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Bone Health Amsterdam , The Netherlands Saturday April 2

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1 Bone Health Amsterdam , The Netherlands Saturday April 2
in Park Boswijk in Doorn Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kessler







8 FIELD THERAPY Two scientist are behind the field therapy

9 Harold Saxton Burr, PhD, Professor of Anatomy, Researcher and Teacher of Neuroanatomy and Bioelectrodynamics at Yale University School of Medicine

10 for any life on earth is the electrodynamic field. In other words:
Harold Saxton Burr found: the MATRIX for any life on earth is the electrodynamic field. In other words: The field builds up the tissue, The field controls all enzymatic and neuronic processes

11 William Ross Adey, M.D

12 The Adey Window

13 Bassett CA, Pawluk RJ, Pilla AA
Bassett CA, Pawluk RJ, Pilla AA. Augmentation of Bone Repair by Inductively Coupled Electromagnetic Fields. Science 1974;184:575-7.

14 Osteoporosis causes Decreased Stability

15 Osteoporosis causes Feeling insecure

16 Osteoporosis causes Vertigo

17 Osteoporosis causes Cannot get out of a car easily

18 Osteoporosis causes Cannot carry items up the stairs

19 Osteoporosis causes Inability to walk

20 Osteoporosis causes Fractures

21 Osteoporosis causes 24 hour pain





26 Arm Fracture






32 24 % hip fractures die within a year
10 million Americans have osteoporosis 34 million have low bone mass Number of reduced life quality is unknown

33 Osteoporosis Symptoms
Decreased Stability Vertigo Inability to walk Cannot carry items up the stairs Cannot get out of a car easily 24 hour pain Fractures Weak immune system Reduced life quality

34 Causes Unknown Steroids Menopause Femara Inactivity Gluten sensitivity
Dairy sensitivity Malabsorption

35 Conventional Therapies
Calcium Vitamin D Biphoshonates Evista Non steroids analgetics Opiates Corsette Wheel chair Hospitalization

36 Conventional Therapies
The key to its prevention revolve around calcium. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Robert Thompson, M.D., wrote an entire book on this subject called, The Calcium Lie, which explains that bone is comprised of at least a dozen minerals and the exclusive focus on calcium supplementation is likely to worsen bone density and increase your risk of developing osteoporosis! Himalayan salt is an excellent source of trace minerals to function optimally.

37 Why Sally Field Could be Setting Herself Up for Osteoporosis with Boniva ???
If you’ve been prescribed an osteoporosis drug such as Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva, it is very important that you understand how these drugs work before putting them into your body.

38 biphosphonate drugs : “…antiresorptive medicines, which means they slow or stop the natural process that dissolves bone tissue, resulting in maintained or increased bone density and strength.” you’re only getting half the story here. Using these types of pharmaceutical drugs is the worst way to attempt to treat or on your prescription drug label.

39 Even though they will increase your bone density, these drugs are poison!
They work by killing off certain cells in your bones called osteoclasts. Osteoclasts destroy the bone as part of the natural bone regeneration process. Killing off these cells means you are left with only osteoblasts, which will increase bone density but not bone strength. As a result, your bones lose their natural ability to build new bone and readjust to the constantly changing forces applied. Now you have thicker bones with less strength, which actually increases your risk of bone fractures. Additionally, these drugs have been linked to some terrible side effects, including increased risk of ulcers and:

40 Eye problems such as blurry vision, pain and swelling
* Eye problems such as blurry vision, pain and swelling * Thigh bone fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw * Liver damage and renal (kidney) failure * Atrial fibrillation * Esophageal cancer * Hypocalcemia (blood calcium levels are too low) Fosomax is in the same chemical class (phosphonate) as the soap scum cleaner you use in your bathroom!

41 Gluten Intolerance and Bone Loss
Is your stomach often upset? Chronic gas, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and brain fog could all be signs of an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. According to statistics from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, an average of one out of every 133 otherwise healthy people in the United States suffer from celiac disease (CD) but previous studies have found this number could be as high as 1 in 33 in at-risk populations. Those with undiagnosed gluten intolerance often have malabsorption of nutrients due to chronic intestinal damage. This means that your body is unable to optimally take nutrients from food and distribute them throughout your body. This malabsorption of nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.

42 Steroids According to a study done at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, there is a strong link between osteoporosis and the use of steroids: “High-dose cortisone is the second most common cause of osteoporosis, and we currently have no real treatment for this serious side effect,” says senior author Steven L. Teitelbaum, M.D., Professor of Pathology and Immunology. “Given how frequently these drugs are used to treat many different conditions, that’s a major clinical problem.” The conclusion of the study revealed that although the steroid cortisone appears to inhibit the ability of osteoclasts to dismantle old bones in genetically normal mice, the inability of the skeletal structure to renew itself may cause bones to weaken dramatically from aging and stress.

43 GfK Study Report about osteoporosis among 531 osteoporosis patients in the Netherlands. It seems that GfK has also done the same in other countries. Most astonishing conclusions : 1. 91% of the Osteoporosis PATIENTS do NOT see any advantage in using meds. 2. Pain is the most dominant problem(60%) 3. 70% live in fear for fractures

44 The GfK Group is one of the largest market research companies in the world. The Group has a staff complement of 10,000+ employees working in 150 operating companies covering more than 100 countries of the world who deliver the knowledge on markets and sectors which our clients need for their decisions. The GfK Group is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. 

45 GfK fourth largest market research organisation in the world

46 Gfk fourth largest world group
after Nielsen Company Kantar Group IMS Health.

47 The GfK Group The GfK Group, established in 1934 as Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (Society for Consumer Research) is Germany’s largest market research institute, and the fourth largest market research organisation in the world, after Nielsen Company, Kantar Group, and IMS Health. It was founded by an association of university teachers, among them Ludwig Erhard, later Minister for Economics and Chancellor of Germany.

48 GfK They focus on innovation and progress ensuring that the advanced technology and consistent quality of the methods, tools and practice areas used.

49 Pulsating Electromagnetic Frequencies PEMF for Osteoporosis
With this safe and guaranteed method I never lost a patient (Kessler et al.)



52 O N D A M E D O N D A M E D

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