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Free or Discounted Drugs Ashley Rosell Senior Project.

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1 Free or Discounted Drugs Ashley Rosell Senior Project

2 Agenda What Who Where How Why

3 Your needs The medication you need is out there and available to you for affordable prices. Regardless of income, health status, and drug prescription use The medication is only for prescription drugs

4 Who? Anyone with a doctor prescription Anyone who needs the prescription drugs Anyone who doesn't think they can afford Everyone

5 Where?

6 Wal-Mart Four dollar prescription program Prices are affordable and everyone can use this program Let you choose the payment plan Free refills and Delivery Our $4 prescriptions have saved our customers over $3 billion. Wal-Mart

7 Wal-Mart Online Online gives a list of drugs sold Headings are based on problem It's listed in alphabetical order Disadvantage not all drugs are available through this program f


9 CVS Drug Information Center You can search for any medication Will tell you when and how it should be taken, and it's side effects and precautions p



12 Advil Children's 100 MG/5 ML SUS (Ibuprofen)

13 CVS Online Prescription Center You can refill or transfer your prescriptions Also you may look/print/mange your rx records BenefitsCheckUp Helps you fins and enroll in federal, state, local, and private programs Caremark Will help you save money on your medications, manage your prescriptions benefits, access valuable health and wellness topics, and much more

14 Online Company/manufactures offer free or discounted drugs They are located around the U.S. Some are listed in the pamphlet

15 Manufactures Each has their own requirements that need to be meet in order to receive the medication Also given is a way to contact them Might be a number, a fax, email, or an address

16 Getting the medication First need a doctor's prescription Depending on where you get the medication, there might be requirements Manufactures require different needs to be meet Wal-Mart and CVS have no requirements but might not have your prescription

17 IMPORTANT Research the medication you need Medication is for helping people Be honest with your doctor

18 Pamphlet The pamphlet includes manufacturers,their requirements, and contact information Also includes a website for more manufacturers and their requirements (and contact information) Local distributors would be Wal-Mart and CVS



21 Distribution The pamphlets were distributed to people who may be at high risk for need for discounted medication or to people who are unaware of their options

22 University of Pittsburgh Bradford 300 Campus Dr. Bradford, PA

23 Senior Center 60 Campus Dr. Bradford, PA

24 The Friendship Table 21 East Corydon St. Bradford, PA

25 Jamestown Community College 525 Falconer St. Jamestown, NY

26 Aids Community 111 W. 2 nd St. Jamestown, NY

27 The Warming House 110 West State Street Olean, NY

28 St. Bonaventure University 3261 W State St. Allegany, N.Y.

29 Stairway to Behavioral Health 2185 West 8 th Street Erie, PA

30 Me in action

31 Remember Prescription drugs are available Everyone can get the medication they need Locally found at Wal-Mart and CVS online Information is out there Talk to your doctor

32 Bibliography

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