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Human Bingo!!! Meeting Expectations Be on time We have a lot of things to go over in a short amount of time. Be respectful No side conversations when.

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2 Human Bingo!!!

3 Meeting Expectations Be on time We have a lot of things to go over in a short amount of time. Be respectful No side conversations when someone is presenting. Be attentive Important information will be given that we need you to know. Be engaged Ask questions when something is not clear. HAVE FUN!

4 Mission Statement The Aggie Recruitment Committee shall perpetuate the livelihood of Texas A&M University by striving for excellence in facilitating and coordinating recruiting efforts by Texas A&M students. ARC shall provide potential Aggies with first-rate recruiting conferences and presence in high schools across the state and nation while upholding the Aggie Code of Honor and maintaining a charismatic commitment to promoting a positive image of Texas A&M. ARC members shall embody the strength of character and integrity true of Texas Aggies, and shall seek to contribute to the greater good of Texas A&M through the premise of their dedication to recruiting future generations of Aggies. The Aggie Recruitment Committee shall always remain proud of the past, but committed to the future.

5 Meet Your Exec Team

6 Ruthi Hernandez Advisor Erin Mielke Chair Jose Avila Vice-Chair

7 Directors Tina Nguyen Risk Management Tessa Gay Recruitment & Retention Moriah Pratt SEAL Jonathan Martinez Whoopin’ Weekend

8 Coordinators Dylan Secrest DG Haley Wambsgans Social Kelsey Moore Housing Taylor Seaman Registration Jordan Hamilton Service Amy Poteet IT Army Flores MED

9 Point System Monthly Basis Can receive points from social/service events, working host tables, recruiting hosts, intramurals, etc. Can lose points for having unexcused absences at mandatory events like meetings, conference, and work day Different amounts for each month 5 points for the rest of September and October If you don’t reach the required amount for that month: 1 st – Warning 2 nd – Make up the missed points 3 rd – Will be asked to leave the committee Top three committee members at the end of each semester will receive a prize

10 Attendance Policy The following attendance policy is applicable to general meetings and conferences: If a committee member must be absent from a meeting or a portion of a conference, they must send an email to at least 24 hours prior to the absence. If the absence is unexpected, emails will be accepted after the Upon one (1) unexcused absence the committee member will be given a warning. Upon two (2) unexcused absences the committee member will have a discussion with a member from the Executive Team. Upon three (3) unexcused absences the committee member will be asked to leave the Aggie Recruitment Committee. Excused and Unexcused absences are defined by Texas A&M University policy. ARC will also excuse absences related to tests, and/or test reviews. Aggie Recruitment Committee sets this Attendance Policy in order to ensure that ARC members are prepared to recruit for Texas A&M University and staff our two conferences.

11 ARC Lunch with the Execs Every other Friday from 12-2 in the MSC We will comment on the Facebook page with exactly where we are Come by in between classes to eat or just hang out with your execs and other committee members Starting this Friday, September 26 th !

12 Committee Retreat! When: Friday, October 3 rd from 5:30-9:00pm Where: MSC 2406B Dinner will be provided!

13 Who? All committee members! What? The Maze Runner When? Thursday September 25 th @ 10:00 pm Where? Cinemark off of Earl Rudder Will meet outside by ticket window 30 minutes prior to show time New movie so please come early so we can get seats for those who are going to attend! Remember to bring student ID for student discount! ARC Movie Night!

14 Upcoming Events Intramurals 4-on-4 Indoor Volleyball, Monday October 6 th Ultimate, Monday October 27 th Volleyball Game A&M vs. Auburn, Sunday Sept. 28 th @ 1:00 pm, Reed Arena (meet outside main entrance at 12:30) Football Watch Party A&M vs. Mississippi, Saturday Oct. 4 th Time & location TBA Soccer Game A&M vs. Kentucky, Sunday Oct. 5 th @ 11:00 am, Ellis Field (meet outside main entrance at 10:30)

15 August Ryan Cardenas Chase Carpenter Lexie Chelf Maryssa Ferries Tessa Gay Caren Gonzalez Paige Lewis Kyle Saathoff Scarlet Stephenson September Dillon Adams Megan Batson Chesney Branson-Lofton Shelby Cielencki Ilse Esqueda Army Flores Jacob Gonzalez Shelby Hyde Karina Melendez Brianda Ortiz Savannah Runty Birthdays

16 Head Start We’re going to Head Start every other week this year!!! The first day will be THIS Friday, September 26 th from 9-10 am. I’m sending out a Google doc after the meeting to sign up. There are only 15 spots each week, so the first 15 people that sign up get to go! Each week we go, I will resend the Google doc so that every one gets a chance! It’s soooo much fun! You get to play with preschoolers for an hour! BRING YOUR DRIVERS LISCENCE AND KNOW YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! I will send out the address in the email! Text me if you have any questions! (903) 733-4496

17 HOST APP YAYYYY Apply to be a host because… you have to! And it’s awesome.  ON CAMPUS members MUST host!  Apply at  Talk to your roommate before you do it please……  Roommates must complete CPT and background check  Deadline for committee members: next meeting, September 30!  ERRRRRBODY…TELL YOUR FRIENDS  E-mail me if you have any questions:

18 Dues: $75 $55 HOWDY!! It’s Money Time

19 New Shirt Idea

20 Instructions are attached to email Password for login: Maglev#57!Guava Password will expire 9/29/14 Child Protection Training (CPT)


22 SPORTS PASSES Turn in your number to your Subco Coordinator when you break into Subco time! Thanks Y’all!

23 HEY YOU!!!!! Follow us on Twitter and join the Facebook group @ARC_Committee Aggie Recruitment Committee ‘14- ‘15



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