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IM STRESSED OUT! Stress : the bodys normal response to change.

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2 IM STRESSED OUT! Stress : the bodys normal response to change

3 Positive vs. Negative Eustress oPositive oMakes life more pleasurable oHelps you reach goals oMotivates you Distress oNegative oHas unhealthy effects oMakes you nervous oCant sleep

4 Common Stressors for You A little Stressful Stressful Very Stressful Arguing with sibling Moving/New School Forgetting HW Argue with Parent Weight Issues Lead in play Being sick Lunch Detention Suspension Using drugs/alcohol or family members who use Parents Divorce

5 The Bodys Response Fight or Flight: The natural response is to either fight the stressor or flee from it. To much stress may cause: Headaches Digestive problems High blood pressure Anxiety Depression Fatigue Lower resistance for infection

6 Stress Management Relax!!!!: This will slow your heart rate and make you feel less tense. How? Relax your muscles, take slow breaths, get enough sleep, and do things you enjoy! Stay Positive!!!: Keep things in perspective. Is probably no big deal! How? Think positively, keep your sense of humor and have fun! Physical Activity!!!: Being active is one of the healthiest ways to manage stress. It improves your heart, puts you in a better mood, increases your supply of oxygen, and makes you look and feel better.

7 Stress Relief Healthy Ways Exercise Listening to music Art Laughing Relaxing Unhealthy Ways Substance abuse Fighting Putting yourself down Hurting yourself


9 THE STRESS METER Levels of Stress Enraged Angry Frustrated Agitated Annoyed

10 Common Mental Health Issues Schizophrenia Multiple Personality Disorders Addiction Depression Low Self-Esteem

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