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UNIVERSITY SPORTS Sports Coordinator Petri Kuokkanen University Sports, University of Turku.

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1 UNIVERSITY SPORTS Sports Coordinator Petri Kuokkanen University Sports, University of Turku

2 Sports fees The whole academic year 2014-2015 ( autumn 1 Sep – 14 Dec and spring 7 Jan – 26 Apr ): 58 € 1 semester (autumn): 41 € Summer (4 May – 12 Jun): 16 € Sports Fee shall be paid webshop (UTUshop) Once you pay the sports fee, you can freely utilise all of the University´s sports facilities and equipment and participate in any form of exercise that isn´t subject to a seperate fee Some sports courses require special course fee (C) s = sign up, see instructions at class description in intranet or

3 Activities of University Sports aerobic lessons gym training indoor cycling pilates, yoga, fitness boxing etc. courses dance lessons ball games (open traing times) martial arts winter sports: ice hockey, down hill skiing, snowboarding

4 Reservate single session sports facilities can be reserved for different ball games, table tennis or badminton. Price 5€/h/badminton court

5 Sports teams of University - AFC Campus ( floorball W+M 1-5 div, football W+M ) -University basketball M 2-div, Unikoris W 3-div and M 4-div -TYUS volleyball M 2-div -Football M 6.div Functio Laesa -American football Beavers Hunters M -Chiefs ice hockey M 2-div -Turku academic rowers W+M -OL-UT orienteering team -Tyy-pesis (Finnish baseball) -Turku Swing Society (dancing) -Kendo sports club of Turku Universities Dai Kenshin Kai

6 Sammonmalja Football 29 Sep – 16 Oct 2014(closed at 19 Sep at 16.00) Volleyball 3 - 27 Nov 2014 (closed at 27 Aug at 16.00) Rinkball 12 -22 Jan 2014 (closed at 2 Jan at 16.00) If the weather is too warm for Rinkball there is no tournament. Basketball 2 - 19 Feb 2015 (closed at 23 Jan at 16.00) Floorball 2 - 26 Mar 2015 (closed at 20 Feb at 16.00) Finnish Baseball (Pesäpallo) 6 - 23 Apr 2015 (closed at 27 Mar at 16.00)

7 Sports facilities of University Sports Iskeri, student houses A Educarium, Assistentinkatu 5 (Faculty of Education) Sport Sirkka, Sirkkalankatu 13 (entrance from Uudenmaankatu) Tennis fields, close to Educarium Normaalikoulu, Annikanpolku 9, Varissuo Kupittaa ice hall (Meriteijo Ski, Teijo) sports coordinators give more information about sports facilities nearby and in other parts of Turku

8 Educarium

9 Educarium, Weight Room

10 Iskeri



13 Sport Sirkka



16 Sports office Location: Main building, groundfloor room 021 Reserve an appointment time in advance Borrowing of sports facilities, physical activity advice Feedback and wishes:

17 The employees of University Sports Sports coordinators Teija Hakala: 02-333 6495 / 040-480 2788, Petri Kuokkanen: 02-3335946 / 040-187 8564, there are also sports instructors, supervisors, personal trainers and referees working for the University Sports

18 PERSONAL TRAINERS Personal trainers can help you to get your phusical goal. Personal trainers contact you will find in our intranet

19 Sports Tutors There are also tutors to help you in starting activities. A tutor can come along to show sports facilities and to participate in activities with you for the first time. Sports tutoring is a peer activity where students encourage each other to exercise. The tutors encourage and inspire other towards sports activities. Sports tutor is in a key position to push others to moving and being active. The tutor helps other to find their own sports discipline or to get new friends.

20 At the end: Free explore weeks: 1. – 14. September 2014 Welcome to University Sports!

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