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Rural DRT by the DHD Operation Czech. About the DHD and Passengers The DHD is a private mass transport operator The DHD specializes in DRT (demand response.

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1 Rural DRT by the DHD Operation Czech

2 About the DHD and Passengers The DHD is a private mass transport operator The DHD specializes in DRT (demand response transport service) as an effective alternative to the scheduled bus servicedemand response transport service The DHD operation requires just 2 full-time workplaces; DHD plans about 800 rides a day presently the DHD operates for two industrial zones in CZ with about 2,000 employees, Cenkov and Zdice, 1200km 2CZCenkovZdice all the passengers are employees of the two industrial zones, but this system is applicable also for transport into schools, hospitals, or public transport in less populated areas Click on underlined words for more info

3 The Goal Mass Transport Optimization in Terms of Using Various Modes respecting the current public transport using the demand responsible transport incl. carpooling destinations: work – school – hospital – event

4 System Function 1.requestrequest2.planningplanning3.transporttransport4.accountingaccounting gathering information of demanded routes when where from where to they want to go looking for the best mode of transport respecting costs, waiting times, duration and transfers 1. public scheduled bus or trainscheduled bus where available fare subsidies for the rest of the costs subsidies tax statistics 2. hired minibus, bus or car (according to DHD‘s schedule) bus where effective 3. carpoolcarpool where available 4. not served or taxi when none of above mentioned fits

5 Requests Passengers set requests for their planned rides – rides may be requested several weeks in advance according to their working timetable – requests are gathered in a computer based on the booking system working on the intranet of the factorybooking system requests can be made individually in a kiosk or on a PC at foreman's or receptionist's desk (personally, phone, email) an example of the output from the booking system herehere an internet accessible system is in development

6 Requests Example Of The Output From The Booking System add33173-669c-440d-a89b-80d509c802713.2.2011 6:00:0011552722 bd69cf90-a0a1-4a8e-813b-0a2210f244933.2.2011 6:00:0001643315104 2865b331-df70-40f2-9c06-0f41ae8d01543.2.2011 6:00:000471915104 553ecd3e-51bd-4e19-9121-35b1498d66573.2.2011 6:00:000438815104 57bbe259-09fd-4fa0-8194-38aaa16ed3e33.2.2011 6:00:000190515104 54c242a1-b0ff-4831-8c2f-47f044a66c3b3.2.2011 6:00:000190415104 6b2af570-e0fd-4e72-8890-4a35882bbf473.2.2011 6:00:000275915104 39f12c6c-fb00-42d4-b711-578f9ad50a2f3.2.2011 6:00:000141415104 be67512d-8e13-46ac-98c9-5c6054db64083.2.2011 6:00:000255115104 3b4400b0-958d-4c05-8f95-654107f85c463.2.2011 6:00:000200515104 c46152e4-ea30-449a-829b-9e51fec0ff323.2.2011 6:00:000276917104 7bfd7ac4-7a0d-4cc1-a59e-a59d1774e4723.2.2011 6:00:0001694817104 5386b1a0-f644-421a-977a-a18e97465c523.2.2011 6:00:000342127104 8f944457-cbb8-4dc1-bed3-e6e161babaab3.2.2011 6:00:000111827104 76317ef5-6a90-418d-a69d-bfffa7c4311c3.2.2011 6:00:0001684632104 37f89f38-ea7b-4f86-95aa-07d7f51f02ee3.2.2011 6:00:00044549104 e9b956c5-4cde-4737-9662-27b85d8927083.2.2011 6:00:000373449104 4d933307-f5c5-457b-9ed8-36ef9a6dedb03.2.2011 6:00:00097949104 c817f779-b905-4f2d-a2e4-3a512e835ee63.2.2011 6:00:000382449104 b429dae9-8390-4109-af1f-6a4a330e751b3.2.2011 6:00:000158749104 3bf9ec6a-3b1a-40e7-8d3f-8d37d8d53de73.2.2011 6:00:000344849104 0c365cb3-0907-47dd-928a-988f756b39a43.2.2011 6:00:000363749104 51e0899e-09bd-46f7-826e-b5db4db02c433.2.2011 6:00:000226449104 f05e51b4-b4b5-4f43-8a73-b8e92324005d3.2.2011 6:00:000180349104 5088b667-7f9c-4648-ab26-e3ef903099ad3.2.2011 6:00:000413249104 59f409bc-6f9d-4762-be9b-f153006dd9c03.2.2011 6:00:000129149104 85694b42-59b8-4071-b7d7-f899c19311d63.2.2011 6:00:000164649104 11f709e8-bdcf-4c59-bbe5-2b8385d6601b3.2.2011 6:00:000156952104 3d9f19c6-a307-45c7-8734-bf5a4ef8cf003.2.2011 6:00:000268652104 819fe3ee-217b-41a4-80f7-c3255c0b45d13.2.2011 6:00:000378152104

7 Requests Screenshots from the Booking program login window making and checking of requests user settings and batch making requests

8 Transport Planning I. request processing At noon the DHD processes all requests for rides for the following 24 hours – for each ride request with help of a Planning program:Planning program 1. looks for public scheduled bus or train or their combination 2. if there is no direct public transport, looks for bus or train on halfway, which could be extended by hired vehicle (bus, minibus or car) 3. if no public transport available, plans a hired vehicle or combination of hired vehicles 4. where using hired vehicles is not effective - high cost per person 1. looks for carpoolcarpool 2. if a passenger is compliant to pay a taxi, the DHD defines the nearest stop of the public or hired transport, where the passenger can change

9 Transport Planning User interface of the planning program

10 Transport Planning II. Informing Passengers passengers are informed about the planned transport 1. public scheduled transport as well as repeated hired routes are included in timetables on the web pages of the DHDtimetables on the web pages of the DHD 2. info about each route can be sent to the passenger by e-mail (if available) 3. info about specific and irregular routes can be additionally sent to a mobile phone as a text message in several formats, eg.: 1. brief: DHD#Su24.5.18:20Kostal>Valdek_II/Pribyl/18:54Valdek_II >Zajecov/C35,57/#Mo5.55:08Zajecov>Valdek_II/C35,4/5:35Valdek_II>Kostal/Pribyl/; 18:20Kostal>Valdek_II/Pribyl/18:55Valdek_II>Zajecov/470800,6/ 2. descriptve: DHD#Go on Su 24.5.v 18:20 from Kostal to Valdek_II with private Pribyl, change to 18:54 from Valdek_II to Zajecov with with public C35,57. At Mo 25.5 in 5:08 from Zajecov to Valdek_II with public C35,4, change to 5:35 from Valdek_II to Kostal with private Pribyl. Next trip in 18:20 from Kostal to Valdek_II with privatel Pribyl, change to 18:55 from Valdek_II to Zajecov with public 470800,6

11 Transport Planning III. Hired Transport Order transport order delivered to the driver of hired transport Click on picture for captions. All described planning operations take about two hours for about 800 rides from noon to the noon next day.

12 Transport Planning III. Example of the transport order date, no., name of drive and name of the transport company stop name and time list of passenger' s changing passengers names and their phone numbers dist. km, capacity requirement, driver's name and his phone no. + number of getting on - number of getting off

13 Transport

14 Accounting After the Ride I. Fare Calculation The DHD calculates fare for passengers – the fare on the regular public service was paid by the passenger by the standard method (e.g. to the driver) – fare in hired vehicles is calculated in the similar way as in public transport (local zonal tariff) and taken away either from passenger‘s deposit account at the DHD or from his wage by his employerlocal zonal tariff If the passenger changes from a public into a hired vehicle, the fare respects the fare paid in regular public service, so that the changing did not make the route more expensive for the passenger.

15 Accounting After Ride II. Pay For Hired Vehicles Transport companies send invoices to the DHD – The DHD checks and approves invoices – The DHD splits payments among several employers and individual passengers accounts according to settled rules – The DHD makes statistics of several indicators relevant to transport

16 Accounting After Ride III. Evaluating Individual Transport Costs To keep the cost effectiveness of hired transport, the DHD evaluates a couple of indicators for each passenger monthly – this evaluation considers: cost of the rides (to be paid to the transport company) length of the routes of the particular passenger number of shifts worked by the passenger – optimizing process is then focused on passengers going beyond settled limits

17 About This Document Created by company „Dispečink hromadné dopravy, s.r.o.“ (DHD), Czech Republic, EU, Author Robert Koblížek Revision June 23 2014 Terms of use: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) (free to use and copy, no change)Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0)

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