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Instructions for the choc or lolly quiz By Paul Cantellow.

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1 Instructions for the choc or lolly quiz By Paul Cantellow

2 The main object of this quiz is for students to first choose a car make which in turn will take them to a subject. Once they have selected a manufacturer they then have a choice of an easier question (accessed by clicking the lollypop picture) or a much harder question (accessed by clicking the chocolate picture).

3 On the easier question option the answers are all multiple choices. The student will read all the possible answers and decide which one they feel is correct the tutor will then click the answer chosen. If the answer is correct the green arrow correct sign is displayed. The student should be given a lollypop as a reward. If the answer is incorrect an orange wrong cartoon character is displayed and the tutor can explain to the student where they got it wrong and the correct answer. As the student did not get the correct answer they should not get the reward however if the student had a good attempt at the answer it would probably be a good idea to reward the student to encourage others in the class.

4 On the harder questions I have set a majority of them to ask for a verbal explanation. This serves two purposes first as the student has to think about the answer it reinforces the fact that the question is more difficult and will be more of a challenge to the advanced learners. Secondly it gives the tutor more scope to ask directed questions to the learner to guide them to the correct explanation.

5 Select a Car- maker and Click its button The first screen asks the student to select a car maker. You will notice once a manufacturer has been selected the title automatically fades so the tutor or students will know which ones have already been selected.

6 Once the car manufacturer has been selected a screen similar to the one above will be shown. Each car manufacturer chosen will select a different subject. As a guide to the student a picture indicating the subject is shown on the left hand side of the screen, as indicated above. Harder question, Requires explanation Easier question, Multi-choice answer

7 The above screen shot shows an example of an easier question. As you can see it also gives three possible answers. Once the student has selected their answer, place the curser over the answer and click.

8 If the answer is correct the green button with the tick is shown. At this stage the tutor should congratulate the student and give them a reward (IE lollypop). Once this is done just click on the image and you will return to the front page ready for the next student.

9 If the answer is wrong the cartoon image below will be displayed. At this point the tutor can ask searching questions to the student and clarify their thoughts on the question. They may well decide that the student can have a reward for the effort or maybe a misunderstanding of the question. Again clicking on the image will take you back to the front page

10 The example below shows a typical question than will be found in the harder questionsection. The question will require the student to think about their answer and give an explanation. As with the easier question the tutor can raise points to clarify the answer. Press the green button if the answer is correct or red if the answer is wrong.

11 My best advice is just to go and play with it ENJOY

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