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43 Inspirational Quotes by Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D. Succeeding in Business and in Life.

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1 43 Inspirational Quotes by Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D. Succeeding in Business and in Life

2 “To experience life’s richness, treat every person you meet as a teacher and every situation you experience as a learning opportunity.” Eric Allenbaugh

3 “If you don’t delight your customers -- your competitors will.” Eric Allenbaugh

4 “Even in the most difficult of circumstances, you can gain from the experience by looking for the learning.” Eric Allenbaugh

5 “At every choice point in your life -- pause -- and bring out your best rather than your baggage.” Eric Allenbaugh

6 “Listening -- really listening -- is one of the highest forms of respecting another human being.” Eric Allenbaugh

7 “It’s all about values and results – creeds and deeds.” Eric Allenbaugh

8 “Instead of changing addresses, address the issue.” Eric Allenbaugh

9 “Attempting to raise our esteem by lowering that of others results in a mutual loss.” Eric Allenbaugh

10 “Success does not happen to you. Success happens through you.” Eric Allenbaugh

11 “If you don't take charge of shaping your destiny, others will do it for you.” Eric Allenbaugh

12 “Respond from your strengths rather than react from your fears.” Eric Allenbaugh

13 “Discover, develop and apply your talents, for they are gifts to be used in service to you and others.” Eric Allenbaugh

14 “When purpose ignites passion, you begin to experience your potential.” Eric Allenbaugh

15 “While it takes two to make a relationship, it takes only one to change it.” Eric Allenbaugh

16 “You already know what you need to know. The challenge is to apply what you know.” Eric Allenbaugh

17 “Be tough on issues – and tender on people.” Eric Allenbaugh

18 “Rewarding progress, rather than criticizing flaws, encourages the best from others.” Eric Allenbaugh

19 “What you focus on determines what you miss – and what you become.” Eric Allenbaugh

20 “If you do not heal the unresolved issues of your past, the past will likely catch up and deal with you.” Eric Allenbaugh

21 “Yesterday’s choices determine who you are today. Today’s choices determine who you will become tomorrow. Choose carefully.” Eric Allenbaugh

22 “You can hear a lot – just by listening.” Eric Allenbaugh

23 “Life’s best comes in memorable moments. Create lots of them.” Eric Allenbaugh

24 “The real test of our values is not when things are going well. The real test of our values is when things are not going well.” Eric Allenbaugh

25 “Your attitude determines whether a ‘failure’ creates a learning opportunity, temporarily slows you down, or stops you altogether.” Eric Allenbaugh

26 “Be what you seek.” Eric Allenbaugh

27 “If you want to receive more from life, simply give more to life.” Eric Allenbaugh

28 “If you don’t develop your competitive edge, your competitors will edge you out.” Eric Allenbaugh

29 “By creating giants of others, you become one yourself.” Eric Allenbaugh

30 “Continuing to cling to what you know inhibits you from discovering what you don't know.” Eric Allenbaugh

31 “Whether by design or by default, you are shaping your future.” Eric Allenbaugh

32 “The quality of a relationship is a function of how much caring truth is exchanged.” Eric Allenbaugh

33 “A judgment often says more about the judge than the judged.” Eric Allenbaugh

34 “Being an example is far more powerful than giving an example.” Eric Allenbaugh

35 “If you live in your comfort zone, you will never experience the fullness of life.” Eric Allenbaugh

36 “You are a product of your choices – not of your circumstances.” Eric Allenbaugh

37 “Just because you are talking doesn’t mean you are communicating.” Eric Allenbaugh

38 “When stuff happens -- pause -- and look for the learning rather than for the blame.” Eric Allenbaugh

39 “By choosing your response to life experiences, you choose your result.” Eric Allenbaugh

40 “Behave your way into more positive thought patterns.” Eric Allenbaugh

41 “Deliberate success occurs when preparation and opportunity intersect.” Eric Allenbaugh

42 “Celebrate yesterday, seize today, and cultivate tomorrow.” Eric Allenbaugh

43 “Focus on creating -- rather than ‘finding’ -- yourself.” Eric Allenbaugh

44 “Focus on creating -- rather than ‘finding’ -- yourself.” Eric Allenbaugh

45 “It’s never too late to pursue that which is important in your life.” Eric Allenbaugh

46 Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D. Leadership Consultant – Keynote Speaker – Executive Coach 29 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP CONSULTING EXPERIENCE – since 1979 Author of: DELIBERATE SUCCESS: Realize Your Vision with Purpose, Passion, and Performance WAKE-UP CALLS: You Don’t Have to Sleepwalk Through Your Life, Love, or Career LIFE FOCUS: Inspirational Quotes for Succeeding in Your Life and Career MASTERING CHANGE: Moving From Resistance to Commitment PERFORMANCE COACHING: Creating Giants of Others INTERACT: Personal Strengths Profile Allenbaugh Associates, Inc. 757 Lake Shore Road Lake Oswego, OR 97034 503-635-3963

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