be approved by the Administration Team May not have more than 1 member from any church Teams will meet once per month Submit minutes of meeting to Administration Team Shall administer budget allocations for ministry areas Shall present budget request to the Budget Sub-Team Teams are responsible for assisting churches and promoting the Kingdom work

11 Team Assignments: Administration:Church StrengtheningLostness BudgetSunday SchoolEvangelism NominatingMusic, VBSNew Church Preacher/PlaceYouth Ministry Development VanSenior Adult Ministry ResolutionsDiscipleship Training Dev. LeadershipMinistry/MissionsPrayer Team LeadershipActs 1:8Prayer Church LeadershipChristian Social MinistrySpiritual Awakening Association LeadershipMissions Education Activities Resource Agents for NeedsHispanic Ministry Childrens Home

12 Pulaski-Bleckley Team Meeting Schedule Each sub-team will meet at 6:30 on the assigned night. Each team will meet at 7:30 on the assigned night. The Administration Team will meet at 8:30 on the assigned night. Team meetings will not last more than an hour. Team leaders will have a prepared agenda for the meeting. These meetings will be work sessions for planning and implementation. All meetings will be scheduled on one evening to avoid over crowding of our already busy schedules.

13 Pulaski-Bleckley Team Leaders Commitment

14 Transition and Implementation

15 Operational Matrix

16 Hard L-Turns Expected

17 Journey or Trip? The Transitioning of Pulaski-Bleckley Baptist Association


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