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Territorial Divisions As a result of the Dorset 2010 Programme two new territorial Divisions, Dorset County and Bournemouth & Poole were created with.

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2 Territorial Divisions As a result of the Dorset 2010 Programme two new territorial Divisions, Dorset County and Bournemouth & Poole were created with effect from Monday 7 April 2008 The two new divisions are completely aligned with the Local Authority boundaries and enable more co-ordinated work with the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

3 Dorset County Division IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

4 Force Priorities 2008/2009 Reduce serious violent crime Reduce the crimes most affecting local communities Protect vulnerable people and communities Tackle serious and organised criminals Counter terrorism and domestic extremism Reduce road casualties Bring offenders to justice Secure the trust and confidence of people in Dorset in their police force and the wider criminal justice system IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

5 Divisional Priorities 2008/2009 To protect the most vulnerable members of our community: –By reducing repeat incident rates for domestic abuse. –By maintaining arrest rates for domestic abuse related crime. –By ensuring that risks to vulnerable persons are identified, assessed and effectively managed To reduce the number of assaults resulting in injury (focus on alcohol related assaults) To reduce the number of first time entrants to the Criminal Justice system aged between 10 – 17 years To reduce the levels of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour in our communities, particularly alcohol and drug related anti-social behaviour To increase the number of speed enforcement operations in response to local community concerns regarding antisocial driving. IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

6 Community Safety Plan Priorities 2008 - 2011 To reduce violent crime, with a particular focus on alcohol and drug related crime To protect people known to be at risk To reduce criminal damage and anti-social behaviour To maintain low levels of crime in Dorset To work with those individuals and groups at risk of offending To tackle speeding, road safety and the anti-social use of vehicles To help our communities feel safer IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

7 Community Safety Structure IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

8 IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect CURRENT THREAT ASSESSMENT FOR: Serious and organised crime (in particular PREVENT agenda) Counter Terrorism Most serious violence and sexual violence

9 IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect Tackle Serious and Organised Criminals Main priorities for tackling Serious and Organised Crime for Dorset Illegal Drugs Trade – problematic market Illegal Drugs Trade – recreational market Sexual Offences Against Children Organised Immigration Crime (OIC) Organised Acquisitive Crime

10 IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect Refer to MAPPA Annual Report - Page 5 Dorset Statistical Information 1 st APRIL 2007 – 31 st MARCH 2008 Total number of Dorset MAPPA Offenders in the Community by Category (% Change) Category2004/052005/062006/072007/08 1 Registered Sex Offenders (RSO) 352 (5.7%) 397 (12.7%) 415 (4.5%) 446 (7.1%) 2 Violent Offenders and other Sex Offenders 44 (-57.2%) 100 (127.2%) 97 (-3%) 43 3Other Offenders 5 (-84.3%) 9 (80%) 6 (-33.3%) 18 Totals per year401506518507

11 Main threats identified – Organised Acquisitive Crime Organised distraction burglary continues to impact on crime figures and fear of crime Both organised burglary and robbery are usually linked to other offences such as theft of vehicles and in the latter case weapons and violence The extent of organised vehicle crime is unknown Organised distraction burglary is difficult to prevent and detect due to the vulnerability of the victims and the itinerant nature of the offenders. Update- Op Montana appears to be making inroads into organised distraction burglary Organised robbery in Dorset seems to be primarily committed by teams of out of county offenders IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

12 Main threats identified – Serious and Organised Fraud Organised fraudsters are rapidly developing new techniques to skim cards Organised groups travel large distances throughout this country obtaining card details from a large numbers of victims There is a lack of knowledge about organised fraud Large scale organised frauds pose a threat to confidence in the organisation and may potentially change behaviour of the community There is a potential link between organised fraud and coercion and violence IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

13 The National Strategy – CONTEST (NI 35) Aim: Immediate response Improving our situation Cross-cutting Reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from international terrorism Stop terrorist attacks, and … … where we cannot, mitigate their impact Strengthen our protection against terrorist attacks Stop people becoming or supporting terrorists Build and maintain the key enabling capabilities for countering terrorism PURSUE PREPARE PROTECT PREVENT IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

14 Prepare Operation Argus – Multi-media counter terrorism package for private and public sector, for example; Weymouth – Night Economy Boscombe – Sovereign Centre Project Griffin – Security managers weekly counter terrorism briefing, currently active in; Bournemouth Poole, from 4 th November Weymouth, from 2009 Exercise Wessex Torch IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

15 Protect Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) Crowded Places – identification of vulnerable sites and locations Four sites currently identified within Dorset CTSAs deliver protective security advice to these sites Hazardous sites – chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) – 22 sites in Dorset Protective security advice is provided to identified sites IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

16 Prevent is rooted in the community Working in partnership to engage with, and develop an understanding of the Muslim communities in Dorset Agree a joint programme of proportionate action and projects which are proportionate to the challenge Dorset Police have a dedicated Prevent Team, who will provide briefings and advice to partners on the terrorist threat within Dorset Prevent (NI 35) IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

17 IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect Community Impact of SOC Problematic Drugs Operation Trove Force wide covert operation Tackle street level dealing of heroin (crack cocaine) Multi agency to identify dealers/vulnerable users Both enforcement and intervention for users

18 IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect Community Impact of SOC Problematic Drugs RESULT 21 dealers arrested and charged in Dorchester (15) and Blandford (6) Numerous referrals to DAAT IMPACT Not only tackled drugs, but resolved other community problems – ASB and Acquisitive Crime Dorchesters Mayor, Kate Hebditch, welcomed news of the arrests, paying tribute to police officers in the town. I think it reflects well on people in Dorchester said Cllr Hebditch. It proves the worth of PACT meetings which are regularly held, where the community can come and report whatever problems theyre having.

19 Any questions? IntegrityProfessionalismFairnessRespect

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