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1. SQL Server 2014 In-Memory by Design Arthur Zubarev June 21, 2014.

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2 SQL Server 2014 In-Memory by Design Arthur Zubarev June 21, 2014

3 Drive Real-Time Business with Real-Time Insights Faster transactions Faster queries Faster insights All built-in to SQL Server 2014. 3

4 Drive Real-Time Business with Real-Time Insights Over 100x query speed and significant data compression with In-Memory ColumnStore Up to 30x faster transaction processing with In-Memory OLTP Greater performance with In-Memory Analysis Services Billions of rows per second with PowerPivot In-Memory for Excel 4 Faster Insights IN-MEMORY ANALYTICS Faster Queries IN-MEMORY DW Faster Transactions IN-MEMORY OLTP

5 Analysis Services In-Memory In-Memory ColumnStore PowerPivot In-Memory for Excel The Journey to Complete In- Memory PowerPivot In-Memory for Excel 20122008 R2 Enhanced In-Memory ColumnStore In-Memory OLTP Analysis Services In-Memory PowerPivot In-Memory for Excel In-Memory in the cloud 2014 5

6 Built-In Flexible Increased Speed & Throughput Accelerated Analytics Easy to Implement 6

7 Key Trends impacting In-Memory Design CPU Performance Flattening OutDecreasing Cost of Memory $/GB of Memory Perf/Clock (ILP) Power Clock Speed (MHz) Transistors (000) 7

8 Write speed of 200 million rows in 15 minutes Real-time data access In-Memory Built-In Key Benefits Leverage familiar tools No costly add-ons Works seamlessly with existing SQL Server features Use the same tools across services New! In-Memory Relational Data Services Windows Azure Infrastructure Services Disk-based Relational Data Services Familiar Dev & Management Tools 8

9 The entire DB doesn’t need to be In- Memory 10x Faster performance In-Memory Flexibility Key Benefits Minimize capex as data volumes grow Access In-Memory and on-disk with a single query Don’t need to rewrite entire app with scalability and reduced operating costs Exponential growth On-Disk Application Warm and hot data Cold Data Single Query 9

10 Key Benefits Optimized table structures No locks or latches with 100% data durability Up to 30x transactional performance gains In-Memory for Increased Throughput & Speed 16x faster transactions “To describe Hekaton in two words, it’s wicked fast.” Rick Kutschera, Bwin BeforeAfter Greater throughput with no locks or latches OLTP Stored Procedures 30x faster transactions Natively compile stored procedures in-memory App 10 35x faster transactions

11 Key Benefits Quickly explore massive data volumes Dramatically compress data Over 100x faster query performance Accelerated Analytics with In-Memory “It can take up to 3 hours to aggregate data from billions of table rows…. (Now) it takes 45 minutes to update the index, and then reports can be run on-demand with sub-second response.” - Kevin Cornett, Stein Mart Faster time to insights Advanced data compression In-Memory ColumnStore Advanced Analytics with InMemory 11 10,800 x faster queries 340x faster queries 2,400x faster queries

12 Easy In-Memory Implementation Key Benefits Easy to move apps Use existing hardware No new skills—it’s just SQL New In-Memory migration advisor tools performance enables near real-time access 7x faster of existing tables and no significant changes required Eas y Migration “SQL Server 2014 helps us scale our system without doing any significant code changes, so there’s a host of development work we don't have to do.” - Phil Grayson, TPP Table Migration Stored Procedure Migration 12

13 Drive Real-Time Business with Real-Time Insights PowerBI for Office 365 Better business decision, faster In-Memory DW Over 100x faster In-Memory Analytics Billions of rows in seconds In-Memory OLTP Up to 30x faster Speed insights across all data, with SQL Server on-premises or in Windows Azure Firewall 13


15 SQL Server 2014 Inventory changes Current events Mobile data Real-time purchasing trends Social sentiment Market demand Imagine a new level of customer personalization by acting on a world of data in real-time 15

16 Demo 16

17 SQL Server 2014 Imagine a new level of customer personalization by acting on a world of data in real-time

18 © SQL Server 2014 Launch Party

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