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Incident-Free Starts With Me Day 4 – Lessons learned, JO Motor Vehicle Accidents.

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1 Incident-Free Starts With Me Day 4 – Lessons learned, JO Motor Vehicle Accidents

2 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents (Job Related Recordable Only) 8 10 15 7 8 8

3 Incident Description 3 Date: 16 th October, 2010 Time: 6:35 AM Incident: While a JO employee was driving to work in his company vehicle (Toyota Prado), the vehicle collided with a bus of a contractor inside JO. As a result of the collision the JO vehicle rolled over twice. Nobody suffered injury

4 Incident Description 4 Date: 4 th October, 2010 Time: 8:45 AM While a contractors Dump Truck was returning from unloading sand/soil at the construction site the front edge of the dump truck bucket hit 8 overhead vent line (coming from underground tank inside Sub Centre). As a result of collision the pipe collapsed, hit the cabin, causing damage to the cabin and windshield. Driver suffered minor injury to his head.

5 5 Total of 52 MVAs reported (45 non-recordable and 7 recordable) 6 out of 7 recordable motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) occurred on holidays. 43 were JO vehicles (All non-job related/commuting) Some Facts and Figures - 2010 Only 10 vehicles out of the total 52 were fitted with VDO.

6 6 Excessive Speed. Non- compliance or adherence to safe driving rules. Not paying attention to other vehicles and traffic signs The following common causes were identified from Investigations: Failure of drivers to adjust to different road conditions (Fog, curve, slippery road etc.) Distractions while driving (e.g.: using mobile phone)

7 Major Root Causes of Vehicle Crashes * Catastrophic + Major Driver Behavior is the Root Cause for most of the Catastrophic and Major motor vehicle accidents *

8 You are Responsible for Your Safe Driving 8 Drivers & all Passengers must fasten seat belt Do not use phones while driving Never tail gate/follow closely.. Maintain safe distance Completely stop at Stop Signs Put on your head lights & drive slow or stop by the side of road if visibility is poor during dust storms, rain or fog. Always drive defensively & watch other road users. When you feel sleepy or fatigued … STOP by the road side & take some break till you are refreshed. Vehicles must be reverse parked (First move forward)

9 9 We can and we must change our behaviors to drive safely for ourselves and for others in our families and communities Your Behavior on the Road Affects the Lives of Others

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