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Kahnawake Tourism Conference | October 22 nd 2014 Québec Aboriginal Tourism Tourisme Autochtone Québec Carole Bellefleur : Development Advisor Sebastien.

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1 Kahnawake Tourism Conference | October 22 nd 2014 Québec Aboriginal Tourism Tourisme Autochtone Québec Carole Bellefleur : Development Advisor Sebastien Desnoyers : Marketing Advisor

2 Presentation Québec Aboriginal Tourism Association Services Members Québec Aboriginal Tourism Sector

3 QAT Association

4 Québec Aboriginal Tourism Based in the huron-wendat community of Wendake (Québec), Québec Aboriginal Tourism (QAT) is recognised as a sectorial by Tourism Quebec. We’ve mainly been working in marketing and development for over 20 years The mission is to offer the Aboriginal Tourism Entrepreneur of the 55 communities of Quebec, an organisation of representation to defend their interest, develop their competencies and offer a variety of products and services which grow their better practices and their postionning on diverse markets We create, by tourism, potential activities of social and economic development. Our actions are planned but protective values of aboriginal heritage such as authenticity, ethic, equity and substainable development

5 Québec Aboriginal Tourism INCORPOSATION REGIONAL 1991-1997 In operation for over 20 years!

6 Québec Aboriginal Tourism Development Partnership 2011- today INCORPOSATION REGIONAL 1991-1997 PROVINCIAL Sector’s representative Marketing 1997-2011 In operation for 22 years!

7 ATS (19) (AEQ, FPQ Outfitters, Snow mobile etc.) PROVINCIAL Membership International Marketing Actions Sectoriel Expertise Distribution Network Development ATR (21) (Eeyou Istchee, Gaspésie, Montreal etc.) REGIONAL Membership Intra-Québec Marketing Actions Regional expertise Visitor information Development Visibility exchange Media Tours Mohawk Package suggestions linked for sales


9 Actions for Kahnawake Marketing (international) Communication (promotion) Development

10 Advantages of beeing a Member Visibility on QAT Website – dedicated pages Visibility in various product-positionning brochures for our distribution network and tourists Integration into QAT Marketing strategies Visibility on QAT social media networks Voting rights at the Annual General Assembly Dedicated team at your service Representation at various national and international fairs Marketing of your products and services Your news, deals, and scoops emailed to our members. Discounts with partners and other QAT members Actif Délégués Stagiaires Associés

11 Advantages of beeing a Member Guidance, advice and support when starting up, expanding and diversifying your aboriginal tourism company Project development tours Regional development tours Support for the continuous education of employees and management Strategic reports, studies, best practices and other useful resources relating to the tourism industry and management. Familiarization tour and press tour Market segmentation to effectively target your clientel Opportunity for group advertising Third page visibility in our Origin(e) Magazine Preference given to members of QAT call to tenders Free participation to electronic newsletters Actif Délégués Stagiaires Associés

12 QAT Magazine Regional description text Used for medias, politics, trade, consumer Free 1/3 of page with Active Membership Paid publicity Kahnawake Welcome Centre Droulers Archeological site Tourism Monteregie DISTRIBUTION 50 000 copies : International marketing actions Major visitor and welcoming centers thru the province Members across the province


14 Major Commercialisation Events Distribution Network Event Rendez-vous Canada (Niagara Falls) Bienvenue Quebec (Quebec) ITB Berlin (2015) Discover Quebec (Toronto) IFTM Top Resa (Paris) Distribution and Press Destination Quebec (Brussels) Destination Quebec (Paris) Go Media marketplace (Penticton, BC) Consumer, Distribution and Press Salon Mondial du Tourisme (Paris) Salon Vacances de Bruxelles (Brussels) SÉBASTIEN

15 Press and familiarisation trips Press Trips: Each year we have a dedicated budgets for press trips. Depending on the media, we always try to work with the ATR of the region for a better coverage of the cost and always require a gratuity from the enterprise. We always work on the topics the writer wants to cover. We guide all our tours in order to bonify the experience of the media. Example of medias this year: Air Transat (Atmosphere), Lufthansa Magazin, Adventures North, Angler and hunter TV, Journal du Trek, QVO Fam trips: Each year we also have dedicated budgets for Fam trips. We work in the same pattern of the Press trips. We always work on the topics Tour operators are interested in. We also guide all our fam trips tours to gather feedbacks Example of Fams this year: German tour operators, Vacances Transat, Jonview, Toundra Voyages, Go West Tours, Case Départ, Go To Canada, etc.

16 Other Marketing actions Other than welcoming medias and fam trips, or the travel across the globe to best represent your interest, Marketing also does: Tourism Magazine Origin(e) Work on the membership campaign Actions on the Web and on the social medias strategy Work with the trade network Develop advertisement campaign Find different deals for our members (Petit Futé, Le Devoir etc) Manages all membership and publicity exchanges with ATR Packages the Aboriginal products Put in relation different actors (Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals) Help on the marketing strategy and commercialization Give information on the pricing and comparison of the market All new marketing initiatives (Travel Agency, Handcrafter’s circle etc)


18 Development Tours CAROLE

19 Mohawks Members Okwari Arts Iron Horse Wear House Kahnawake Welcome Center Native North American College Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Akwesasne Pow Wow Droulers Site Thompson Island Festival Presence Autochtone

20 Membership Active Associate Delegate Trainee

21 Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Activities Outdoor adventures : Berry picking, hiking, canoeing, wildlife watching and photography, kayaking, snowmobiling, dog sledding, expedition cruises, northern lights, National Parks. Cultural tourism : Storytelling, throat singing, traditional games, traditional crafts, traditional cuisine, visiting historic sites and museums, authentic experiences, festivals, Elders, Sleepover in the community, Pow Wows etc. Outfitters : Hunting : Caribou, bear, deer, moose, waterfowl Fishing : Arctic Char, trout, salmon, pike, walleye Business travel : All of the above, packaged on a shorter length period and offered to business and congress travelers

22 Members Active : First Nation products with first emphasis is Tourism Delegate : Tribe council, Organisation formed or managed by Tribe council Trainee : Beginner aboriginal entrepreneur (in activity for less than 1 year) Associate : Organisations venant en appui au développement du secteur touristique Aboriginal PartnersNon-Aboriginal Partners 110 Enterprises and organisations are members of QAT in 2012-2013

23 Membership Fees Active Regular Active : 400 $ Outfitters : 300 $ Events : 300 $ Art and Craft: 200$ Active Regular Active : 400 $ Outfitters : 300 $ Events : 300 $ Art and Craft: 200$ Delegate : 500$ Trainee : 200 $ Associate : 500$ Aboriginal PartnersNon-Aboriginal Partners 110 Enterprises and organisations are member of QAT in 2012-2013

24 PERFORMANCE 11 nations, 55 communities 134 members, 66% des enterprises 77% Growth since 2011

25 QAT Sector Sector representation Sub-sector of operations Number of visitors Tourists Origin Length of the trip

26 Aboriginal Tourism Sector 816 000 visitors yearly $169M economic contributions 150 + enterprises 3 500 + jobs 2014-2015

27 Sector Representation

28 Business sectors of Enterprises 48% of the enterprises are open yearly. An increase of 17% Summer remains the most active with 96% of our businesses

29 Sub-sectors of operations Aboriginal enterprisesQuebec’s enterprises

30 Operating expenses of companies Consolided sales revenues of Enterprises 2002 : 34,9 M$ 2010 : 92,2 M$ Median sales revenues 2002 : 340 000$ 2010 : 600 000$ This increase demonstrates a certain maturity which slowly settles in the Aboriginal tourism sector

31 Markets

32 Aboriginal Tourism Sector (Visitors) Visitors 2010 (n=48) Québec Excursionnistes Touristes51 % Canada8 % United States15 % Europe18 % Aboriginals7 % Autres origines1 % Total 100 % ProfileQuébecEuropean AGE25-35, 55 +55 +, 25-35 Travel with By self, couple, family Couple, By self Trip (days)Short : 1-3Long : 12,8 Activities Ecotourism Outdoor, Parks, hunting, fishing Natural scenery Soft adventure Experience Authenticity Sustainable Experiment Authenticity Safety learning Accommoda tion Hotel, Motel, cabin, camping Non- commercial

33 Aboriginal Tourism Sector (visitors) Do wantDon’t want Meet the localsEverything staged and planned Learn something original, authentic Be in a big bus tour and taken to them. See/ Experience how you live Fake displays and towns— museum villages just set-up for tourists. Understand your way of likeThe markets and mass produced Souvenirs Mutual exchange Aboriginal Tourism Opportunities for Canada U.K., Germany, France (CTC)

34 Working with the Trade Network Up to date Website Availability over the phone Answered emails within 48 hours Price list adapted to the Trade Network Courteous customer service Return calls within 24 hours Answered emails within 24 hours Bilingual Website Service in customer`s language Basic needs Feel good Instant replies Free Wifi Internet Packages and specials Special attentions Like a star LOYALTY SATISFACTION

35 Economic Impact Social and cultural impacts

36 Social and Cultural impacts The exodus of the young people and maintaining the language also appear in the answers identified within the framework of this study.. The most important in spontaneous mention 2010 (n=61) Job creation48 % Knowledge of the community, the culture and the heritage16 % Pride14 % Range of services for the community11% Teaching of the know-how in the community4 % Improve the visibility of the region3 % Economic development of the territory3 % Have a link with the other storekeepers / group together1 %

37 Challenges Enterprises Sector

38 Challenges of the Enterprises To welcome + visitors + longer Social and cultural impact 2002 (n-38) 2010 (n=55) Stability of Human ressources32%38% Access to financing / credit66%33% Knowledge of the markets24%29% Training11%15% Promotion / publicity / getting knowed8%5% Seasonality / low seasons (autumn and winter)11%4% Attract customer/ accessibility11%6% Access to technological opportunities--7% Work with the governments3%5%

39 Challenges of the Sector Raising awareness to the opportunities of employment in tourism Training (HR, commercialisation, social medias, management) Common philosophy of development Guide of evaluation of the durability and the authenticity of the product Opportunities of creation of new products and projects Networking opportunities Investment to renovate and renew products Raising awareness in socioeconomic growth from tourism Facilitate the access to credit Identification of the structures of support for the tourist sector in regions To welcome + visitors + longer



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