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Drugs are classified by the effects they have on the body and mind.

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1 Drugs are classified by the effects they have on the body and mind.

2 Depressants NARCOTICS – Powerful pain killers. They depress or slow down the central nervous system. Narcotics can be very addictive. Slows down most body functions- breathing, heart rate, and coordination. All depressants can be physically addicting. Alcohol is the most used depressant

3 Stimulants Uppers Drugs that speed up the central nervous system, affect heart rate & blood pressure. Caffeine is the most often used stimulant Ex.-Meth, cocaine, amphetamines.

4 MARIJUANA Marijuana is in a drug class by itself (cannaboid), even thought it has features similar to stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. Marijuana can causes changes in mood, increases appetite and impairs short-term memory. The smoke from marijuana can damage the lungs because of the heat, and length of time it is held in the lungs.

5 Hallucinogens Distort senses, causing you to perceive (see, hear and feel) things that aren’t there. LSD, peyote and mushrooms are example of a hallucinogens.

6 Anabolic Steroids Drugs that simulate or stimulate the production of the male hormone testosterone. Without a doctors supervision there is no safe use for steroids. However, some athletes use steroids to increase weight, strength, and muscle mass. Use of steroids can stunt grow, and cause high blood pressure.

7 Inhalants Household items can be abused. Paint thinner, glue or gasoline can all be inhaled. Fumes get to the brain quickly. Tolerance develops but not physical dependence.

8 Ways to Administer Drugs Inhalation Injection Snorting Ingestion (swallow) Snorting, inhalation & injection act the quickest on the brain. Ways to inject drugs – Intravenous (IV) - injected directly into a vein similar to a blood test or an IV. Effects are felt fastest & can last very long. – Intro Muscular or muscling a drug- injected into a muscle similar to a vaccine or allergy shot. Effects are felt not as fast as IV injecting fast & can last long. – Skin popping- Injecting just under the skin, will cause a bubble, similar to an allergy test or a tb test. Effects are felt slower than the other 2 ways of injecting & can last not as long (most of the time). Ingestion takes longer to reach the bloodstream (drinking, eating or taking a pill).

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