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Partnering for Success Building Residual Revenues.

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2 Partnering for Success Building Residual Revenues

3 Extend the core competencies for companies like: Web Design Firms / Graphic Design Studios Marketing / PR / Advertising Agencies IT Consulting Companies & Web Hosting Facilities Business Growth Advisors & Professional Services Firms Web Developers Internet Marketing Firms Telecom Brokers and Systems Integrators Vision

4 So they can OEM, co-brand and resell into high growth markets the following products / services: Web Design, Internet Marketing, and SaaS application solutions Traditional Marketing services New Media Outsourcing solutions, and Telecommunications Voice, Data, and IP services Vision

5 With NO real: Investment NO new debt NO new staff Little to NO risk With a Proven Player: With proven processes, products, and programs Vision

6 Generating Life & Business Changing: Residual Revenue Streams

7 Partnering To Partner or Not to Partner That is the Question?

8 Partnering Partnering is not a choice, its a necessity. Consider todays most financially successful and thriving companies. Youll notice they do just that:

9 Partnering Co-produce, Cross-promote, Cross-sell Each others products and services, and even take care of each others customers … Co-delivering!

10 Partnering Power in unity Power in sharing Power in helping Each other succeed at servicing respective client needs.

11 Partnering Question: Can you execute certain ideas … products or services better with GHI or on your own?

12 Not Partnering Lets look at … Not to Partner

13 Does it make Cents? To allocate precious executive resources hunting down investment capital to try to hire seasoned staff to build a brand new internet marketing, web design, or application development department?

14 Does it make Cents? To try and find the right staff with the domain expertise required for the market and yet the personalities necessary to be a cultural fit for the organization? –If yes, can we afford that level of talent? –Can we price the solutions to profitably afford such investments?

15 Does it make Cents? Do we know that we know how to efficiently execute these types of projects? –If yes, are we sure we then know how to generate profit from them?

16 Does it make Cents? Can we generate enough sales into our existing client base to justify the expenses required to build out this new product offering?

17 Does it make Cents? Do we give up anything within our core capabilities diverting time, attention, money, and executive resources to the development of this new offering?

18 Does it make Cents? Are we willing to increase our sales and marketing budgets for this new product line to invest in and hopefully build new name accounts around this offering?

19 Does it make Cents? Do we have enough time in the budget to eventually generate the necessary returns to justify the allocations?

20 Does it make Cents? Is our market reach wide and deep enough to support the development costs we will incur to build out this practice group?

21 Not Partnering Why build your own email marketing system? Why develop your own internet marketing department? Why cultivate your own graphic design group? Why try to locate and build your own low cost offshore resources? Why build your own data center? Why develop your own telecom offerings?

22 Partnering Why shouldnt you continue building your markets and domain expertise while leveraging GHIs 90+ web, marketing, telecom, and outsourcing products / services And if time is ever right … Then build YOUR own! On US!

23 Internet Marketing Why spend 36 months & invest $500,000 … and risk your own money, eating up long-awaited profits from what you now do well, to try and staff, build, train, develop, brand, and market your own internet marketing department – SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization, Social Media and Video Optimization, Blogging …

24 Website Design Why spend 24 months & borrow $150,000 … and take on debt to staff, build, train, develop, brand, and market your own website design department.

25 Website Development Why spend 24 months & invest $200,000 … you raised to staff, build, train, develop, brand, and market your own website development department when you have yet to build that market first?

26 Email Marketing Why spend 18 months & invest $250,000 … designing, building, testing, deploying, staffing, training, developing, branding, and marketing your own SaaS email marketing and campaign management solution.

27 Website Maintenance Why spend 18 months & invest $50,000 … designing, building, deploying, staffing, training, branding, and marketing your own website maintenance retainer solutions with staff who potentially arent equipped to expeditiously respond to 3 day turnaround times?

28 Outsourcing Why spend years & invest $250,000 … identifying, locating, building trusted relationships, investing in people, skills, processes, tools, and systems to outsource low cost website design and development services to your marketplace?

29 Vendor Sourcing Why spend years & invest $100,000 … trying and repeatedly failing at identifying, locating, and building trusted vendor relationships with third party hosting providers, content management systems, merchant services, photographers, freelance designers, and more?

30 Telecommunications Why spend years & invest $450,000 … identifying, building relationships, and generating enough monthly revenue to sustain telecom brokerage status with data, voice, and IP phone vendors around the country?

31 Marketing Collateral Why spend years & invest $250,000 … designing, copyrighting, positioning, crafting, and identifying various value propositions for marketing collateral … pdf sell sheets, ppts, websites, proposals, project plans, pre-sales worksheets, talking points.

32 Why not just Partner with GHI

33 Begin extending your core Generating high profit, residual revenues With little to no RISK And begin right NOW … today!

34 Partnering Now lets look at … To Partner

35 Web Design resources who have created 500+ websites since 1999 Website Maintenance experience managing more than 1,000 sites Organic Search Optimization knowledge that has improved company brands and monthly revenues since 1997 Paid Search Services generating quick returns on investment for clients around the country Partnering with GHI offers you:

36 Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Online Video Branding Services that go beyond traditional IM Email Marketing Campaign Management Systems you can OEM International Outsourcing resources who build websites for $300 and provide web maintenance for $5 per hour Telecom products generating the most profitable residual returns Partnering with GHI offers you:

37 Experience GHI is a successful partner with experience … > 13 years building indirect sales channels > 400+ business partners spanning 4 industries > 70% of GHI revenue comes from Partners We focus on markets we know YOU can delight

38 Creative GHI is a successful partner who is creative … > Low cost infrastructure creating attractive wholesale pricing which dramatically increases partners margins > Teach partners how to leverage residual revenue streams to smooth their monthly, fluctuating cash flow

39 Generous GHI is a successful partner who is generous … > Give away millions of dollars of research, product development, services, and best practices > Help directly competitive firms build their own competitive offerings from our experience, systems, tools, and products

40 Web firms67 Marketing firms 24 Adv firms14 Chambers144 Bus growth16 IT consulting17 Telecom269 …and adding 40+ every year GHI Partners by Industry

41 To Partner or Not? Pete Kever, Co-Founder & VP, Partner Programs 330-929-8878 Matt Elsey, Project Manager 330-730-3209 Frank Griffith, CEO 330-723-3136

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