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Project based Collaboration Coach&Co coaching training advice

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1 Project based Collaboration Coach&Co coaching training advice

2 What is a Project? Creative process Defined in time and resources Unique/once In collaboration with project partners. Project plan Project leader

3 Project plan Project Proposal 1. Introduction: actual problem and desired situation 2. Aim: what to achieve (and why)? 3. SMART: specific, measurable, action, realistic & time 4. Activities: short description of activities to achieve your goal. 5. Time planning: 1-3 yrs. 6. Budget 7. Evaluation: monitoring progress

4 Project based collaboration involves participation of different partners within the sector of Art and Culture or invites creative entrepreneurs/cultural scientists for multidisciplinary collaboration. Art & Culture: The invisible cultural diversity of Maastricht Economy: The exclusive character in shopping centre Maastricht disappears Health: Home based care by nursing staff is too expensive Education: Teachers lack authority in the classroom Social: Neighbors alienate Open: choose your own topic Practice Problem, aim, idea, smart, partners, budget, timeframe

5 Project proposal “ Exclusive character shopping centre Maastricht” Introduction: The last few years, a high number of exclusive shops in Maastricht “disappeared” etc. Reasons: loss of income, no possibilities for online sale, no participation in Sunday-sales Effect: uneventful shopping centre, monotonous, loosing attraction, loose tourists, no competence with other cities, degradation of the town, safety problems etc. Desired situation: Maastricht likes to maintain the exclusive character of the shopping centre, creating new economic chances and opportunities. Partners 1. The local government of Maastricht is willing to provide affordable means (affordable location, administrative support) for new entrepreneurs to start exclusive businesses. 2. The Chamber of Commerce invites creative entrepreneurs to team up with shopkeepers to explore creative interventions enabling shopkeepers to attract more clients to their shops in Maastricht. Goal: Supporting exclusive shops to strengthen their business, will attract more clients, tourists, develop more possibilities for business and business partners, giving positive economic impulses and creating local employment, etc.

6 AIM & SMART Aim: To strengthen the business of five exclusive storekeepers and therefore contribute to the exclusive character of the Maastricht shopping centre. SMART: By September 2015, five exclusive stores/shopkeepers have defined 2 innovative sales techniques which enables them to attract 20% more clients.

7 Activities 1. Brainstorm sessions Two members of the Chamber of Commerce and three creative entrepreneurs will select five exclusive storekeepers (and their staff) for a brainstorm meeting about actual problems and innovative ways to strengthen their business. 2. Concept idea The three creative entrepreneurs will develop and present a concept idea on innovative sales techniques. All project partners will be invited for the presentation of the project plan. 3. Pilot project. After a final agreement a pilot project of 1 day will be planned. One store will be selected by the entrepreneurs and the results of pilot project will be presented to all project partners and necessary adjustment will be made. A final project plan and time schedule will be presented to al storekeepers. 4. Implementation Project Innovative Sales techniques A three days experiment with innovative sales techniques will be introduced to the clients in the five shops. 5. Monitoring and Evaluation All project partners will be invited to attend the evaluation meeting. The entrepreneurs will present a final project report which will be presented to all project partners,

8 Activities: 02-03. Brainstorm meeting creative entrepreneurs and 5 shopkeepers incl. staff 03. Development and presentation concept idea 04-06. Defining innovative sale techniques and selection pilot project 05. First pilot project and evaluation 04-05. Try out at 5 shops 05. Evaluation 06. Presentation Evaluation 07. Presentation Project report janfebmrtaprmajunjulaugseoktno Timeframe

9 Budget ProductNumberPrice/itemTotal Meeting room1€ 40/hr: 2,5 hrs 3 meetings € 300,00 CateringCoffee/thee€ 12,50 x3 € 37,50 Beemer Concept idea 1 3 days for development concept plan € 85 rent /evening 3 meetings € 50,00/day € 255,00 € 150,00 People Photographer 1€ 50,- a day try out € 75,- a day 3 days € 225,00/shop 5 shops = 15 days € 1125,00 Materials1 polaroid camera€ 119,- lamps€ 287,95 Training Evaluation and presentation Total 1 day/shop 3 polaroid's 25 copies Ttime, materials etc. € 150/day € 119,- € 450,00 € 357,00

10 How to get involved in Projects Tenders Fundraising Networking Pro active

11 Limburg KunstActief Maastricht advices on Project proposals ( FONDSEN LIMBURG Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg (de heer Pe Diederen) Hunstinxfonds (de heer Leon Minis) Brand Cultuurfonds (de heer Thijs Brand) Stichting Kanunnik Salden Nieuwenhof (de heer mr. M.P.P.F. Groutars) Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Limburg (mevrouw Van Eijs) Stichting FSI (DSM) (de heer Koks) Stichting Henri Hermans (043 - 350 7000) Pieter Regout Stichting Océ Business Services Foundation Wiertz Group ENCI BV Provincie Limburg

12 Maastricht, NL & EU MAASTRICHT KunstActief Maastricht (de heer Jaap van Royen) Elisabeth Strouvenfonds (de heer Theo van Ballegooij) Struys Comité/Stichting Goede Doelen (de heer Hans Linneman) Gemeente Maastricht (de heer Peter Pluymen; de heer Jan Bessems) Stichting Fonds bijzondere hulp Maastricht L. Reinards Stichting NEDERLAND Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie SNS REAAL Fonds (mevrouw Cornips, directeur) Oranjefonds VSB Fonds (de heer Steffen de Wolff) Nationaal Fonds voor Podiumkunsten Stichting Doen Cultuurfonds Jeugd Rabobank Cultuurfonds Rabobank Ammodo Blockbusterfonds Van Bijlevelt stichting EUROPE subsidies/index_nl.htm

13 References SAMPLE TEMPLATE FOR PREPARING PROJECT PROPOSALS‎ Guide for Writing Project Proposals writingProposal.html‎‎

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