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Flush Flush (Carl Hiaasen) By: Lindsay, Nicole, Brittney, Lorrie, Dominique, and Brandon.

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1 Flush Flush (Carl Hiaasen) By: Lindsay, Nicole, Brittney, Lorrie, Dominique, and Brandon

2 Flush Our Reasons: Brittney: It had great cover art Lindsay: The summary sounded cool Brandon: Liked the weird title of the book Lorrie: The lead caught me on. Dominique: The title seemed unique Nicole: The title and cover seemed original

3 Flush Setting The setting is in more than one place. Florida is the main state Coral Queen (Dusty’s Boat) The Prison Paine was held in And Noah’s house The Keys (Noah’s neighborhood)

4 Flush Plot Noah Underwood is the son of Paine Underwood, who sunk the Coral Queen into thunder beach. Paine’s reasoning is that he believes that Dusty Muleman is dumping the sewage from the boat into the beach. Noah, his sister Abbey, and Shelly are trying to bring Dusty Muleman to justice

5 Flush Noah The main character. Noah is persistent and believes that his father was onto something when he sunk the coral queen into the depths of Thunder beach. His plans help bring Dusty Muleman to justice.

6 Flush Abbey Noah’s little sister. Abbey is persistent, just like her brother, but she has a harder time believing in her father. She comes around to helping Noah with his plan to prove that what her father did was… somewhat right

7 Flush He dumps raw sewage into the beach where little kids play. He pays off the coast guard not to tell and worst, he lies about it all. Who is this you ask? None other than…..

8 Mom She has brown hair and two kids (Noah and Abby) She is has a husband, Paine, in Jail and she threatens to leave if her husband does not straighten up. The kids find a plaid suitcase, which is the suitcase she uses when she wants to leave. They worry that their parents relationship is falling apart.

9 Flush Paine, Noah’s dad is the man who sunk Dusty’s boat. Instead of running away and denying he had anything to do with it, he sits in a chair until dawn and admits everything. He refuses to apologize though, and when he’s In jail, he says he’s like Nelson Mandela, and won’t let his wife pay the bail.

10 Flush Shelly is fat, manly, and has a barbwire tattoo She has bleach blond hair She loves Lice Peeking Shelly helps Noah and Abbey bring Dusty to justice after Lice disappears…

11 Flush Lice Peeking Lazy Dirty Willing to do anything for money All of the above is what describes Lice Peeking. His disappearance after a fight with Dusty Muleman leaves Shelly willing to help bring down Dusty’s plans!

12 Flush Flushed is a very interesting story because it always keeps your attention. We all encourage you to read it! It’s full of action and suspense. Once you start reading, you will want to know how it turns out.

13 Flush Credits! Produced by : Lindsay, Brandon, Lorrie Nicole, Brittney, Dominique Special effects: Brandon Cummings Mrs. Mullis 2 nd Period English LBLNBD inc. © 2007

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