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Genetic Algorithms by using MapReduce Fei Teng Doga Tuncay 12/5/2011.

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1 Genetic Algorithms by using MapReduce Fei Teng Doga Tuncay 12/5/2011

2 Outline Onemax problem Hadoop genetic algorithm Twister genetic algorithm Performance discussion References

3 Onemax problem Tries to maximize the number of ones of a bitstring. Formally, can be described as finding a string that maximizes the following equation:

4 Hadoop genetic algorithm Make hadoop to support iterative mapreduce – Start new job for each iteration – Put iterative output in HDFS – Override interfaces to make customized value type – Map input key-value pair – Reduce input key-value pair

5 Hga dataflow Client Mappers Reducers HDFS Sub populations … Initial population

6 Twister genetic algorithm Twister supports iterative sematic in nature – No file system and hard disk I/O involved – Use combiner to restore next generation population – Override interfaces to make new value type – Map output key-value pair – Reduce output key-value pair

7 Twister workflow Twister Driver Sub popul ation...... Map Reducer Map Combiner.................. Intermediate New sub populations

8 Hadoop/Twister performance Testing configuration – Futuregrid 8 nodes x 8 cores CPU: 2.93G Mem: 24GB – Input size: 5120 genes – Gene length: 2KB – Both converge on the optimal point

9 Tga performance test Reducer is the key of performance – Because mappers just simply count the number of ones in each gene and emit them Testing environment – Quarry cluster – Ten nodes Mem: 16GB memory CPU: 2.33G x 8 cores

10 Tga performance results

11 Tga performance results(cont’d)

12 Discussion Hadoop GATwister GA PerformanceLow for GAHigh for GA ProgrammabilityStraightforward because the existence of HDFS and not easy to make mistake Must have a clear understanding about what is static data and what is the data flow of dynamic data Iterative supportNoYes ScalabilityGood according to [2]Good Configuration and testMany parameters to set and support unite test Easy to deploy but test mainly based on “printf” AdministrationAdmin and moniter by web brower Mainly by checking deamon/driver’s output

13 References [1] Chao Jin, Christian Vecchiola and Rajkumar Buyya MRPGA: An Extension of MapReduce for Parallelizing Genetic Algorithms [2] Abhishek Verma, Xavier Llora, David E. Goldberg, Scaling Simple and Compact Genetic Algorithms using MapReduce [3] [4] Di-Wei Huang, Jimmy Lin, Scaling Populations of a Genetic Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problems using MapReduce

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