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E-mails, Texts or Social Networking By Josie Hayden.

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1 s, Texts or Social Networking By Josie Hayden

2 Facts on s Bullying using ing is becoming popular, because it is quick, easy and hard to trace, but not impossible. About 21% of children have had nasty s sent to them.

3 Facts on Texts 1 in 4 children have suffered from text bullying. Only 10% of people receiving nasty text messages told an adult (if you are being bullied make sure you tell an adult you trust).

4 Facts on Social Networking 7% of children are being harassed in chat rooms. Over 40% of teenagers have been bullied on the internet over the last year. Only 15% of parents know about their children going on social networking sites (make sure you ask your parents before you go on social networking sites). Currently 45%-57% of people who use chat rooms are being bullied there.

5 How Do You Fix It? Make sure you keep all your personal details a secret from everyone. Dont arrange to meet an internet friend in real life, they might not be what they say they are. If someone is being rude to you, or upsetting you online dont talk to them. If you are being bullied, make sure you tell an adult. If you receive a nasty or text save it so, you have proof when you tell an adult.

6 Dont Worry There are people you can talk to and people who will understand, if you are being bullied tell someone, you are not alone. No-one is saying you cant use social networking, texts or s, just be careful what personal information you give and what you say to other people in texts and s.





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