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MAKING GMPLS REAL Colm OBrien / Ian Hood Mahi Networks, Inc.

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1 MAKING GMPLS REAL Colm OBrien / Ian Hood Mahi Networks, Inc.

2 Agenda: Interoperable Transport Provide the industry with true plug and play SONET transport interoperability at both transport and control plane. A Unique Opportunity for the Industry Migration Path Significant Business Benefits Importance of OIF Forum Efforts Enabling New Services

3 Todays Metro Core/IOF Network Increasing Complexity Increasing Costs Declining Revenue Per Bit Declining Margins Declining Fulfillment Speed

4 Migration STEP 1: Ring Interoperability Collapse Access and IOF Rings onto One Platform Significant Reduction in Manual DSX and Patch Panels Mandatory Interoperability with Legacy ADMs Migration Path to OIF GMPLS Control Plane Standards

5 Migration STEP 2: Mesh Interoperability Enable Mesh Control between Metro Core/IOF Offices (I-NNI) E-NNI Standards Enables Multi-Domain Interoperability Evolve GMPLS for Management Control Plane Interactions (OSS)

6 Migration Step 3: Automated Provisioning Integrates STS-1 Grooming and M:N Path Protected Mesh Networking Automates Multi-vendor Topology Discovery and Resource Allocation Reduces Intensive Manual Provisioning for >75% Long-Term Savings

7 Business Benefits of Migration Simplify Deployments – Open Standards Reduce Capex Costs by >50% Collapse Network Elements in Tier1/2 Offices Reduce NOC Steps to Activate Services Reduce Truck Rolls for Service Activation Activate Services in Minutes New Service Types (Revenue) Possible Bandwidth on Demand UNI 1.0 Services (e.g. Optical VPNs) New SLA for Data Protection Services (~500ms) Generate More Revenue Per Dollar Spent

8 OIF Forum Importance Enabler for Interoperability Across Transport Domains Facilitator of Technology Requirements Platform for Service Providers to Voice their Needs Address All Deployment Aspects Security OA&M Operations Engage Vendors and Providers Together Enable Interoperable Solutions That Meet Business Goals

9 Conclusion Transport network interoperability is a real possibility for the telecommunications industry OIF UNI/NNI demonstration shows how this vision can be realized A migration from todays patch-panel and multiple platforms is possible in a cost-effective manner These new capabilities will dramatically reduce the cost to deploy transport services

10 Thank You!

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