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AppViewXS Installation Infrastructure Overview Web Server Application Server.

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1 AppViewXS Installation Infrastructure Overview Web Server Application Server

2 Overview AppViewXS consists of a series of servlets (java applications running on an application server such as Tomcat or servlet_jsp) Users use their browser to access a web server such as tomcat or iTP that connects to the servlets on the application server The servlets conduct host sessions, and send resulting screen images to clients as HTML pages

3 AppViewXS Installation Overview AppViewXS Installation creates a sub- directory in the Web Application Directory Sub-directory uses name of.WAR file, i.e. AVXSIntegrationAppWeb (rename if you like) Contains web directory (Public Internet Directory) AppViewXS Start-up.html files Sub-directories Images -.GIFs & JPGs used during the session js - Scripts used by AppViewXS User Help - AppViewXS user Help documentation

4 AppViewXS Installation Overview Servlet Root Directory Sub-directory is named (by default) appviewxs (AVXSIntegrationAppWeb\WEB-INF\appviewxs), and contains other sub-directories: AT2CUSTOM Default AppViewXS customization directory Additional customization sub-directories, if any, will reside on the same level as AT2CUSTOM directory COM Java classes required to run AppViewXS TNMANAGER AppViewXS Applications (A/K/A Profiles) LOGS AppViewXS generated logs

5 Installation of AppViewXS We have found Tomcat to be an excellent environment for quickly evaluating AppViewXS, and therefore provide instructions for that environment, and its close equivalent NonStop iTP with JSP. If aid is needed for installing into other environments, please just ask.

6 Installing AppViewXS (Tomcat/iTP) In the file tree of the unzipped AppViewXS product, navigate to the appviewxs_struts directory Stop Tomcat/iTP (Rename war file if you like, then) Copy the AVXSIntegrationAppWeb.war file into the webapps directory of Tomcat/iTP Examples; C:\Program Files\Apache Group\tomcat\webapps\AVXSIntegrationAppWeb /usr/tandem/webserver/servlet_jsp/webapps/AVXS/WEB-INF/appviewxs

7 Installing AppViewXS (Tomcat/iTP) Start Tomcat/iTP AVXSIntegrationAppWeb.war file will automatically create a new folder and unpackage AppViewXS

8 Installing AppViewXS Open your browser, go to http://your_server_name/AVXSIntegrationAppWeb to see this screen; http://your_server_name/AVXSIntegrationAppWeb

9 Installing AppViewXS At the top left side of the blue panel, click on AppViewXS Config Screen to see; User ID is rqs, Password is zx11

10 Installing AppViewXS Review settings, then click on Install AppViewXS

11 AppViewXS Example Web Application Directory Paths C:\Program Files\tomcat6\webapps\AVXSIntegrationAppWeb OR /usr/tandem/webserver/servlet_jsp/webapps/AVXS/WEB- INF/appviewxs Example URL to the AppViewXS servlet For example OR

12 Installing AppViewXS As a result you'll see the following screen

13 Installing AppViewXS Copy registration files into your Web Application For example C:\Program Files\Apache Group\jakarta- tomcat\webapps\AVXSIntegrationAppWeb\WEB-INF\appviewxs OR /usr/tandem/webserver/servlet_jsp/webapps/AVXSIntegrationAppW eb/WEB-INF/appviewxs Stop/Start or Restart Tomcat/iTP

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