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Famous American Women !.

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1 Famous American Women !

2 Television's highest-paid entertainer
Who am I ? She was the first African-American woman to own her own production company Also a talented actress nominated for an Academy Award in her first movie Television's highest-paid entertainer

3 Im Oprah Winfrey !


5 Who am I ? When she was nineteen months old an illness left Helr deaf, blind, and mute. Though a wild, destructive child, she showed such signs of intelligence that her mother sent for a special teacher. The child loved to learn, and her remarkable achievements in reading, writing and even speaking soon made her internationally famous.

6 I am Helen Keller


8 Who am I? She taught school in New Rochelle and Canajoharie, NY, and discovered that male teachers were paid several times her salary. She devoted her first reform efforts to anti-slavery and to temperance, the campaign to curb alcohol. But when she rose to speak in a temperance convention, she was told, "The sisters were not invited here to speak!"

9 Im Susan B. Anthony


11 Who am I? She was married to her younger brother Ptolemy XIII when he was twelve. She was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. She was the sole ruler of Egypt.

12 I am Cleopatra


14 Who am I? The first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, she opened the skies to other women. In 1937 while attempting to become the first person to fly around the world, Earhart’s plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

15 Im Amelia Airheart


17 Who am I ? Founder of a religious group of nuns in Calcutta.
She devoted her life to aiding sick and poor people throughout the world. She was internationally famed as a humanitarian and advocate for the poor and helpless.

18 Im Mother Theresa


20 The End !


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