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Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment

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1 Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment
Pre-Bid Conference ITB No A January 25, :00 PM DISCLAIMER: This PowerPoint Presentation does not amend the ITB documents. The PowerPoint only serves as a tool for conducting this meeting.

2 Welcome and Introductions
Trey Collins, Procurement Officer All Vendors - Please Sign-in Meeting Intent: During this meeting, the Department intends to provide vendors with clarification on how to submit complete responses to the Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment ITB. All questions concerning the content of the ITB or the ITB process must be submitted via as directed in Section 3.8 of the ITB. Welcome to the pre-bid conference for the office and educational consumables ITN My Name is Danielle Kosberg and I am the procurement office and I’ll be leading our discussion today. A couple of housekeeping items to cover first. There are sign in sheets being passed around please make sure you sign in your attendance at today’s meetings The restrooms- if you go though the doors in the back the women's room is around the corner to the left and the men’s room is around the corner to the right. In the event of a fire or alarm our evacuation route is through the doors in the back– go to the left and walk through the glass doors in front of you. A quick note about today’s meeting. Our intent today is to go through what is needed for a vendors response. We want to maximize this time with you today to help u understand what is needed in order to be responsive. So, we ask that you hold all questions about the ITN process or questions about the states decisions about requirements and submit them through the Q&A board tool. We do not intend to respond to these types of questions in today’s meeting.

3 Agenda Ground Rules for Today MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Timeline
Scope of Products Response Criteria Basis for Award Questions The agenda for today is on the screen We’ll cover the ground rules for the meeting today We will provide direction on where to submit your proposals Take a look at the current timeline as posted in Addendum #1 Overview of the scope of products on this ITN as outlined in section 1.2 of the ITN Overview of what is required in the solicitation response Cover any additional questions

4 Ground Rules for Today Please turn off / silence cell phones and pagers Please ask questions at any time - (One question at a time - PLEASE) State your full name and company name Answers provided during this session are unofficial All questions must be submitted via as instructed in Section of the ITB (Questions deadline is February 1, 2011 at 2:00pm EDT) Answers to questions will be posted by February 22, 2011 Go through each of the ground rules

5 MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP)
MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the state’s online purchasing system, connecting state agencies with registered vendors. In order to do business with the State of Florida, Respondents must be a registered vendor in the MyFloridaMarketPlace(MFMP) Vendor Registration system MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP) - Department of State via This ITB will NOT be conducted using the MFMP Sourcing Tool Future sourcing events in this category may be conducted in the MFMP Sourcing Tool - the state's formal competitive bidding system MFMP Information and Training is Available Vendor Toolkit - MFMP Sourcing / Solicitations MFMP Customer Service Desk

6 Questions and Answers All questions must be submitted via to Questions should be concise and to the point All submitted questions will be published exactly as submitted along with the Department’s response Questions must be RECEIVED NO LATER THAN the time and date reflected on the Timeline – ITB Section 1.5 REMINDER! It is strongly recommended that you submit your questions as early as possible; do not wait until the last minute! The Department will provide responses to the questions according to the Event Timeline as a solicitation addendum via the Vendor Bid System Vendors will submit your response using the MFMP sourcing tool. The state will not accept any other methods of responses. Please do not or provide any hard copies of the proposals. The tool will provides sections to upload your completed documents directly in the tool. All vendors must be registered in MFMP to participate in this solicitation. Vendor training is available on the MFMP Vendor Toolkit. If you follow the link above here you can access a training document prepared for another solicitation in state purchasing that will walk you through using the tool. Go to, Vendors, Vendor Tool kit, MFMP Sourcing/ Solicitations. Or you can always call the MFMP Customer Service Desk or vendor help with questions or for guidance.

7 Event Timeline – ITB Section 1.5
Time (EDT) Date ITB Release January 12, 2011 Vendor Bid Conference – Non Mandatory 4050 Esplanade Way, Room 101 Tallahassee, FL 32399 Conference Call Information Call number: ; Conference Code: *SUNCOM Conferencing Service will only accept the first 120 callers 2:00 PM January 25, 2011 Deadline for Questions Submitted by to February 1, 2011 Answers to Respondents Questions Posted February 22, 2011 ITB Submission Deadline March 8, 2011 Posting of Intent to Award March 29, 2011 Contract Start Date On or about April 18, 2011 This slide outlines our current timeline Questions are due to the state by April 30 this Friday, at 2pm eastern daylight savings time. Right now the sourcing tool is in a preview period where you can only view and download the forms. This Friday on April 30th, the preview period ends and the bid becomes “open” vendors can start to upload their completed forms on Friday at 2pm. The Q&A board will close at 2 on Friday and you will not be able to submit any additional questions. . We will post answers to questions by May7. it will be done on both VBS and in the tool. It will show the question and the state response in a PDF format Your proposals are due by May 14th at 2pm

8 Scope of Products – ITB Section 6
Radios are intended to be used for public-safety law enforcement and non-law enforcement agencies land-mobile-radio applications. Products Public-safety grade two-way voice radios (Category 1 or Category 2) Non-public safety two-way voice radios (Category 3) Dispatch consoles RF Control Stations Vehicular Repeaters Radio equipment batteries and accessories Types of Equipment Analog and P25 Compliant Base station/Repeaters Radios (Categories 1, 2 & 3)  Analog and P25 Compliant Mobile Radios (Categories 1, 2 & 3) Analog and P25 Compliant Portable Radios (Categories 1, 2 & 3) Analog and P25 Compliant frequency controls stations (Categories 1, 2 & 3) P25 Compliant Vehicular Repeater (Categories 1, 2 & 3) Analog and Digital Dispatch Console Radio Batteries/Accessories An overview of the scope of products is outlined in Section 1.2 of the ITN. The main point to make on this slide is that Respondents must be able to offer all the products in the product categories and sub-categories listed in section 1.2. There is a separate ITN active for Copiers and that ITN should not be confused with this one. If needed: Information about overlapping categories is found in section 1.2 of the ITN. Please post that question in the Q&A board for an official response. Section 1.3 and 6.4 describes the states estimated usage.

9 Response Criteria – ITB Section 3
Price Sheet (7.0.1) All Florida Prices listed shall be the ceiling price for the State of Florida Eligible Users The Respondent may offer only the product(s) available that meet or exceed the solicitation’s requirements, specifications, terms, and conditions Required Forms Savings/Price Reductions Form Ordering Instructions Certification Table Contact Information Certification of a Drug Free Workplace State of Florida Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire Emergency Situations Form Authorized Dealer Form Reference Forms (3) Manufacturer’s Authorization Form Dun and Bradstreet Supplier Qualifier Report SPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE MATRIX (Section 6.17) There are 15 mandatory requirements. Respondents will answer yes or no directly in the sourcing tool in RFX info section 3.1. Respond to the 7 Evaluation questions directly in the tool. You are limited to 4000 characters including spacing. RFX Info section 3.2 Required Forms. D&B SQR report. Instructions on how to obtain these forms are in the ITN Customer Reference forms. Have two customers fill out sign and you upload a PDF of the forms to the tool Fill out and upload the Drug free form Upload your registration form fro the Department of state. The ITN outlines how to obtain this form (not to be confused with MFMP) OI- who will be the contacts if you are awarded the contract Upload ur Proposed catalogs. Include the complete product list you intend to provide customers. Provide the minimum fields listed in the ITN section 6.3.5 including the Q1 SP Richards price You need a minimum of 280 points on the Tech Proposal to have your price scored.

10 D&B Supplier Qualifier Report
The Respondent shall request the SQR report from Dun & Bradstreet at the link provided in Section 3.14. Enter the ITB number in the text field entitled “Enter your ITB Number” and select submit Enter your company’s DUNS Number; if you don’t know your company’s DUNS number, you may use the search feature to find it Confirm Registration Enter payment method and information and complete registration; the cost of the preparation of the D&B report shall be the responsibility of the Respondent Choose the drop-down box to have the report sent to the Department of Management Services Note: The Respondent should keep a copy of the submitted report and submit the copy with their CD Response

11 Basis for Award – ITB Section 3.10
The Department intends to make multiple awards statewide to the lowest priced responsive and responsible Respondent(s) by the categories within the Technical Specification class. Multiple awards may be made to Respondents within ten percent (10%) of the lowest bidder for a Category. The Department reserves the right to make awards as determined to be in the best interest of the State of Florida, and to accept or reject any and all offers, or separable portions, and to waive any minor irregularity, technicality, or omission if the Department determines that doing so will serve the State of Florida’s best interest.

12 Questions? Don’t forget to submit ALL Questions via by February 1st at 2:00pm EDT

13 Thank You Thank you for your interest in the Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment ITB Don’t Forget Responses are Due March 8, :00 pm EDT

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