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Are they helpful or harmful?

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1 Are they helpful or harmful?
Fungi Are they helpful or harmful?

2 Traits of Fungi Most fungi have cells with a cell wall and more than one nucleus Most are

3 Traits of Fungi They are either: .
Saprobes – feed on material from previously living things (shoes, dead trees, dead animals etc.) or Parasites – which eat or derive there energy from living things. .

4 Traits of Fungi To reproduce, they send out spores instead of seeds.
Carry pieces of broken hyphae to new places Form Buds in which a small part of the parent grows into a new organism.

5 Traits of Fungi Most are multicellular
Some like yeasts are unicellular

6 Examples of Fungi Bread Mold

7 Examples of Fungus Moldy Fruit

8 Examples of Fungus Tree Fungus

9 Kinds of Fungi Sporangia-produce spores at the end of treelike structures called hyphae. (ex. Hyphae)

10 Kinds of Fungi Club Fungi - have hyphae that form branches underground. They have club shaped parts that produce spores.

11 Kinds of Fungi Sac Fungi – produce spores in sac-like structures.

12 Helpful Fungi Food – mushrooms Used to make cheese – Blue Cheese
Used to make wine, beer, and whiskey (Yeast) Used to make bread rise Used to make soy sauce from soy beans Used to break down materials and recycle wastes and dead organisms Used to make certain drugs (ex. Penicillin)

13 Mushrooms

14 Blue Cheese

15 Wine, Beer, and Whiskey

16 Soy Sauce

17 Decaying Tree

18 Penicillin

19 Harmful Fungus Cause food spoilage
Cause plant disease such as rusts, Dutch Elm Disease, and mildew Cause Human diseases such as Ring Worm, Athlete’s Foot, Thrush, lung Infections, and Yeast Infections Destroy leather, fabrics, plastics, etc.

20 Food Spoilage

21 Dutch Elm Disease

22 Ringworm

23 Athlete’s Foot

24 Thrush

25 Fungal Lung Infection

26 Yeast Infections

27 Fungus Destroying Leather

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