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SMRTNET Secure Medical Records Transfer Network

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1 SMRTNET Secure Medical Records Transfer Network

2 Records Needed in the ED
Physician(s) Hospital(s) Specialist(s) Pharmacies (local, chain, mail-in) Laboratories (local, state and national) Native American facility (Indian Health Service) Tribal health Veterans Administration Mental health Public health Community Health Centers Clinics

3 SMRTNET brings them together
Diagnosed With Arthritis 2-9-05 Prescribed medication for Cholesterol Diagnosed Asthma Diagnosed With Arthritis Foot Surgery Bone Spur removal Diagnosed with IBS

4 SMRTNET Defined A non profit public “utility” company that helps connect health care providers individually or through their own self governed repeatable networks Planning reduces planning time by 80% Data set enhances value (currently 37 million records on 2.7 million lives) Technology quickly connects providers and institutions saving nearly 70% Common legal and infrastructure Vendor neutral Board for Network of Networks

5 Benefits of HIE Networking to Hospital
Improved coordination and quality of patient care More cost-effective care Improved integration of patient data with physicians Help qualify for Stimulus payments ($ 2-11 million) Member of network with over 14 hospitals, and growing Access to 37 million records, e-prescribing, Dynamed, Surescripts and all future growth Opportunities high ROI per hospital based on % uninsured costs and ED staff-time savings 30 quality improvements

6 Benefits of HIE Networking to Physician
Improved medical history of patient Required for access to stimulus money Prescription refills Access from home to track patients Improve chronic disease management Can be integrated into EHR with vendor participation Physicians without an EHR can participate Dynamed (continuing education credit) Access to 37 million records

7 7

8 SMRTNET Northeast Oklahoma
Founding Members 7 unique participants Tahlequah City Hospital Cherokee Nation Oklahoma State Dept of Health Hastings Hospital Northeastern State University Bill Willis Community Mental Health NEO Community Health (FQHC)

9 GOCHC Network GOCHC in Oklahoma City OU Medical Center
Unity Health Center Edmond Medical Center INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Regional Hospital INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center Mercy Health Center Midwest Regional Medical Center Norman Regional Hospital St. Anthony’s Hospital Oklahoma Heart Hospital Moore Medical Center OK City County Health Dept. (OCCHD) has applied

10 Tulsa Regional Hospital Planning
St John Medical Center Saint Francis Hospital Hillcrest Medical Center Parkside Hospital St John Owasso Regional Medical Laboratory

11 Summary of Clinical Fields
3/25/2017 11 11

12 Quality Improvement MI National Quality Measures-4 Heart failure-3
Pneumococcal National Quality Measures -6 Surgical Care-9 Medication safety-1 Medication reconciliation-2 Risk of Influenza and Pneumonia-3 Ulcer preventive care-1 Safety-suicide-1

13 Other SMRTNET Assisted Networks
16 statewide community health centers EMSA GTHAN 15 Health Alliance for the Uninsured Norman Physician Hospital Organization Duncan Canadian County Health Access Network Tulsa Health Access Network OSMA Indian Health Service

14 Ambulatory Interfaces Underway
Allscripts Centricity eClinicalWorks Powerworks EpicCare Greenway NextGen

15 Connected Communities
Current SMRTNET networks have been built with no need for stimulus money, and should be self-sustaining. This is especially key in rural communities where the hospital is the medical and data hub for physicians and the community. Hospitals that are a part of SMRTNET: Free access to SMRTNET for all community physicians Free access to SMRTNET for dentists and optometrists Contribute to community health improvement program Can connect a physician’s EMR for $ 20 per month, thus helping to qualify for stimulus incentive funds Are positioned to qualify for stimulus money Help contribute to a statewide data system

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