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Welcome to Here is our station:.

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1 Welcome to Here is our station:

2 heading

3 WCOJ 5000 Watts omni-directional daytime
Directional from Sunset to Sunrise to avoid interference as transmissions travel a long ways at night time. Antennas are in Coatesville Main Office in West Chester, the County Seat, just around the corner from the Courthouse

4 Operations 24 hour operation, serving Chester County and surrounding areas from Berks to Montgomery to Delaware to Lancaster Counties and down into Delaware, the state. Programs with hosts in Prime Time Great Music in off hours 3 Studios and a fully staffed station

5 Morning Show 6AM to 10AM Weekdays
Doug Sterling starts the morning Local and Network News Weather Traffic Entertainment Interviews

6 Doug

7 News Phil McFadden, head of the news department, collects local news from various sources including: ChesterCountyReporter.COM Radio-PA News so local, we even report lost dogs Kiersten, his assistant, also helps, including announcing the news CBS network news is broadcast on the hour during daytime and evenings

8 News Room Local news comes live from the news studio during the day.
The news room has its own computer to provide news and weather. Another computer and a separate control board is used to record news without affecting the main studio News items are recorded as received

9 Phil

10 Kiersten

11 Additional Local Offices
Kennett Square Phoenixville Coatesville News gathering in these local “hot spots” Listen for special reports from these locations

12 Ron’s Swap Shop Ron McNiel hosts this show where listeners can call in items to sell, swap, or locate. 10AM-11AM Weekdays This is one of WCOJ’s most popular new shows Ron has been with WCOJ since 1975

13 Ron

14 Intern (Student Assistant)
This Intern helps keep track of all calls for this show and items from callers Sometimes, a caller may be trying to find something that was announced for sale on a previous show

15 Andrew

16 Golden Age of Radio Ron also hosts the “Golden Age of Radio” from 11AM till 2 PM with some of the best music ever recorded Radio Veteran Ron McNiel plays Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Perry Como, Duke Ellington, Dean Martin and hundreds of other "Pop" stars.

17 Ron

18 Office Staff Laura Johnson is the Office Administrator which includes Bookkeeping (accounts receivable & payable), answering the phone, and assisting with the station log.

19 Office Administrator Laura Johnson

20 Station Management Michelle Witkowski, General Manager, is in charge of the station and all operations including sales, news, special events and all employees. She is very active in making WCOJ, the “Voice of Chester County”

21 Michelle

22 Programming & Traffic Lokeisha Wolfe records announcements and programs the station log, sometimes with the help of Laura The station operates from this log, either manually, followed by the various hosts, or automatically over night, so that music, advertising, IDs, and other announcements are properly scheduled

23 Programming & Traffic Studio
A third studio Used to record: Commercials Public Service Announcements Farm Reports Can serve as a backup for the main studio

24 Lokeisha

25 Interns Interns from various schools get a chance to experience broadcasting work with WCOJ Conestoga and Coatesville High Schools participate in this program Interns learn news gathering, announcing, board operation, and other station duties

26 Intern checking news story

27 This is our Jingle if you have sound

28 Sports Corner Kevin hosts an evening show all about various sports including guests in the studio and call ins 7 to 10 PM Weeknights except when Phillies are playing Topics may be national or local School sports are popular because they involve the students and coaches

29 Kevin

30 Country Corner Bill Moffett hosts the “Country Corner” on most Saturday afternoons 2-5 PM if a Phillies game is not broadcast Moffett delivers an eclectic mix of old time country and fiddle music with bluegrass. The program communicates closely with local musicians, performance locations, and organizations. Bill keeps the audience informed of concerts, festivals, and dances

31 Country Corner with Bill Moffett

32 Phillies WCOJ broadcasts the Phillies games to Chester County
Technicians insert the local advertising and station IDs at the precise exact time

33 Angel, one of the Technicians

34 Chris – Another Technician

35 Gene Mitchell, Technician & Remote Engineer

36 Sunday Mornings Religious paid programming is broadcast from 630AM till 1215PM 4 pre-recorded shows, 2 live shows by remote, and 1 live program in the studio all require a “Board Op” to Cue them up, open with an announcement, close with another announcement, and insert IDs Gene Mitchell plays CDs for the Koinonea Contemporary Christian Music from 1215PM up till 1PM or the start of the Phillies games Additional paid religious programming Sunday evening

37 Gene Mitchell, announcing on the Koinonia Contemporary Christian Music segment at 1215PM Sunday

38 Computer Automation Computer Programs assist in scheduling various programs and announcements These computers replace ancient cartridge machines that were unreliable The computer log actually plays music, IDs, ads, weather, and news announcements when the station is in automation during late night hours WCOJ operates 24 hours a day

39 Wave Studio: Computer Station Log

40 “Stinger” “Instant Announcements”

41 Advertising Advertising pays the station bills and the cost of programming Advertising pays off, it is an investment Smart advertising will more than pay for itself Our sales reps can help you determine what will work for you. Betty is one of our account representatives

42 Betty

43 WCOJ Employees Work as a team Enjoy their work Are experienced
Are Innovative and ambitious Hosts are involved with their sponsors “On Air” comments supplement advertising

44 The Show is on the road Occassionally, WCOJ hits the road for customers who want to sponsor an on site live broadcast Also, WCOJ selects certain community events to Broadcast from such as Fire Safety Day at the Malvern Fire Company in May

45 Strawberry Festival This festival is held every year and WCOJ was there again. It’s a fund raiser to fund various community groups at the Brandywine Hospital Fairgrounds The next 11 slides show the event May 30th, 2003

46 Michelle, Doug, and Lloyd

47 Broadcast Booth from Milanese Construction

48 The awning is remote controlled


50 This facility was built especially for WCOJ
By Milanese Construction of Coatesville

51 Close up

52 Remote antenna Note the antenna on Lloyd’s SUV
The antenna and transmitter relay the broadcast back to the studio. Sometimes, a phone link is used. Lloyd and Gene set up the antenna and connect the wires, microphones, and transmitter. The link is tested and everything is coordinated to a Technician back at the studio.

53 Remote Antenna

54 Doug interviews 2 ? guests

55 Interview

56 Are we under control ???

57 Are you listening to this ???

58 Kid’s Fest, Kerr Park, Downingtown – 2003
Kevin is wadding while at the microphone

59 Remote at Hershey Motors, Parksburg With Ron McNiel and Gene Mitchell

60 Talking about his sponsor
Ron is “On the Air” Talking about his sponsor

61 WCOJ vs FM or KYW WCOJ has local news WCOJ has variety
WCOJ has excellent music and programming WCOJ has the Phillies When was the last time you heard local news on an FM station? After 15 minutes of KYW, information repeats Advertising on WCOJ is affordable

62 WCOJ Owner: WCOJ Radio Company, Inc
General Manager: Michelle Witkowski Traffic Manager: Lokeisha Wolfe Station Engineer: Jeff Depolo

63 This Presentation was created by
Gene Mitchell Owner of Gene’s Computer Outlet, Frazer, Pa For WCOJ, 1420 AM Gene Mitchell is also a part time employee of WCOJ who enjoys working for the station and with the employees and who also believes this station is a great resource for Chester County.

64 Main Studio Full view of the new and modern main control board and computer Microphone positions are available for guests during live broadcasts Several views of the studios Note the well equipped facilities

65 Main Studio Control Board

66 Main Control Room & Guest Positions

67 3 Guest Positions in the Main Studio

68 Another View Main Studio

69 Traffic-Recording Studio

70 News Room

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