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Centre for Inner Resources Development (A Unit of N arayanashrama Tapovanam) Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha “The goal of spirituality is to make us master.

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1 Centre for Inner Resources Development (A Unit of N arayanashrama Tapovanam) Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha “The goal of spirituality is to make us master of the world by making us master of our own mind and intelligence.”

2 Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha At 24, he was initiated into the pursuit of Brahma-vidya (Self- knowledge) by Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa of Dakshinkhanda, West Bengal. A PhD in Physics, he was a scientist and assistant professor in the Radar & Communication Centre of Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur. “Spirituality - A Pilgrimage Towards an Integrated Personality” (CIRD, New Delhi)

3 Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha In 1987, he renounced his professional life and dedicated himself wholesomely to the mission of … Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

4 Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha A Rational Understanding of Spirituality “Spirituality – A pursuit of Self-transformation” (Virginia, USA)

5 Spirituality Defined “Bhagavadgeeta – A Revolutionary Message for Transforming Life” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) “Spirituality or Adhyaatma-vidya as defined in Bhagavadgeeta (verse 8.3) represents the knowledge of our True Identity, the Self.”

6 Right Understanding…. not mystic “There is a widespread misunderstanding that spiritual study and practice are ‘otherworldly’, and necessary only at the end of our life. But, in truth the purpose of spirituality is to grow with the right knowledge about the world as well as about ourselves, so that we can live a life of freedom and fulfillment.” “Enlightened Leadership” Workshop for Senior Corporate Executives (Jakarta)

7 Universal Message “As the knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc. does not depend on the racial or religious identity of the student, so too the knowledge of the 'Self' – our own real identity – is true of any human being on earth.” “Science and Spiritual Quest” (Jakarta)

8 A Great Discovery “Vedanta is the record of the results of enquiry into our own real identity. It is a statement of a great discovery. It is an exhortation, a call – to do the experiment oneself by refining and sublimating the inner faculties, and discover the Truth for himself, in his own being.” “3 Great Discoveries of our Land” (Centre of Excellence, Jamshedpur)

9 “Often our scriptures are accused for the present decadence of our civilization. But, in fact, the degeneration of India began when we started distancing ourselves from the true purport of the scriptures. The knowledge that is based on uncompromising enquiry and subtlest reasoning, was belittled as mystic; the scriptures that emphasize relentlessly our self-effort, were ignorantly considered as fatalistic; and the universal ‘Dharma’ based on a comprehensive understanding of human personality, was ignorantly termed as idolatry.” Rediscovering our heritage

10 Knowledge must transform “Essentials of Hinduism” (Jakarta) “Spirituality is a delightful journey from selfishness to SELF-ness; from the constricted ‘I’ to the universal ‘I’.”

11 “One must live the Knowledge. Scriptural knowledge without the living experience is like the picture of fire, which can neither illumine nor burn. “This knowledge being about our own identity, mere theoretical knowledge will not be enough. We have to discover it first hand. The knowledge becomes ‘realized’ through a process of comprehensive transformation of our inner being.” Spiritual knowledge is experiential

12 “As soon as I started studying Physics, I fell in love with it. Physics used to give me the joy of expansion, the joy of vairaagya (dispassion or impersonality). If we are able to integrate the fundamental philosophy of Physics into our vision of life and the world, then it will certainly generate impersonality, impartiality and humility in our mind.” Living the Knowledge “Science & Spiritual Quest” (Taylors’ University, Malaysia)

13 Inspiring the Youth “Being Successful” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) “Being successful is to be successful with your own mind.”

14 Spirituality revolutionizes our life & thinking “Religion depends on the faith in some concept of God or the Creator of the Universe. Spirituality begins when we start questioning our faith, our concept of God.” * * * “Most people think of spirituality as rejection of the world. In truth, spirituality means accepting the world wholesomely without getting subdued or weakened by any situation.”

15 “A God-believing person is a believer in the concept of God. An atheist is also a believer, but in the concept of no-God. Both of them are believers. They believe in some concept of their mind. This a priori belief stifles their enquiry. A seeker of ultimate Truth should start with no belief.” * * * “Why do we look for a Creator of the world? Because, we find that everything in the world follows causality. The causality we see all around makes us think that there must be an ultimate ‘Cause’ (or Creator) behind the universe. That is, the concept of God is basically an “inference” from the causality we observe in the world. “In fact, it is an invalid ‘extrapolation’ of material causality beyond its domain. Although everything we observe in the material world is related by causality, the Ultimate Truth, by definition, has to be beyond causality. It transcends duality.” Transcend belief & non-belief

16 “The infinite variety of the world is always pulling us away from our real Identity, our inmost anchor. Know that this centrifugal force is not generated by the objects themselves, but by our mind’s preference and prejudice towards them.” * * * “To interact with the world variety remaining anchored to our core identity, we have to balance the centrifugal force by generating enough of centripetal force. How to constantly generate the centripetal force?” From slavery to mastery

17 Solution lies within “Shift the focus from external situations, to the mind's response to them. Do whatever leads to mind's expansion, strength and transparence.” * * * “For self-improvement, always try to bring in the transformation at the causal level. Shift the focus from actions to their cause – the thoughts; from the thoughts to their cause – the mind-set (bhaava) giving rise to them. Transform the mind-set or ‘bhaava’ by relentless contemplation on the infinitude and unaffectedness of the Soul.”

18 “True spiritual pursuit must generate the feeling of sky-like impersonality and impartiality within. Our inmost identity is the abode of fearlessness, abode of strength.” * * * “We are suffering from the fear of losing what we like and facing what we dislike. By not clinging to what we like, and not hating what we dislike, we become fearless.” * * * “By clinging to external objects and objective situations for gaining happiness, we become slave to the world. By discovering the real source of happiness within, we become master of the world.” Towards freedom and fearlessness

19 Why Spiritual Knowledge “Those who have realized the Truth about their identity, found that this knowledge makes a man fulfilled. It makes him emotionally fulfilled by removing all sense of insufficiency, desires, fear, and bondage. It makes him intelligentially fulfilled by removing all his doubts. It enables him to float unaffectedly over any world situation surrounding him.”

20 Centre for Inner Resources Development (CIRD) CIRD was conceived of as a unique knowledge institution that will help individuals discover and harness their Inner Resources through a deeper understanding of the human mind and develop a poised all-embracing personality.

21 For more information Click on the links below: Articles by Swamiji Audio Recording of Swamiji’s discourses For videos of discourses by Swamiji:

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