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By YULIIA HRYDASOVA Scientific supervisor: Stepanova A.A.

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1 By YULIIA HRYDASOVA Scientific supervisor: Stepanova A.A.

2 The object of study - the English metaphor in advertising discourse. The subject of the study - the functions of metaphor in the English advertising discourse and its translation into Ukrainian. The objective of the diploma paper is to investigate the functions of metaphor in English advertising discourse and the peculiarities of its translation by means of mother tongue.

3 1) to study the state of the issue; 2) to define the term "metaphor"; 3) to consider the linguistic metaphor concepts; 4) to determine the value and classification of metaphors in stylistic theory; 5) to identify the main functions of metaphors; 6) to examine common ways of metaphor translation; 7) to investigate the nature of metaphors in English advertisement; 8) to identify and formulate the main tasks and challenges faced by the translator during translating English metaphors in advertising text into Ukrainian.

4 - The method of the material selection; - Descriptive method that was important when considering the classification of metaphors; - The method of analysis and synthesis, with the help of that the theoretical material of issue, results of our research were gathered and summarized; - Descriptive analytical method which has allowed to process of the lexical material selection;

5 Conventional metaphor - a metaphor system that functions in the human conceptual system and determine the thought processes and daily activities: “Pursue your dreams ” Ideosyncretic metaphor - non-system metaphors in language are only one part of a metaphorical concept, often perceived as "deleted" or "dead" metaphor : “Don't miss a step on the road to healthy skin “ New metaphors - creative, poetic metaphors: “Sweet taste of love“

6 Anthropomorphic metaphor - "Anatomy and Physiology", "Disease", "Family“ – “The hand of Gucci” The metaphor of nature - "Animal World", "World of Plants“ – “Your Daily Ray of Sunshine “ The social metaphor- "Crime", "War", "Theater (entertainment arts)", "Play and Sport" etc. – “Connecting People “ Artifact metaphor - House (building)" and "Mechanism“ – “Home for your feet “

7 Body “Our jeans are your genes “ Health and Illnesses “Catch the fever (Heat fragnance by Beyonce) “ Animals “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” Buildings “Build your dream “ Transport “Fuel for life (Diesel parfume)” Sport “Wii would like to play” Food and Cooking “It's What Comfort Tastes Like” Plants “Roses grow on you” Weather “Spring whispers” The heat, cold and fire “Braun's ° CoolTec CT5cc puts shaving irritation on ice” Light, darkness and color “Live on the colorful side of life” The direction of movement and motion “Your future awaits down the road.”






13 - metaphors, based on cross-cultural concepts (“home”, “family”, “game”) have the similar associations in different languages and can often be translated literally; - the variability of language depends on the culture, and translator should have also knowledge about culture to choose the analogue or equivalent - translator should know the specifics of advertising discourse and functions of metaphor - translator should be aware of target advertising audience, specifics of the products and companies and have sufficient store of skills

14 Thank you for your attention

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