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KYOTE Training: The Writing Exam

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1 KYOTE Training: The Writing Exam

2 Purpose of this Presentation
The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the unique features of the KYOTE Writing Exam.

3 Why is the Writing Exam Unique?
The KYOTE Writing Exam is a test of students’ writing abilities. Students write an essay online in response to a prompt. The exam requires hand grading by high school faculty who first must become certified scorers. The process of scoring the exam and certifying the scorers makes the writing exam different from the KYOTE mathematics and reading exams that are machine scored.

4 Can Any High School Participate?
No! A high school must have at least one certified scorer on staff in order to participate. Student essays are distributed to certified scorers at other high schools to be scored. Writing exams of students at a high school without a certified scorer on staff will not be graded. KYOTE Scoring Coordinator, Kathy Williams, will contact schools if students submit exams at a school without a certified scorer.

5 Scheduling and Administrating the Writing Exam
Writing exams are scheduled as described in the KYOTE User Guide, in essentially the same way as the other KYOTE exams with these exceptions: There are two KYOTE writing exams. Select the exam KYOTE Writing: KDE Readiness. Limit test session to no more than 15 students.

6 Scheduling and Administrating the Writing Exam (continued)
Choose session name in the format HSNameDatein6digitsFacultyName For example, HenryClay092514Williams, Somerset040915Johnson, etc. If more than one session is scheduled on the same date, use the format ShelbyValley110714Smith1, ShelbyValley110714Smith2, etc.

7 Scheduling and Administrating the Writing Exam (continued)
Fall 2014 semester exams must be taken in the testing window from Monday, August 4 to Friday, December 5. Spring 2015 semester exams must be taken in the testing window from Monday, January 5 to Friday, May 15. Only exams submitted within these testing windows will be scored. The exam can be taken only once (one submission) each semester or trimester by an eligible student who is enrolled in a transitional course or in some other targeted intervention during that semester or trimester.

8 The Scoring Process Scoring is based on a College Readiness Writing Rubric. Scores range from 0 to 8, with 6 or more considered a passing score. Each exam is scored by two certified scorers outside the student’s district. If both scorers agree on a passing or a failing grade, then that grade becomes the final grade (either pass or fail). If not, a third scorer breaks the tie. The scoring process takes about two weeks.

9 Accessing the Exam Results
The writing exam results can be accessed in the same way as the mathematics and reading exam results, as described in Section IV of the User Guide. The status of each exam changes as the exam moves from submission to final score. Descriptions include: Has Not Been Graded In Grading Grade to be Finalized Grading Finalized Students and class owner will be sent an when their exam score is finalized.

10 Scorer Training and Certification
Prospective scorers must pass a writing scorer exam based on the College Readiness Writing Rubric to become certified. In-person training may be offered at least once per semester. A tutorial on how to score writing exams and a writing scorer practice exam are on the KYOTE website. Both can be accessed as described in Section XIV.D of the User Guide. Contact KYOTE Scoring Coordinator, Kathy Williams, for more information.

11 Scorer Responsibilities
Scorers must agree to begin scoring assigned exams once they become certified. Scorers must agree to complete scoring of assigned exams as soon as possible, but not more than 10 days from the date the exam is assigned. Scorers may be asked to score exams before students from their high school have taken any writing exams. Scorers must use the College Readiness Writing Rubric to score the exams.

12 Scorer Responsibilities(continued)
Scorers who suspect plagiarism should contact Scoring Coordinator, Kathy Williams, as soon as possible. A score of 0 will be given to a student found to have plagiarized. That student’s name and high school will be reported to KDE.

13 Questions Please contact Kathy Williams KYOTE Writing Exam Scoring Coordinator Eastern Kentucky University

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