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KEEP or GIVE Oedipus Part 1. 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920 2122232425.

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1 KEEP or GIVE Oedipus Part 1


3 -3

4 +2


6 +3

7 -2

8 +1

9 What crisis is Thebes battling when the play opens? Terrible plague

10 What two emotions does a tragedy trigger within an audience? Pity and fear

11 What character represents the search for knowledge? Oedipus

12 In what way does Oedipus symbolize the protagonist of a tragedy? He is the son of a king.

13 T/F A central idea in Oedipus concerns the difficulty for humans to see the truth about themselves. True

14 T/F A central issue in Oedipus concerns the acceptance of destiny. True

15 What personality traits determine Oedipus actions throughout the play? Stubbornness and perseverance

16 Define tragic flaw. A characters weakness that causes his downfall

17 What does Oedipus mean? Swollen foot

18 What was terrorizing Thebes when Oedipus first arrived? A sphinx

19 What was the answer to the sphinxs riddle? man

20 Whom did Oedipus murder. (give name) Laius

21 Why is the plague terrorizing Thebes? Laius murder has gone unsolved and the murderer un punished.

22 With which god is the chorus most distressed? Ares

23 Why did Oedipus summon Lord Teiresias? He wants Teiresias to reveal the name of Laius murderer.

24 According to Teiresias, who is the murderer? Oedipus

25 Who makes up the chorus? A group of old men

26 What does the chorus ask for in order to know who the true murderer is? proof

27 Which two people do Oedipus accuse of killing Laius? Teiresias and Creon

28 What reason does Oedipus give for accusing Creon of killing Laius? Creon wanted the throne.

29 Give one reason why Creon doesnt want the throne. 1.He wants the privileges but not the responsibility. 2.He doesnt want to go against what the people want, which kings often have to do. 3.Everyone likes him already.

30 How does Oedipus want to punish Creon? Oedipus wants to kill Creon.

31 According to Jocasta, what does the oracle say would happen to Laius? Hed die at the hands of his son.

32 What physical ailment afflicts Teiresias? Hes blind.

33 What two reasons does Oedipus give for wanting to find Laiuss murderer? 1.To end the plague 2. to avoid Laius fate

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