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BE DiFFERENT or be dead: How to Distinguish Yourself in the Faceless Herd.

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Times are Changing! … Are You Ready? BE DiFFERENT or be dead Canadian Association of Movers Nov 15, 2010.

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1 BE DiFFERENT or be dead: How to Distinguish Yourself in the Faceless Herd



4 The Competitive Herd… The herd is growing at a breathless rate All seek the edge; advantage And yet… undifferentiation is happening Copying trumps uniqueness

5 The Competitive Herd… Product myopia: Incremental feature creep Round-the Corners to appeal to the many Benchmarking – shortfall gaps closed rather than differences created or enhanced.

6 Distinguish & Dominate To stand-out from the Herd… If you cant deliver VALUE which is – RELEVANT (something people really care about), AND –UNIQUE (something that ONLY you provide) You are in serious trouble! In other words…..

7 Distinguish & Dominate If youre not ReMARKABLE, youre CoMMON, IgNORED and InVISIBLE If youre not DiFFERENT, youre DiSPENSABLE If youre not DiFFERENT, youre DEAD (or soon will be)

8 Distinguish & Dominate You dont become indispensable merely because you are different. But the only way to be indispensable is to be different – Seth Godin, Linchpin

9 BE DiFFERENT Themes Strategy – Focus on EXECUTION Marketing – Create VALUE Packages for The WHO Service – SERVE your Fans & deliver Dazzling service experiences to them Sales – Develop intimate RELATIONSHIPS

10 BE DiFFERENT - Strategy DISTINGUISH = EXECUTE Dumb down your Strategy and ACT! Answer 3 questions & you have your strategy –HOW BIG do you want to be? – Top Line $$ –WHO do you want to SERVE? – The WHO –HOW will you compete and WIN? VALUE; RELEVANCE; UNIQUENESS – The WHAT

11 The ONLY Statement The ultimate manifestation of BE DiFFERENT is the ability to express your distinction in The ONLY Statement We are the ONLY ones that….

12 The ONLY Statement You dont want merely to be the best of the best. You want to be the ONLY ones who do what you do – Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead

13 The ONLY Statement MUG Solutions, Vancouver: We provide the ONLY solution that permanently stops people from depositing biohazard contaminants through manhole covers. CJSmusic, London Ontario: …is the ONLY music service in Canada that offers online music lessons and composition services for advertisers, filmmakers..

14 The ONLY Process The WHO – WHO to SERVE? The WHAT – WHAT do you provide that is relevant, compelling, remarkable, gaspworthy and UNIQUE? The ONLY – craft your ONLY Statement The TEST – is your ONLY RELEVANT? Is it TRUE? The Action – determine key steps to implement your ONLY

15 BE DiFFERENT - Strategy Be ANAL about Execution –20% plan; 80% execute –Plan just about right; –Execute flawlessly –Bre Pettis on Done…

16 BE DiFFERENT - Strategy Cut the CRAP –Cut list/Keep list –Beware of custodians of the past –Eliminate the Grunge preventing progress –Customer Moments are untouchable

17 BE DiFFERENT - Strategy Focus. Focus. Focus –Roys Rule of 3 –Focus on the critical few Plan on the Run Learn and adjust your strategy as you go Be good at anticipating; great at reacting Plan, Execute, Learn, Adjust, Execute …

18 BE DiFFERENT - Strategy Beware of Benchmarking –Best of class = highest common denominator to BE DiFFERENT from –Baseline to Distinguish –Copying = enemy of BE DiFFERENT –Domination = distancing yourself from the herd –BM to Improve, Yes, but NOT to Distinguish


20 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing DISTINGUISH & DOMINATE = #1.CREATE VALUE … We are in the Value Creation Business, right? Common sense but the competitive herd generally doesnt do it – the blur thinks product supply & price

21 A Word on VALUE… Its NOT about what we produce, our technology and the cool things it can do It IS about –The impact what we produce has on The WHO and their lives –Creating memorable moments –Injecting a dose of humanity in what we do

22 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing DISTINGUISH & DOMINATE = #2. FOCUS ON YOUR FANS The people who care about what you do, who are connected and will Sneeze you to others Shed mass market thinking The average customer doesnt exist Covet small and smaller customer groups

23 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing The smaller the group, the more you know about each person in the group AND the more relevant you can become in what you provide them R (Individual) = 1/Size of Group the Rule of 150… a simple rule of thumb that distinguishes a group with real social authority from a group with little power at all – Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

24 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing Focus on expanding your loyal Fan base Know your Top 10 FANS: high value customers Know your Sneezers and Mavens who will spread the word Enable them to communicate among themselves and with you Its about viral word-of-mouth epidemics

25 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing Another thought… do you have any BE DiFFERENT customers? –Eccentric –Quirky –Outliers –Weird Look for unique Fans and serve THEM!

26 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing DISTINGUISH & DOMINATE = #3. PACKAGE VALUE Move from a product focus to VALUE-BASED PACKAGES Objective: DiFFERENT Branding PREMIUM Pricing Discounted bundles NOT ALLOWED

27 A Shift in emphasis… The WHO The Many Value Pak Product

28 VALUE Paks… VALUE Paks –Holistic perspective of The WHO: broader than a features/benefit mind-set; the TOTAL person/organization –Problems solved –Shareholder value created –Experiences delivered ***** –Happiness created –Memories produced

29 BC Ferries Valley Golf Adventure 2 nights @ Crown Island Resort Round trip on BC Ferries Morning round of golf, power cart, practice facilities $310 May – Sept 30

30 BE DiFFERENT - Marketing VALUE Paks … Powered by –Customer Learning – continuous learning process –More than Market Research –To discover the Secrets of The WHO –Customer Secrets – Intimate, deep knowledge of the person –Ask questions and LISTEN

31 BE DiFFERENT – Serving DISTINGUISH & DOMINATE = SERVANT LEADERSHIP Serve customers dont service them Service cars not people! Its not about imposing service policy on them; its about serving them in a way that creates delightful experiences Allow the customer to control you

32 BE DiFFERENT – Serving Serving = CORE SERVICE + … –What they GET from you.. Dial tone, clean hotel rooms, good food, completed flights –Satisfy em –Meet expectations 24X7X52 –You get Cs –If not, they will leave you in a HEARTBEAT –And SCREAM how BAD you are to anyone who will listen!

33 BE DiFFERENT – Serving Serving = CORE SERVICE + SERVICE EXPERIENCE –How they FEEL –DAZZLE em with it –Make it GASPWORTHY –Leave em BREATHLESS –You get As –Loyalty, Raving Fans & Sneezers

34 BE DiFFERENT – Serving VARY THE TREATMENT Vary how you treat people; BE Flexible Same treatment for all = mixed level of satisfaction Different treatment = constant level of satisfaction Each person is DiFFERENT I wont GASP if I am treated like a cog

35 BE DiFFERENT – Serving The Dazzle Factors … 1.Hire Human Being Lovers – Hire for Goosebumps! 2.Kill Dumb Rules 3.Be flexible: empower Frontline to bend rules and say yes 4.Provide Dazzling Recovery from your Service Blunders: Fix your screw-up and WOW em – do the unexpected (secrets)

36 BE DiFFERENT – Sales DISTINGUISH & DOMINATE = RELATIONSHIPS & INTIMACY –Sell Relationships NOT Products –Build intimate relationships with your FANS Long term success is about BONDING not flogging

37 BE DiFFERENT – Sales Build compensation plan on Relationship – building behaviors –Start at 80% sales revenue; 20% RB –Increase RB component over time Get customers to rate sales people on RB competencies: Customer Report Card

38 THANKS for visiting

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