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EVC Centrum /# 1 Validation of Prior Learning as a gateway to empowerment and development Ruud Duvekot INHOLLAND University & the Empowerment Centre EVC.

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1 EVC Centrum /# 1 Validation of Prior Learning as a gateway to empowerment and development Ruud Duvekot INHOLLAND University & the Empowerment Centre EVC the Netherlands Lahti, Finland September 30, 2008

2 EVC Centrum Validation of Prior Learning as a gateway to empowerment and development But for whom, why and how? And is it innovative or revolutionary? Key question Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

3 EVC Centrum 1.VPL explained 2.Aims, culture & portfolios 3.the 4 ‘highways’ of learning 4.a roadmap 5.Questions & debate 6.As a dessert: CH-Q as a solution Content Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

4 EVC Centrum 4 general context Society is in transition … … no more lifetime employment & qualification … … causing the labour market and the learning system to change and adapt to the new playing field. Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

5 EVC Centrum 5 Leading questions So, what is happening now? TOP:authorities and social partners respond to the problems and adapt their systems of learning and working, Meso:HRM and VET/HE focus more on output, Bottom:and I have to create a new security in the flexible world Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

6 EVC Centrum 6 Two approaches Top-down is … -collective institutions and structures, -focus on standardisation of learning -Lifelong learning for the economy -diploma's for careers Bottom-up is … -the self as primary agent -focus on holistic, flexible learning -Liberation of learning -portfolio's for careers Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

7 EVC Centrum 7 Leading questions What’s the function of VPL in this changing context? -VPL is about my learning and working -VPL is about all stakeholders -VPL is integral -VPL is about matching top-down and bottom-up Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

8 EVC Centrum “A competence is to know how to act adequately.” (Lyotard 1988) Write down in keywords: 2 of your social-communicative competences intermezzo Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

9 EVC Centrum 9 Thesis So: VPL is where diploma and portfolio meet -Diploma is the system (top) -Portfolio is my life (bottom) Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

10 EVC Centrum Statements on VPL: 1.The Glass is always Half Full 2.Two main perspectives: summative & formative 3.It’s about me, the labour market and the learning system 4. It is based on learning outcomes 5.what’s new? It’s me ! Setting the scene Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

11 EVC Centrum 11 The process VPL is the integral process of …. 1.Raising awareness / information 2. Recognition of competences 3.Valuation of competences 4. Development of competences 5. Embedding VPL in HRM, VET/HE Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

12 EVC Centrum 12 aims The diversity of aims of VPL in Europe 1.Qualification 2.Employability 3.Empowerment 4.Personal development 5.Activating citizenship 6.Professionalisation/innovation Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

13 EVC Centrum 13 targetgroups Targetgroups 1.Young people (under 21) 2.Workers (21+) 3.Jobseekers 4.Older people 5.Employers 6.Professionals (personell officers, teachers, assessors, guiders, etc.)

14 EVC Centrum Write down in keywords: 1 of your technical competences + 1 of your computer-skills intermezzo Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

15 EVC Centrum 15 History Learning culture changes : Target: from initial to lifelong learning Targetgroup: from the young to all of us Control: from top-down to –also - bottom-up Status:from summative to formative Mobility: from static to flexible Learning: from input to output Qualification:from diploma to portfolio Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

16 EVC Centrum 16 Portfolios Types of portfolio : 1.Dossier-portfolio 2.Development-portfolio 3.Personal portfolio 4.Extra: the Organisation and its portfolio = competencemanagement It’s all about managing diversity of learning & working Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

17 EVC Centrum Write down in keywords: 1 of your artistic or creative competences intermezzo Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

18 EVC Centrum 18 4 highways Highways of Learning: 1.Qualification model 2.Upgrade model 3.HRD model 4.Lifelong learning model Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

19 EVC Centrum 19 Model 1 Qualification model: Targetgetting a qualification Targetgroupyoung, workers, jobseekers Standardvocational or HE standard Effectdiploma VPL - dossier-portfolio - co-makership, ? Harmonicalearningroutes? Examples: big steel, health sector Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

20 EVC Centrum 20 Model 2 Upgrade model: Targetthe need for upskilling and upgrading Targetgroupworkers, job-seekers Standardsectoral, vocational or HE standards Effectemployability, empowerment & qualification VPL - personal portfolio - advice on perspectives - showing the necessary development steps Example: banking, small metall, education sector

21 EVC Centrum 21 Model 3 HRD model: Targetthe learning organisation Targetgroupworkers Standardcompany-, sectoral or vocational/HE standards Effectemployability & empowerment VPL - developmentportfolio - setting the target for portfolio-based development Example: building sector, army, telephone companies Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

22 EVC Centrum 22 Model 4 Lifelong learning model: Targetrecognizing and valuing one’s personal learning opportunities, school- or work -independent Targetgroupall targetgroups Standardany standard will do Effectpersonal effects, enjoyability VPL- personal portfolio - personal enrichment - extra job opportunities Example: trade union volunteers, citizenship Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

23 EVC Centrum Roadmap for the Learning Society: -Put the learner in the centre (portfolio & PDP) -Offer Self-management of competencies -Responsibility of demand-articulation -Match competence-systems -Create a standard based on learning outcomes -Make the process portfolio-steered: qualifying, updating, upgrading, enriching building blocks Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

24 EVC Centrum Write down in keywords: 1 of your organisational-logistic competences intermezzo Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

25 EVC Centrum Coming back to the key question: 1.The Learning Society in itself is a revolution. It is a silent one, offering more equality of chances and co-makership to the learner. 2.VPL is innovative as a product (instrument) but revolutionary as a process (integral approach) See the differences between: highways 1 & 2 and highways 3 & 4 Innovation or revolution Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

26 EVC Centrum 26 challenges So, the main challenges: 1. How to motivate people to invest in themselves? 2. How to make education customer-oriented? 3.Can organisations adequately formulate their need for competences? Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

27 EVC Centrum 27 Your setting What about your organization? 1. Does it motivate you to invest in yourselves? 2. Are they making education customer-oriented? 3.are they formulating their need for your competences? Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

28 EVC Centrum 28 Time-out Do you have extra time and energy? Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

29 EVC Centrum A major key in activating the Learning Society is my portfolio: 1. a focus on selfmanagement of competencies 2. Starting up bottom-up process of lifelong learning 3. Stimulates school and organisation to innovate as well Solution Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

30 EVC Centrum How to do my thing and selfmanage my competencies? 1001 instruments Not many - however - as integral and personal as CH-Q Selfmanaging Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

31 EVC Centrum -Biographical method -Takes 20-30 hours -Empowerment: who am I and where can I go? -Groupsupport: save setting for training -Bottom-up -Fills in my role in the Learning Society -It challenges the roles of the organisation (HRD) and the ‘school’ (flexible learning) -After CH-Q less problems in motivating ‘me’ to invest in myself CH-Q Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

32 EVC Centrum Take Nokia: -Example of a learning company (from rubber bots to mobile phones) -Their need for competences changes quickly -A learning employer needs learning employees -work-security is offered instead of job-security -Stimulating learning is a need for both sides example Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

33 EVC Centrum EU-cv Specify Proof Social competences Organisational competenc. Technical competences Computer skills Artistic competences Learning competences Other competences Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

34 EVC Centrum 1.Learning for the future starts at my potential = my portfolio 2.Selfmanagement of competencies stimulates schools and organisations to take a look at the future too 3.It happens anyway; be prepared Conclusion Erkennen van Verworven Competenties

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