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On-line collaboration with SURFnet. Outline SURFnet organisation Lightpaths for science Goup Communication -SURFgroepen -Videoconferencing and webconferencing.

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1 On-line collaboration with SURFnet

2 Outline SURFnet organisation Lightpaths for science Goup Communication -SURFgroepen -Videoconferencing and webconferencing

3 Introducing SURFnet  Dutch National Research & Education Network (NREN)  Not for profit organization, 60 employees  100% ownership: SURF Foundation  180 connected institutions, 750.000 end-users  Business-model:  Innovation by project subsidies (14 Meuro/year)  Operations by tariffs from connected institutions (18 Meuro/year)

4 Ambitions  Connecting Dutch researchers to a world-class network- infrastructure  Delivering innovative high-end internet-based services to higher-education and research in NL  Intensive use of services by a broad range of functional users (security officers, researchers, teaching staff etc.)  Operational excellence in service-provisioning Stimulate use of services

5 SURFnet6 overview -The first nation-wide hybrid optical and packet switching infrastructure -Based on 6000+ km of SURFnet-owned managed dark fiber, all the way to the customers premises -SURFnet6 delivers 1/10 Gbit/s IP services (native IPv4 and IPv6) plus lightpath provisioning: -Over a single transmission infrastructure -Managed via a single control plane -Hence, in an economically sound way

6 SURFnet6 DWDM on dark fiber Muenster Aachen Hamburg

7 Advantages from a user perspective Advantages for institutions:  Lightpaths provide safe high-speed connections (1G, 10G) with an excellent quality (low and predictable latency, no jitter)  Lightpaths facilitate applications that don’t function optimal using the regular internet Advantages for researchers:  Lightpaths provide applications with dedicated bandwidth at relatively low costs

8 Lightpath speeds -150 Mbit/s -600 Mbit/s -1 Gbit/s -10 Gbit/s

9 Private networks for special user groups Healthcare OPN Bio-informatics Network Telescoop site CERN High Energy Physics Network eVLBI Network Research Network This slide based on original slide from Bill St. Arnaud (CANARIE) Faculteit Universiteit

10 Radio astronomy

11 Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -Two Global Crossing wavelengths on the NetherLight-CERN route were replaced by three wavelengths on the GÉANT2 network in 2006. -In 2007 a fourth wavelength was added for USLHCNet. -A number of other LHC project partners created direct lightpaths to CERN via NetherLight. -The Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC) of Taiwan intends to set up a 10 Gbit/s circuit to Amsterdam and has applied for 10 Gbit/s connectivity between there and CERN.

12 Enlighten Your Research: Winners -The 5 winners are: -Distribution of radiology images in the NELSON lung cancer screening study – UMCG & UMCU -High-throughput genome-wide analyses in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – UMCU & UCLA -Intelligent CCTV monitoring at Arke Stadium –TI e.a. -Electron microscopy using lightpaths – LUMC, TUE & SARA -Remote High-Resolution Visualisation of Climate Data using Pixel Streaming – UU & SARA


14 Lightpath switching But why not automatically?

15 Lightpaths will become user controlled Customer equipment Customer equipment DRAC Service Interface: web GUI of API (web services) public internal Control plane CPE Admin User Resource

16 -Online collaboration in high demand -There must be more than browsing a website and sending e-mail

17 Videoconferencing Webconferencing Document Sharing Instant Messaging Optimal online collaboration SURFgroepen enables easy and efficient online collaboration! Save documents online and keep in contact with team members via chat en videoconferencing. Employees and students of organizations connected to SURFnet can work with SURFgroepen without costs. They can even invite co- workers/friends from all over the world to join there teamsite.

18 Document Sharing Instant Messaging Webconferencing Teamsite Document Sharing MySite Personal environment Students and employees Group environment Can be requested by student or employee guest access for others possible

19 What is SURFgroepen not? SURFgroepen is a collaboration environment no alternative or replacement for instute storage or archive. Although SURFnet takes care of calamity-backup of all data, SURFgroepen is not an online backup service. Take care of your own safety copy of your files.

20 Document Sharing Instant Messaging Videoconferencing Document Sharing Online document storage and information management. Calendar, forum and web- poll posibbilities. Sharing images, documenten tas lists. Online collaboration


22 Data encryption during transport (https)







29 Document Sharing Instant Messaging Videoconferencing Online samenwerken

30 Presence

31 S ession I nitiation P rotocol -The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for initiating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, chat, gaming, and virtual reality.

32 Document Sharing Instant Messaging Videoconferencing Online samenwerken

33 Two ways of videoconferencing Webconferencing Hardware videoconferencing

34 -Advantages -High quality -Suitable for large rooms with more people -No headsite necessary -Switch-on and dial -Disadvantages -More expensive than webconferencing -Network demands (NAT en firewalls) -Application sharing more difficult

35 Hardware videoconferencing Universiteit Wageninge n

36 olen


38 Maarten van Rossem – Migratie Maarten van Rossem SURFnet- Utrecht Leerlingen 6VWO 2College - Tilburg Leerlingen 6VWO KSE – Etten-Leur Expert op afstand

39 Leerlingen KSE Etten-Leur Leerlingen Mill-Hill Goirle Leerlingen Scholen Palestina Expert op afstand

40 Govert Schilling – Is there extraterrestrial live? Govert Schilling SURFnet- Utrecht Leerlingen 6VWO 2College - Tilburg Leerlingen 6VWO KSE – Etten-Leur Expert op afstand

41 HD videoconferencing

42 A virtual meeting room where team members can conference via a webcam and a headset, and where they van collaborate in realtime. Webconferencing




46 Met SURFgroepen maken we samenwerken makkelijk. SURFnet is constant bezig SURFgroepen te innoveren. Op SURFgroepen Labs lees je over die ontwikkelingen. Integration with other services like: -SURFnet federated authentication infrastructure (A-select) -Videostreaming -Videoconferencing (scheduling of resources) Future plans

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