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OPEN ENROLLMENT JULY 27 – AUGUST 26, 2011 Taking Control of Your Familys Health & Well-Being! Benefit Year 2012 October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012.

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1 OPEN ENROLLMENT JULY 27 – AUGUST 26, 2011 Taking Control of Your Familys Health & Well-Being! Benefit Year 2012 October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

2 2011/2012 Health Care Benefits Plan Comparison PLAN Medical Services Optima POS PLUS Optima POS VALUE General Deductible (ind/fam)$100/$200$250/$500 Out of Pocket Maximum (ind/fam)$2,500/$5,000 PCP visit$20 copayment$25 copayment Specialist visit$40 copayment$50 copayment Preventive careCovered at 100% Maternity$200 per pregnancy Covered at 80% AD Inpatient Care $350 per admission AD Covered at 80% AD Outpatient Surgery$150 copayment AD Covered at 80% AD Emergency Room $150 copayment AD Urgent Care Center$50 copayment Prescription drugs$10/30/60/60$15/30/60/60 Preventive vision$15 every 12 months OON Deductible$400/$1200$1000/$2000 OON OOP Maximum$7500/$15000 OON Coinsurance70% AD AD – After Deductable

3 Which Health Care Plan Will Work Best For Me ValuePlus Lower Premium Moderate Deductible Co-insurance on major services Higher Premium Lower Deductible Copays on most services Maximum Out of Pocket Expense $2,500/individual and $5,000/family 100% Preventive Care Coverage Optima Health Hotline – 552-7110

4 Employee & Employer Cost for HealthCare October 2011- September 30, 2012 Overall Increase is 6.4% Employee Monthly Rate City of Norfolk Monthly Rate Employee Annually Norfolk Annually Employee POS Plus $63.48$413.83$756.24$4, 965.96 POS Value $36.02$359.20$432.24$4,310.40 Employee + Children) POS Plus $195.02$569.02$2, 340.24$6, 830.40 POS Value $140.04$492.60$1, 680.48$5, 911.20 Employee + Spouse POS Plus $309.98$644.67$3, 719.76$7, 736.04 POS Value $187.04$603.43$2, 244.48$7,241.16 Employee + Family POS Plus $495.12$1034.55$5, 941.44$12,414.60 POS Value $335.14$931.50$4, 021.68$11,178.00 National Health Care Reform Bill allows dependent children up to age 26 years of age.

5 Online tools offer additional resources for assisting you with taking control of your familys health and well-being


7 MyHealth I.Q. Health Risk Assessment & Lifestyle Management Coaching

8 8 Looking for a way to save money? Participate in the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) offered by Healthways (MyHealthIQ) and earn $120 per year off your insurance premium. MyHealthIQ HRA must be completed by August 26 th, 2011. Program Offerings – HRA & Lifestyle Management Looking for a way to feel better and improved your health? After you complete the MyHealthIQ HRA, if you have health risks, you could be eligible for the Lifestyle Management program offered by Healthways. Health Risk Assessment is a confidential benefit operated by Healthways. If you need an additional copy of your welcome email (including your User Name/Password) or dont have access to the internet, please contact Healthways customer support at 1-866-449-9705.

9 Health Risk Assessment – How to get started? Log on to: Enter User Name and Password provided to you in welcome email. You will be prompted to change your User Name and Password during registration if you are a first time visitor to the site. Returning visitors: Input the User Name/Password you established during the initial registration. Click Log In and begin the survey. 9

10 Lifestyle Management – Telephonic Coaching What to expect next: Depending on risks identified in the MyHealthIQ HRA, you may receive a phone call from one of the Healthways Coaches. Program is confidential, free and voluntary. Risks focused on include physical inactivity, weight management tobacco cessation, nutrition, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. Coaches are trained in behavior change and are from backgrounds including nursing, exercise science, nutrition and health ed. Two levels of programs are offered. 6 month and 12 month programs. 10

11 Optima Health and Norfolk continue to offer additional ways to take control of your health and well-being through: –MyLife MyPlan Rewards program to improve health for employees with specific health conditions Asthma/COPD Coronary Artery Disease Congestive Heart Failure Diabetes Partners in Pregnancy –Reduce medical costs through employee participation in health management programs

12 Employees can earn up to $560 in a Wellness Plan to help pay for your health care expenses. This program does not replace your doctor or your wellness coach – it adds another resource to help you. You can join the program at any time throughout the year. Your incentive is assessed on a quarterly basis. Please note that your incentive amount will vary based on the date you become effective in the program.

13 We Work For Your Benefit. Take Control of Your Familys Health With Preventive Dental Care 3 New for 2011 Dependents are now covered up to age 26 Added over 500 new PPO dentist locations in Virginia NO INCREASE IN PREMIUM FOR 2012

14 We Work For Your Benefit. Preventive Dental Care Dominions plans emphasize prevention and early detection of dental problems and can help you diagnose medical problems before they become serious and expensive. Routine dental checkups can discover oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory ailments, skin diseases, thyroid problems and leukemia. 1,2 Nearly 75% of American adults suffer from various forms of periodontal (gum) disease and dont know it. 1 Over 20 million workdays are lost each year due to dental illness. 3 1 Gustin, K.M. (2006, Dec.). Discussing dental. National Provisioner. 220(12). 26-29. 2 According to the American Dental Hygienists' Association (2008). 3 Source: National Association of Dental Plans (NADP). 4 Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General (September 2000). The death rate for oral cancer is higher than that of cervical cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid cancer and skin cancer. 3 Tooth decay is the single most chronic childhood disease - five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. 4

15 We Work For Your Benefit. 1 Dominion Dental Services, Inc. Network Analysis Report, March 2010. 1. Select Plan - Great Value, Fixed Copayments, Lower Premium Must use participating dentist o Over 2,000 participating dentist listings in the Mid-Atlantic o Dominion has one of the largest HMO-style networks in the Mid-Atlantic 2 High-value benefits No pre-existing condition exclusions, waiting periods, deductibles, or maximum dollar limits Lower premium No pre-authorization forms, claim forms, or related paperwork 4 2. Access PPO (Basic Plan & High Plan) – Maximum Access, Convenience & Flexibility Larger dentist network o Over 7,500 participating dentists listings in the Mid-Atlantic o Over 115,000 dentists listings nationally Flexibility to use any dentist (Access PPO) Lower out-of-pocket costs when using a network dentist Participating dentists will accept benefit assignment Approximately a 25% discount on services Your Dental Benefits - Two Choices

16 We Work For Your Benefit. Dominion Dental Plan Co-pays

17 We Work For Your Benefit. 1Patient must pay a $10 office visit fee. 2Amount based on the 50 th percentile of Usual, Customary and Reasonable charges in the Tidewater area. 3An annual deductible of $50 per person (family maximum of $150) is required on basic care and major restorative care. Employee Cost Example 7 Procedure Code 2750 Crown – Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal Select Plan 608x Access PPO Basic Fee Schedule (Fixed) Amount You Pay 1 $361 Remaining Calendar Year Benefit: Unlimited Dentist Charges Maximum Allowable Charge Dominion Pays (50% of $811) You Pay 3 In Network$811 $406 Out-of-Network$906 2 $811$406$500 Remaining Calendar Year Benefit: $1,000 - $406 = $594 Dentist Charges Maximum Allowable Charge Dominion Pays (50% of $811) You Pay 3 In Network$811 $406 Out-of-Network$906 2 $811$406$500 Remaining Calendar Year Benefit: $1,500 - $406 = $1,094 Access PPO High

18 City of Norfolk Flexible Spending Accounts Participants may call for account information at 1-877-WAGEWORKS (877-924-3967) Email Claim and Card Use Verification Forms to: 1492-WW-FSA-Deck-New-Clients (Nov 2008)

19 City of Norfolk FSA Plan Details Health Care FSA Plan: Maximum Election is $4000 (with a $120 minimum) Plan year runs from 10/1 to 9/30 Claim it by Date is 12/31 – All claims MUST be submitted by this date for reimbursement for that plan year 2011/2012 HC Account can be reimbursed for Out-of-Pocket Medical expenses with dates of services from 10/1/2011 through 9/30/2012. Dependent Care FSA Plan: Maximum Election is $5000 (with a $120 minimum) Plan year runs from 10/1 to 9/30 Claim it by Date is 12/31 – All claims MUST be submitted by this date for reimbursement for that plan year 2011/2012 DC Account can be reimbursed for Dependent Care expenses with dates of services from 10/1/2011 through 9/30/2012 New for 2012 plan year, if you are currently enrolled, your election amount will rollover to the 2012 plan year! You will only need to act, if you are opting out, Increasing or decreasing your election amounts!

20 How to access your FSA money? 1.Pay Me Back – via fax, mail, online or email Email: 2. Pay My Provider – payments sent directly to your Provider from your FSA 3. Health Care Debit Card – Only for HC FSA

21 EZ Receipts Mobile App Highlights Makes it easy to submit Health Care Card receipts On-the-go convenience complements WW mobile site Install free app (one-time set-up) Use Health Care Card Open app Enter date and amount of card transaction Take or select any number of photos of receipt Submit – App will submit receipts whenever internet is available and app is open Features Enter user name and password only upon initial use or after logging out Can be installed by participant on phone of any dependent that uses HC Card Includes FAQs related to good receipts, good photos, next steps, etc. Planned Releases iPhone version is available NOW!! Android and Blackberry versions in Late 2011 Available Now! Log onto iPhone App Store to download EZ Receipts application

22 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company Summary of Disability Benefits

23 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company Company Confidential How Disability Insurance Helps you take control of your families well being As an Employee it: Safeguards your lifestyle by insuring your income Protects your loved ones Gives you Peace of mind People insure Their possessions i.e. Houses and Cars Their lives via Life Insurance Their health via Health Insurance But they don't think about insuring or protecting their income. THINK ABOUT IT TODAY!

24 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company Prepare for a Secure Future If you become sick or injured outside of work, We have a plan for you. First: Accumulated leave – receive 100% of your earnings Second: Short Term Disability Program - Sick Leave Bank – receive 100% of your earnings http://intranet/hr/Policies/admin/admin_policies.pdf Third: Long Term Disability Insurance – The Standard Insurance – receive 67% of your earnings

25 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company Norfolk Sick Leave Bank To become a participant you must: –Enroll within the first 30 days of employment with the City, or have at least ten (10) days of Sick Leave saved to enroll during open enrollment. Policy and Procedures: –You must be absent from work for at least thirty (30) workdays AND exhaust all accrued leave before becoming eligible to withdraw from the Sick Leave Bank. The maximum amount you can withdraw from the Sick Leave Bank is 100 days per disability or per 12 month period with a lifetime total of 250 days. The Sick Leave Bank Policy is detailed in the Administrative Policies Manual on the HR intranet. http://intranet/hr/Policies/admin/admin_policies.pdf http://intranet/hr/Policies/admin/admin_policies.pdf

26 © 2010 Standard Insurance Company Company Confidential Long Term Disability Insurance Plan Design: Benefit Amount: 67% of Monthly Salary Maximum Benefit: $10,000 per Month Elimination Period: The longer of 90 Days or end of the City Sick Plan. Benefit payments are offset by other sources of income you eligible for (i.e. Workers Compensation and Social Security) Maximum Benefit Period is the earlier of: Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA) or Your physician releases you back to work You elect this benefit and pay for it via payroll deduction. Benefit payments are not subject to Federal or State income taxes.

27 Bon Secours EAP Provides short-term Problem solving and referral services to employees 757-398-2374

28 Who, What, Where, When, & Why? Who? Services are free to all City of Norfolk employees and their immediate family members. What? EAP s focus is to help employees balance their life so their personal stressors do not impact job performance. Where? We have locations throughout Hampton Roads. Employees can see an EAP counselor in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, or Newport News at a time and location that is convenient. When? Appointment are available Monday through Friday. Evening appointments are offered. We provide twenty-four hour crisis line assistance. Why? Sometimes it helps to talk to an objective professional to gain a better understanding of personal or workplace problems. The EAP can assist with: Job Stress/Change Depression Grief and Loss Marital Distress Alcohol and Drug Abuse Life Transitions and more

29 Plan for Retirement Using the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan AC: 0411-4768 This presentation is the property of ICMA-RC and may not reproduced or redistributed in any manner. Norfolk Pension & Social Security unlikely to be enough You control contributions, investments Convenient contributions – from your paycheck Assets set aside exclusively for your benefit

30 30 Maximum Contribution Allowed (2011) $16,500 + $16,500 during each of the three years prior to your normal retirement age, based on extent to which maximum contributions not made in previous years* $22,000 $33,000 $5,000 +$5,500 if age 50 or over during 2011 Unlike Earnings, Tax Rules, and Inflation, Its One Thing You Can Control * Normal retirement age, as defined in the plan. If you elect this pre-retirement catch-up, you cannot also elect the age 50 catch-up. How Much Can I Contribute in 2011? Normal limit

31 31 You Have Investment Control Full control over how your account is invested Variety of diversified funds available From conservative to aggressive Choose your approach Build portfolio of individual stock, fixed-income funds For simple yet diversified approach, target-date or target-risk funds When can I withdrawal? Upon separation from service, for any reason In-service withdrawals Age 70½* Rollover Assets* Emergencies, subject to IRS guidelines Inactive account with balance less than $5,000 It is Easy to Save Non Taxed $ Assume: $40,000 annual salary and you make a 5% pre-tax contribution to 457 plan Contribution = $77 semi-monthly ($2,000 per year) Each paycheck reduced by …only $58 ($1,500 per year) No taxes due until you withdraw

32 NEW! Plan for Retirement using a Payroll Roth IRA AC: 0611-4862 This presentation is the property of ICMA-RC and may not reproduced or redistributed in any manner. Retirement and beyond… Source of additional, tax-free income Travel Long-term or medical care Gifting, inheritance for loved ones Can withdraw contributions without taxes or penalties any time, regardless of age Home purchase (earnings may also be tax-free 1 ) College expenses (earnings may avoid penalties 2 ) Wedding Emergency fund

33 33 Roth IRA Complements Your 457 Plan Roth IRA457 Plan No tax benefit for contributions Lower contribution limits ($5,000; or $6,000 age 50+) No withdrawal restrictions Withdrawals may be tax-free No RMDs, age 70½ + Pre-tax contributions lower current year taxes 1 Higher contribution limits ($16,500; or $22,000 age 50+) Withdrawals subject to tax 1 Penalty-free withdrawals upon separation, regardless of age 2 1 If available, Roth contributions do not lower current year taxes but earnings may be withdrawn tax-free. 2 A 10% penalty tax never applies to withdrawals of original 457 plan contributions and associated earnings. However, the penalty may apply to non-457 plan assets that are rolled into a 457 plan and subsequently withdrawn prior to age 59½. Its not either or; consider saving to both!

34 34 Roth IRA Compliments Your Retirement Saving Plan Expect to be in higher tax bracket when withdraw Diversify your taxes Even if uncertain about future tax rates Source of tax-free income in retirement Choose from which accounts you withdraw based on your specific tax situation each year Convenient – automatic saving from your paycheck Simplified finances – view with other ICMA-RC accounts on statements, online No minimum investment

35 NEW! Managed Accounts - Guided Pathways ® Providing a Path to Secure Retirement AC: 1108-2685 Suite of professional investment advisory services which incorporates and regularly reviews your personal and financial picture Guided Pathways is designed to assist you in determining the appropriate level of investment assistance based on your personal needs

36 36 Three increasing levels of service to help you build retirement security 36 1. Asset Class Guidance2. Fund Advice 3. Managed Accounts Three Different Levels of Assistance Provides a one-time asset class allocation recommendation Does not provide fund specific recommendations No fee is charged for using Asset Class Guidance 2 Provides point-in-time fund specific recommendations from among the investment options available in your plan You remain responsible for the ongoing account reallocation and rebalancing $20 annual fee is charged for using Fund Advice 2 Designed for participants who dont have Time, Experience, or Interest in managing their own retirement account and Want to delegate their investment decisions to an expert Provides unbiased professional management of your retirement account

37 37 Managed Accounts Fees 2-3 Managed Accounts fees are based on your average daily balance and deducted from your account monthly based on the fee schedule below Account BalanceAnnual Fee First $25,0000.60% Next $25,0000.55% Next $50,0000.45% Next $150,0000.35% Over $250,0000.25% *For the Managed Accounts fee applicable to your plan, please check with your employer or ICMA-RCs Guided Pathways team. Phone – call the Guided Pathways team at 800-669-7400 Internet – log into Paper – complete the Managed Accounts Enrollment Form

38 WHAT IS A CREDIT UNION? A notforprofit financial institution owned by its members. In a bank, profits go to outside shareholders. In a credit union, net profits are returned to the members. Members benefit by: Earning higher dividends (interest) on savings. Getting lower rates on loans. Access to nofee or lowfee products. In Short: A cheaper bank with nicer people, great savings and loan rates and personal service. OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDE: Once a member, always a member. Insured up to $250,000by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the Federal Government. Check out our web site at or call us at (757) 664-4273 for more information. Visit us on the 1 st floor of the City Hall Building to become a member-owner of your credit union.

39 Open Enrollment is Paperless! Do Nothing Option Employee receives all benefits at the same tier level they had last year (including FSA) with the exception of: Employee receives all benefits at the same tier level they had last year (including FSA) with the exception of: Will be entered as non-participating in HRA (so you miss $10.00 a month discount) unless My Health IQ completed by August 26 th. Will be entered as non-participating in HRA (so you miss $10.00 a month discount) unless My Health IQ completed by August 26 th.

40 The PeopleSoft Portal

41 Open Enrollment Log In On-line Access Now Available for all Employees to View and Manage basic Personal, Payroll and Benefits Matters 24-Hours/ Day - 7 Days/ Week

42 Open Enrollment Selection Panel Call IT Help Desk at 664-HELP for any issues

43 Open – Open Enrollment

44 Benefits Enrollment Form

45 Benefit Enrollment Continued

46 Edit – Medical

47 Edit - Medical Continued

48 Edit - Dependents

49 Edit – Roth IRA

50 Benefit Cost Summary

51 Submit Benefit Choices

52 Almost There!

53 Dont Forget to Sign Out

54 BY2012 E-Benefits Information Receive a Benefits CD upon request Norfolk Benefit Hotline – 664-7061 Optima Health Care Hotline – 552-7110

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