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Trash by Andy Mulligan Comprehension Challenge. Part 1 Comprehension Questions.

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1 Trash by Andy Mulligan Comprehension Challenge

2 Part 1 Comprehension Questions

3 Q1. What is stuppa? a)Stuffing for chairs b)Human muck c)Chicken droppings d)Coffee grounds

4 Q2. What is the name of the rubbish town? a)Bentham b)Bethal c)Behala d)Behalio

5 Q3. What are they looking for? a)Wallets b)Metal c)Clothing d)Plastic

6 Q4. If a good tyre can fetch half a dollar, what can a dead tyre be used for? a)Water storage b)Holding your roof down c)Insulation d)Beds

7 Q5. On a good day, how much can he make? a)200 pesos b)150 pesos c)100 pesos d)50 pesos

8 1.B – Stuppa = Human Muck 2.C – Behala is the name of their rubbish town 3.D – Plastic, white then blue 4.B – Dead tyres used to hold your roof down 5.A – On a good day he can make 200 pesos Chapter 1 Answers

9 Chapters 2-3 Comprehension Questions

10 Q6. What day of the week was his unlucky-lucky day? a)Monday b)Tuesday c)Wednesday d)Thursday

11 Q7. How old is Gardo? a)10 b)12 c)14 d)16

12 Q8. What is the name given to a bag that is unsplit from a rich area? a)A special b)A jackpot c)A bounty d)A treasure chest

13 Q9. How much money was in the wallet? a)500 pesos b)600 pesos c)1100 pesos d)1600 pesos

14 Q10. Where was the bag put into the rubbish by mistake? a)McKenzie Hill b)McKinley Hill c)McCaffrey Hill d)McClean Hill

15 6. D – Thursday was his unlucky-lucky day 7. C – They are both fourteen years old 8. A – An unsplit bag from a rich area is called a special 9. C – 1100 pesos was inside the wallet 10. B – McKinley Hill was where the police said the bag was dumped Chapters 2-3 Answers

16 Chapters 4-5 Comprehension Questions

17 Q11. What is Rat’s real name? a)Jose b)Alejandro c)Jo-Jo d)Jun-Jun

18 Q12. How many were killed when Smoky fell? a)Nearly 50 b)Nearly 100 c)Nearly 150 d)Nearly 200

19 Q13. What is the locker number on the key? a)101 b)202 c)303 d)010

20 Q14. How much did they get paid for the day? a)50 pesos b)80 pesos c)100 pesos d)120 pesos

21 Q15. What mistake did Auntie make? a)She followed the boys to Rat’s hole b)She looked through Raphael’s room c)She talked to the police d)She handed in the money

22 11. D – Rat’s real name is Jun-Jun 12. B – Nearly 100 were killed when the rubbish mountain Smoky fell 13. A – Locker number C – They were paid 100 pesos for the day 15. C – She talked to the police Chapter 4-5 Answers

23 Chapter 6 Comprehension Questions

24 Q16. What train did the boys wait for? a)The four o’clock b)The five o’clock c)The six o’clock d)The seven o’clock

25 Q17. Where does the train go? a)Diamond Harbour b)Diarmuid Harbour c)Darling Harbour d)Darlington Harbour

26 Q18. How much prize money are they now offering? a)10,000 b)20,000 c)30,000 d)40,000

27 Q19. How much time does the money buy them from the station boys? a)Five minutes b)Ten minutes c)Fifteen minutes d)20 minutes

28 Q20. What was the package in the locker? a)An old brown paper bag tied with rubber bands b)A satchel with the initials J.A. c)An old tattered briefcase d)A brown envelope sealed with tape

29 16. C – the six o’clock train 17. A – Diamond Harbour 18. B – 20, A – it buys them 5 minutes worth of time 20. D – the package was a brown envelope sealed with tape Chapter 6 Answers

30 Part 2 Chapters 1-2 Comprehension Questions

31 Q21. What is the name of the school Father Julliard runs? a)St Augustus Mission School b)St Angelico Mission School c)Pascal Aguila Mission School d)Pasquale Aquila Mission School

32 Q22. How old is Father Julliard? a)63 b)65 c)70 d)73

33 Q23. How old is Sister Olivia? a)20 b)22 c)24 d)26

34 Q24. How many years had Gabriel Olondriz been in prison? a)20 b)21 c)22 d)23

35 Q25. What room at the end of the corridor was he taken into? a)#2 b)#4 c)#6 d)#8

36 21. C – Pascal Aguila Mission School 22. A – Father Julliard is B – Sister Olivia is D – Gabriel Olondriz was serving his 23 rd year in prison 25. C – he was taken to room #6 Part 2 Chapters 1-2 Answers

37 Part 2 Chapters 3-4 Answers Comprehension Questions

38 Q26. What was the landmark he saw? a)A famous church b)Statue of a soldier c)The tallest building d)A large fountain

39 Q27. What had Jose been arrested for? a)Robbery b)Fraud c)Murder d)Assault

40 Q28. What is the name of the prison? a)Colditz b)Colgate c)Colva d)Celiz

41 Q29. How old was Jose’s daughter? a)14 b)12 c)10 d)8

42 Q30. What is the name of the vice president? a)Senator Zapanta b)Senator Zacusa c)Senator Alondroz d)Senator Alusia

43 26. B – The landmark was a statue of a soldier 27. A – Jose had been arrested for robbery 28. C – Colva Prison 29. D – Pia is A – Senator Zapanta Part 2 Chapters 3-4 Answers

44 Part 3 Chapters 1-3 Comprehension Questions

45 Q31. Where does Sister Olivia’s father work? a)Oxford University b)Parliament c)The Department of Health d)The Foreign Office

46 Q32. What did the boys tell Sister that Gardo’s grandfather was in prison for? a)Robbing tourists b)Beating up someone c)Murdering someone d)Not paying taxes

47 Q33. Why do the relatives live beside the prison? a)To visit as there is no public transport b)To earn money as they work for the officers c)To get food into the prisoners so they don’t starve d)To avoid the shame of having a family member in prison

48 Q34. How much did Sister Olivia have to pay Mr Oliva? a)10,000 b)11,000 c)12,000 d)13,000

49 Q35. How long did it take to make the pass for Sister? a)10 Minutes b)Half an hour c)An hour d)Two hours

50 31. D – Sister Olivia’s father works for the Foreign Office 32. B – They said he was accused of beating up someone 33. C – they live there to get food into the prisoners so they don’t starve 34. A – she had to pay Mr Oliva 10, B – half an hour to make the pass Part 3 Chapters 1-3 Answers

51 Part 3 Chapters 4-6 Comprehension Questions

52 Q36. What did Sister see that made her stop? a)A dead child in a cell b)A mother with a baby in a cell c)A young child with a younger child in his lap in a cell d)An old man using the toilet in a cell

53 Q37. What colour were Gabriel’s eyes? a)White b)Blue c)Green d)Brown

54 Q38. What is the normal going rate to see Gabriel? a)100 b)1000 c)1500 d)10,000

55 Q39. How much money had Senator Zapanta spirited away? a)5 million b)10 million c)20 million d)30 million

56 Q40. Why does Gardo write Chapter 6? a)To tell us what he said to Gabriel in his own language b)To say sorry to Sister Olivia for lying c)To explain what had been in the letter d)To tell us what they planned to do next

57 36. C – She stopped because she saw a young child with a younger child in his lap in a cell 37. A – White burning eyes 38. C – the going rate is D – 30 million dollars of aid money 40. B – He wrote chapter six to apologise to Sister Olivia Part 3 Chapters 4-6 Answers

58 Part 3 Chapters 7-8 Comprehension Questions

59 Q41. What is the first question Gardo asks Gabriel? a)What is the harvest? b)What does ‘it has been accomplished’ mean? c)Where is the money hidden? d)Who is Dante Jerome?

60 Q42. How could Gabriel tell Gardo was a street boy? a)The dirt on his ankles above his new shoes b)The accent he spoke with c)The smell of the street d)The tattoo on his wrist

61 Q43. Where is Senator Zapanta’s house? a)Green Hills b)Green Meadows c)Hill Place d)Palazo Square

62 Q44. How much money did Rat have hidden? a)4,346 pesos b)3,524 pesos c)2,326 pesos d)1,672 pesos

63 Q45. Where is Rat from? a)San Pedro b)Sampalo c)San Francisco d)Brazil

64 41. D – he first asks who Dante Jerome is 42. C – He could still smell the street 43. A – Senator Zapanta lives at Green Hills 44. C – 2,326 pesos 45. B – Rat is from Sampalo Part 3 Chapters 7-8 Answers

65 Part 3 Chapters 9-10 Comprehension Questions

66 Q46. What colour bus did the boys take? a)Yellow b)Red c)Blue d)White

67 Q47. What did Rat do when he got off the bus that made people think he was mad? a)He stopped by the door and waved goodbye b)He stopped by the door and sang a song c)He hugged the bus driver d)He shook everyone’s hand

68 Q48. Who did Rat feel like on the tree looking at the promised land? a)Moses b)Noah c)Abraham d)Jesus

69 Q49. How did Rat know the man was no danger? a)He was dressed poor like them b)He had no shoes on c)His voice was calm d)He was smiling

70 Q50. What did Olivia learn that she could not have learned at university? a)That survival is more important than morals b)That sometimes it is right to lie c)That money corrupts people d)That the world revolves around money

71 46. B – They took a red bus 47. D – He shook everyone’s hand and they thought he was mad 48. A – He felt like Moses looking at the promised land 49. C – He knew he was no danger because his voice was calm 50. D – She learned that the world revolves around money Part 3 Chapters 9-10 Answers

72 Part 4 Chapters 1-2 Comprehension Questions

73 Q51. What change did Rat make to their home? a)He loosened part of the roof b)He put on a door c)He found bed mats d)He paid for blankets

74 Q52. Which night was approaching at the end of the month? a)Halloween b)Christmas Eve c)All Soul’s Night d)Thanksgiving

75 Q53. Where did Father Julliard write the combination? a)On his desk b)Under the telephone c)On a page in the Bible d)In his diary

76 Q54. Where does Gardo keep his hook? a)In his jeans at the back b)Up his right sleeve c)At the back of his shirt hooked in the collar d)In the pocket of his shorts

77 Q55. What does he do with the Bible after hearing shots? a)He stashes it under a nearby bench b)He gives it to Rat c)He gives it to Raphael d)He puts it in the trash

78 51. A – He loosened part of the roof for quick escape 52. C – All Soul’s Night or the Day of the Dead 53. D – Fr Julliard writes the combination in his diary 54. A – He keeps his hook on the inside of his jeans at the back 55. B – He gives the Bible to Rat. Part 3 Chapters 1-2 Answers

79 Part 4 Chapters 3-5 Comprehension Questions

80 Q56. Which Gospel was “It is finished” in? a)Mark b)Matthew c)Luke d)John

81 Q57. What is the name of the rubbish town? a)He reversed the numbers b)He read right to left c)He found the passage at the end of the book d)He found a bottle of rum

82 Q58. What tipped Rat off to the police? a)A heavy footstep on the ladder b)Someone calling out to Gardo c)Sounds of pots and pans d)Police sirens

83 Q59. What did ‘where we lay’ mean? a)Where our bedrooms were b)Where they used to go sun bathing c)Where we are buried d)Where the hospital is

84 Q60. Why did the police man not shoot at them? a)He felt sorry for them b)He fell off the ladder c)He was attacked by a dog d)He was still holding onto the ladder and could not get aim

85 56. D – Gospel of St John 57. B – He read right to left and got “Go to…” 58. A – he was tipped off by a heavy footstep on the ladder 59. C – Where they were buried 60. D – He was holding the ladder, whistle and couldn’t aim Part 4 Chapters 3-5 Answers

86 Part 4 Chapters 6-7 Comprehension Questions

87 Q61. What was the smartest thing Rat ever did? a)He lead them to an abandoned warehouse b)He figured out what the 6 and 9 meant c)He got them to dive in amongst the children d)He had them hide in the reeds of the river

88 Q62. What ‘saved them’? a)The police cars crashed into each other b)All the children ran out at once c)All the children swarmed over the police cars d)The children attacked the police officers

89 Q63. Who is the man who makes the memorials? a)Gus Fredericks b)Gulliard Fernandez c)Fernandez Gonzalez d)Frederico Gonz

90 Q64. What did he write on Pia’s memorial stone? a)“The veil of the temple has been rent” b)“Beloved daughter, forever in our hearts” c)“Seeds to harvest, my child” d)“The seed corn has been planted”

91 Q65. What did the men with the coffin look like? a)Street sweepers b)Dumpsite boys c)Criminals d)Beggars

92 61. C – He made them dive among the children 62. B – all the children running out at once saved them 63. D – Frederico Gonz makes the grave memorials 64. C – seeds to harvest, my child 65. A – the two men looked like street sweepers Part 4 Chapters 6-7 Answers

93 Articles Comprehension Questions

94 Q66. What did the Senator train to be? a)A doctor b)A politician c)A lawyer d)An economist

95 Q67. What did the Senator clear the squatter camps? a)A cinema / shopping complex b)A new school c)His flash home d)A statue in his image

96 Q68. Mohun’s diary suggested he was keeping the money in case of what? a)In case there is a political coup b)In case the banks go bust c)In case the ATM’s are down d)In case he ends up in hospital

97 Q69. Who is the president of the student union? a)Chartal Andiz b)Cheruvi Adarme c)Jose Regis d)Regis Zenita

98 Q70. What was the Senator’s campaign slogan? a)The brightest smile, the sharpest mind b)The brightest future for the sharpest minds c)A bright future for all d)No child left behind

99 66. C – Zepanta was originally a lawyer 67. A – he cleared the squatter camps for a cinema/shopping complex 68. C – in case the ATM’s are down 69. B – Charuvi Adarme is the president of the student union 70. A – the brightest smile, the sharpest mind Articles Answers

100 Part 5 Chapters 1-3 Comprehension Questions

101 Q71. How had they wasted the day? a)The had tried to find the numbers on the graves b)They had tried to listen to people in case they heard the name “Angelico” c)They had paid the guard who had given them the wrong directions d)They had been in the rich half, not the one where the poor were buried

102 Q72. What did ‘the brightest light’ mean? a)The light on top of the wall that separated the two halves b)Where thousands of candles come together c)The light from all the bonfires lit by the graves d)The way the setting sun shone on the marble graves

103 Q73. What did his Auntie always say? a)There is always someone who will help b)There is always time to pay your respects c)There is no one you can trust completely d)There is nowhere people will not live

104 Q74. How did Gardo figure out where to look? a)He bought a candle and shone it on the stones b)He found the numbers on the backs of the stones c)He asked the children that lived there d)He found a sign that showed where they were

105 Q75. Where does Pia live now? a)In the graveyard b)In the building with all the children c)In the home of one of the other house servants d)In the home of one of her mother’s cousins

106 71. D – They were in the rich half of the cemetery 72. B – thousands of candles coming together. The brightest light. 73. D – there is nowhere people will not live 74. C – He asked the children that lived there 75. A – she lives in the graveyard now Part 5 Chapters 1-3 Answers

107 Part 5 Chapters 4-6 Comprehension Questions

108 Q76. Why did they need to be brave? a)They had to take Pia back to her school and the police could be there b)They would have to go back to their room that the police had raided c)They would have to go among the graves on All Soul’s night d)They needed to go back to Behala

109 Q77. Who writes Chapter 5? a)Raphael b)Pia c)Father Julliard d)Jun

110 Q78. What do they buy from the trash boys? a)A shirt for Gardo b)A blanket for Pia c)A suitcase for the money d)A cart to carry the money

111 Q79. What was Rat’s next brilliant idea? a)To split the money up in bags so it would be found by lots of people b)To dress in the mission school uniforms c)To put all the money in Father Julliard’s safe d)To hide the money on the conveyor belts

112 Q80. Why did Raphael and Gardo linger before leaving? a)They regretted giving away all the money b)They had people they wanted to say goodbye to c)They wanted to make sure their families found some of the money d)They saw their families in the distance

113 76. C – to go among the graves on All Soul’s night takes bravery 77. D – Jun – no longer Rat 78. D – they bought a cart to carry the money 79. B – to dress in the school uniforms 80. B – they had people they wanted to say goodbye to but knew they couldn’t Part 5 Chapters 4-6 Answers

114 Try to imagine that you have lived a life similar to that of Rat, Raphael and Gardo. Write down what you would have done and why. What would you have done with the money?

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