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Integration mellem forretningen og arkiverne i Carlsberg Team lead, Project Manager VidenDanmark, 10. April 2014 Kirsten Taarnskov.

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1 Integration mellem forretningen og arkiverne i Carlsberg Team lead, Project Manager VidenDanmark, 10. April 2014 Kirsten Taarnskov

2 2 This is Carlsberg Group today No. 1 in Northern & Eastern Europe and fourth largest brewer in the world 500 different beer brands 40,000 employees on three continents 36,000,000,000 bottles of beer sold in 2013 150 Markets around the world

3 3 A Group of more than 500 different brands

4 4 Founded in 1847 on a passion for beer, science and art 1847 1847 JC Jacobsen founds the Carlsberg Brewery on a hill outside of Copenhagen 1882 1882 JC’s son Carl Jacobsen builds his own brewery next to his father’s and calls it ”New Carlsberg”. 1868 1868 Carlsberg has international ambitions from the beginning and exports its first barrel of beer to Scotland in 1868 1904 1904 The famous Carlsberg logo is designed by architect Thorvald Bindesbøll. This logo is still used today. JC Jacobsen had great ambitions for his brewery and to make sure his beer is brewed to the highest scientific standards he established the Carlsberg Laboratory. Carl Jacobsen had a great passion for art and architecture and created many spectacular buildings for his brewery. One of these is the impressive Elephant Gate welcoming visitors to his brewery.

5 Uddannelse: Bibliotekar DB, 1985 Master i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab, 2005 Knowledge Management, enkeltfag på ITU, 2009 Forskellige projektlederuddannelser Og en masse fagkurser, seminarer, workshops … Arbejde: Arbejdet med design, udvikling og implementering af informationssystemer siden 1985, fx TV2Lorry, Nationalbanken, Lægemiddelstyrelsen, Region Hovedstaden Projektleder og teamleder i Carlsberg Arkiv siden juni 2012 5 Min professionelle baggrund

6 Arkivet er kun noget i den udstrækning vi giver værdi til forretningen: 6 Arkivets forhold til forretningen

7 Documentation of historical use of brands and products Rectification and refutation of statements concerning the conduct of business Historical documentation on markets, products, brewing etc. Legal matters HR matters e.g. collective agreements, bursaries Stories to support communication and branding Marketing materials, packaging and labels to support innovation Recipes for reuse or innovation of new beer types Materials relating to specific topics concerning the company, brewing, beer, events, important persons Documentation of traditions and precedence Facts and anecdotes for speeches 7 Hvad bliver vi spurgt om?

8 The Carlsberg Archives is the Company’s ‘corporate memory’ now and in the future. It brings together the company’s intellectual memory and resources; they are easily accessible, smart indexed and easily retrievable so that they effectively support management decisions, policy development and daily tasks and operations. The Archives is an attractive partner for archive users and provide input and ideas to the material used in connection with the users’ tasks and projects. 8 Vores vision

9 Making it possible for users to access the Archives via web interfaces Present selected digitalised materials directly to the users computers e.g. posters and photos Pushing digitalised materials to targeted audiences Working more proactively to deliver packages of knowledge to certain occasions such as visits, starting of new employees, anniversaries In developing new deliverables the focus will be on value to the business. This could pave the road for a strategy concerning selling archive deliverables 9 Visionen er på vej til at blive virkelig

10 10 Move The Archives closer to the users I

11 11 Move The Archives closer to the users II

12 The use of policies, processes and guidelines support a number of purposes: The managing of the Archives will be transparent and person independent The documentation will support archive staff and users in their work with the Archives The managing of the Archives will be consistent and continuous The responsibilities concerning the materials and the tools will be transparent to all stakeholders 12 Archive Governance –styr på de indre linjer

13 Policy for receiving materials The Carlsberg Archives maintain our corporate memory by receiving and facilitating accessibility of materials in any form or medium that document: The company’s past and continued development Significant events Key-personalities Strategic decisions Products and production The Carlsberg brands and culture Carlsberg’s scientific, technological and cultural influences on the company and the surrounding society 13 Politikker som kontrakt med forretningen

14 A few examples of materials: Minutes of board meetings, Projects - Final Reports Mergers & Acquisitions Letters from key-personalities Strategic business plans Documentation of production, sales statistics, recipes and product samples e.g. bottles Advertising posters, internal magazines and all other printed matters Laboratory protocols, patents, annual reports and CSR programs 14 - og hvad betyder det så?

15 Nyt it-system er forudsætning for realisering af visionen, vi er i konkurrence med resten af forretningens projekter om midlerne Synlighed og udvidelse af kundekredsen Sikre fødekæden til relevante, nye arkivalier Intangible assets Fysisk placering på sigt 15 Udfordringer

16 TM

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