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Liberec is a great city.. It is situated in central Europe…

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1 Liberec is a great city.


3 It is situated in central Europe…


5 …in the north of Czech Republic…


7 …between two mountain ranges-Jizera and Lužice.


9 The highest point of them is Ještěd.


11 Throughout the history, the look of its peak has changed.


13 The construction, which stands here now, was designed by architect Karel Hubáček

14 In its lower part is a hotel, …

15 …and in its upper part is a great radio and TV transmitter,…

16 …which is used for broadcasting to wide range around.


18 The official center of the town is here, On the square of dr.Eduard Beneš. wait

19 Many cultural doings take place here through the whole year.

20 And, of course, the city hall is standing here too. wait

21 This building is a residence of the leadership and representation organisations of our city. wait

22 Inside of it, there are many beautiful pictures, decorating the walls.

23 Here is one of them.

24 The complex of textile manufactories founded by…

25 …one of the famous persons of our city,…

26 …Johann Liebig.

27 Nowadays, the place doesn‘t look like this.

28 The great factory was demolished.


30 Well, let‘s look at the real center. This is the transport center of the town.

31 In this traffic junction are intersecting all of the bus and tram routes of the city.

32 As you see, we have three-rail tramlines, because of two different possible wheel spacings of the trams.

33 This is one of the shopping centers of our city. By the local people it is called “Ještěd”, because of the name of the first shop, which was inside long time ago. Wait …

34 And it is by the same architect, who had designed the same-named construction which has been mentioned before. It‘s a pity, that the leaders of our town decided to give permission to its demolition.

35 This great building is the town library.

36 It‘s quite new, opened about five years ago, and the people of our town like it very much.

37 There are so many things, I could tell you about our interesting city…

38 …but we have no time.

39 Let‘s go here,…

40 …and enjoy it by yourselves ;)

41 © consider 2005 Thanks to: Qapa (3 photos) (2 photos) Sleepy.664 (one photo) and 3D CAD support by Altera Corp. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying or public performance prohibited.

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