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Fishing nets or safety nets. Need to start outside the church culture.

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Fishing nets or safety nets. Developing Church for the 21 st Century.

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1 Fishing nets or safety nets


3 Need to start outside the church culture

4 What are the differences in life between 1950 and 2010?

5 Going out Coming In. Christendom Spirituality Authority Authenticity Conforming Choosing Community Self reference Sunday Time Chaos Organisations Networks

6 Changing culture What is taking place is not merely theWhat is taking place is not merely the continued decline of organised Christianity but the death of the culture which formerly conferred Christian identity upon the British people as a whole. Callum Browne Death of Christian Britain

7 create a linguistic community create a linguistic community which speaks to itself but gives up responsibility to put the gospel in a language which is understood by the whole of society.

8 Five implications for the church in Australia

9 A decline in religious affiliation Christian % % No religion % % NCLS

10 A decline in Church Attendance % attend at least monthly % % NCLS

11 this majority (66%) presents a major this majority (66%) presents a major challenge to churches. Most of them are unreceptive and closed to attending church; churchgoing is simply not on their agenda. simply not on their agenda.

12 this research helps us to understand this research helps us to understand that the further people are from church, (in terms of churchgoing) the less likely they are to attend in the future. Mission opportunities are very different when to step over the church threshold is an unknown experience…..

13 The absence of the younger generation The average age of a 53 churchgoer is 53 Typical churchgoer is 40+, female, with a University degree, in first marriage, employed or retired. NCLS

14 The rising influence of spirituality The world today is as furiously religious as it ever was and in some places more so than ever. Rise in Wiccas from in Australia was 373%.

15 Are People Searching and why? 73% of people are searching 70% of people are searching because of either the credit crunch, concern about personal finances or job insecurity

16 Changes in the church culture Increased openness to new initiatives NCLS

17 we understood mission one way and organised life to accomplish it. We have awakened to find out the mission moved on us. To keep focusing on mission, we have to turn the furniture around and face a different direction. We may even have to move into another room. Loren Mead. The Once and Future Church


19 7 principles for remodelling church

20 Public worship probably isnt the best starting point 1

21 Prayer and Support Connection Listening and Following Gods call Loving Service Evangelism and Disciple- Making Forming Community Evolving Worship

22 The foundation of being Christian is being community centred around Jesus. Public worship is the consequence of this reality, not its creator. George Lings

23 There is no return address 2

24 Ends of the Earth Samaria Judea Half the picture Jerusalem

25 The ends of the earth Samaria The eccentric effects… Judea The centre and the Acts story shift Samaria is not a return ticket story moves from a focus on Peter to Paul the Church goes west church is done differently among Gentiles

26 cultural diversity was built into church for ever when so early in the churchs life the decision was taken to abandon the Jewish proselytite model. Andrew Walls

27 Mission not models shape the church 3

28 The reality is that mainstream culture no longer brings people to the church door. We can no longer assume that we can automatically reproduce ourselves, because the pool of people who regard church as relevant or important is decreasing with every generation Mission shaped church report p11

29 it is not the church of God which has a mission but the God of mission who has a church. Tim Dearborn

30 This might change US 4

31 Dying to live I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. John 12; 23-6

32 TOGETHER TO GODS FUTURE …do not try to call them back to where they were, and do not try to call them to where you are, beautiful as that place may seem to you. You must have the courage to go with them to a place that neither you nor they have been before. Vincent Donovan

33 Safe, who said anything about being safe. Course he isnt safe. But he is good. Hes the King I tell you.

34 Welcome the three eccentrics 5

35 The 3 eccentrics Who are the Philips? –A Dangerous Deacon? –Allow space for the unknowns Discover Cornelius –who evangelizes who Pray for Pauls –Eccentrics will do it differently

36 The challenge of discipleship 6

37 Simple in its natureSimple in its nature Relational in its emphasisRelational in its emphasis Transformational in its outcomesTransformational in its outcomes

38 The Pattern of Jesus Life 7

39 IncarnationIncarnation CrossCross ResurrectionResurrection

40 Which of these principles do you find most helpful? Why? Which of these principles do you find least helpful? Why? Any questions/comments.



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