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Danish wind power plans by 2030 Outi Kartano Janne Tuunanen.

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1 Danish wind power plans by 2030 Outi Kartano Janne Tuunanen

2 Background Net exporter of oil and natural gas for only 10 more years:  Need to build up a new sustainable energy production  Vision for long-term phasing-out of fossil fuels  Increase long-term supply reliability and decrease CO₂ emissions Kartano & Tuunanen2

3 Political framework 2004: Long-run Energy Policy Agreements of March 2004 2007: A visionary Danish energy policy 2025 2008: Energy Policy Agreement of 21 February 2008 2009: Danish Promotion of Renewable Energy Act 2012: Energy Agreement of 22 March 2012 Kartano & Tuunanen3

4 2011 o Reduce gross energy consumption by 2% at period 2006-2011 o 20% of gross energy consumption covered by renewable energy o 28% of electricity consumption covered by wind energy Kartano & Tuunanen4

5 Wind Capacity and Share of Electricity Supply Kartano & Tuunanen5

6 INDUSTRY o Year 2011 wind industry 6.4% of total Danish exports o Value of export 38.8 billion DKK o Employees 23 500 Global market shares of wind turbine manufacturers at 2010: Vestas+Siemens (DK) 20% Kartano & Tuunanen6

7 OFFSHORE Capacity at 2012 total 1300 MW Anholt 400 MW Horns Rev I&II 370 MW Rödsand II 207 MW Nysted 165 MW Kartano & Tuunanen7

8 8

9 o The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) a “one-stop- shop” for permits to offshore wind turbines o Tenders out the government projects in an open competition o Assessment of environmental impacts o Mapping of future sites (4600 MW) DEA Kartano & Tuunanen9

10 ONSHORE Kartano & Tuunanen10

11 Promoting local population’s acceptance: o The loss-of-value scheme o The option-to-purchase scheme o The green scheme o The guarantee scheme Kartano & Tuunanen11’s Front Office is available for advice and guidance

12 PSO o Public Service Obligation (PSO) fee o paid by all electricity consumers o due to increased support for renewable energy use Kartano & Tuunanen12

13 Grid Connections Varying electricity production: o Exceeds Danish consumption at night o No production due to lack of wind or storms Kartano & Tuunanen13 Cross-border grid connections to Sweden, Norway and Germany

14 Kartano & Tuunanen14

15 Part 1 Summary o Broad and long-term political commitment o “One-stop-shop” DEA o Actions for acceptance of local people o Denmark’s location:  Windy environment  Enables cross-border grid connections to ensure back-up capacity Kartano & Tuunanen15

16 Danish wind power plans by 2030 Part 2: The outlook

17 Denmark’s energy goals o By 2030:  50% of renewables  CO₂-free heating District heating Excess wind energy and heat pumps o 50% of electricity with wind by 2020-2025 The ultimate goal is to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 Kartano & Tuunanen17

18 Denmark’s energy consumption has been historically very constant, even though economy has grown 1990: ≈600 PJ Kartano & Tuunanen18

19 Wind power is one of the main elements in the attempt to achieve the set goals o Uses: o Most new capacity set to be installed offshore o Also at least 1000 MW more potential onshore Plans to install up to 1800 MW of new capacity by 2020 Kartano & Tuunanen19

20 Government initiatives (1/2) Kartano & Tuunanen20

21 Government initiatives (2/2) o Subsidies o Improving tendering procedures o New transmission lines to Sweden and Germany Kartano & Tuunanen21

22 Technology diffusion aspects Kartano & Tuunanen22

23 Nordpool: to even out the fluctuations o Building better connections to neighbouring countries o Selling excess energy to neighbours o Hydro energy from Sweden and Norway Kriegers Flak (600 MW) wind park carried out as a joint venture with Germany (and Sweden), in operation by 2020 Kartano & Tuunanen23

24 Challenges o The grid needs to be expanded and strengthened to support the increased wind energy production o The average time from decision to implementation is around 10 years o Storing energy (20-30 GWh could be stored as useful heat with the existing system) Kartano & Tuunanen24

25 Summary o The Danish have been and continue to be forerunners in implementing wind power o The Danish plans are quite ambitious, but feasible o Increasing the amount of wind energy is an essential part of the plans o Government has numerous initiatives to support the progress Kartano & Tuunanen25

26 Thank you for your attention! Comments? Questions? Kartano & Tuunanen26

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