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Crayola or Rose Art By: Lindsey Klein.

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1 Crayola or Rose Art By: Lindsey Klein

2 Introduction Have you ever heard of Rose Art and Crayola? Well they each have Colored Pencils and Crayons. I am testing to see what brand you are able to read better, or what brand stands out more.

3 Problem People write in different ways, so the way they write might change how it looks. Some people push down harder than others, so it could show up different than the other peoples. Which brand is easier to read?

4 Materials Paper Colored Pencils Crayons 3 Girls 3 Boys Pencil

5 Hypothesis I predict that the Crayola will show up better than the Rose Art will. I say that because the Rose Art brand is cheaper than Crayola. Most people say that they would rather use crayola. In Grade School all the teachers used crayola. I think that they are better.

6 Procedure First I’m going to give six people a piece of paper.
Then I’m going to give one person the same color from each package. Next I will have them write the same thing with each color. I will do that with each person. Last I will collect all the papers and compare which ones appear to show up better.

7 Background Information
Most people would rather have Crayola instead of rose art even though it costs more. They work a lot better than the Rose Art works. Crayons and color pencils have been used for years and they will probably continue to be used.

8 Variables Controlled- The same brand remained to show up the best on all the papers. Independent- I’m testing the differences in Crayola, and Rose Art colored pencils, and crayons. Dependent- My final results are that my predictions were right all along and the testing was just how I planed it to be.

9 Acknowledgement Breckyn helped me do the testing.

10 Results So far in what I have done my results are showing that the Crayola appear to be better. When I got all of my testing done I found out that my Hypothesis was correct about that Crayola was the one that showed up the best.

11 Conclusion With my project I found out that the Crayola and colored pencils/crayons appear to work better.

12 Possible Causes of Error
Possible causes of error are if people push down to hard while writing, that color might show up better than what people that don’t push as hard shows up. The way that people write, if they use the tip of the crayons or colored or the side of them.

13 Possible Application This project could help out the teachers, by telling them what crayons work better, so they know what to buy for their class. It could help kids out because they would be able to see the color of the Crayola better than the Rose Art.

14 Pictures

15 Time Spent Day Time November 17, 2010 60mins/1hr.
December 1, mins/1hr. December 8, mins/1hr. December 15, mins. January 26, mins/1hr. February 16, hr 30mins.

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