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The APOPPS™ & APOPPS-TF™ by FLO-TECH® O&P Systems, Inc.

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2 The APOPPS™ & APOPPS-TF™ by FLO-TECH® O&P Systems, Inc.
Robert N. Brown, Sr., CPO, FAAOP CEO/Research, Design & Education

3 Applications in Obesity
Setup Selection of Components & Materials Trouble shooting

4 APOPPSTM Adjustable PostOperative, Protective & Preparatory System for prosthetic rehabilitation
TRANSTIBIAL SYSTEM: The FLO-TECH-TOR™ Protective socket or an early (supervised) ambulatory socket The VCSPS™ Protective, PSRD or Preparatory socket The UFOS™ Universal Frame Outer Socket Ambulatory outer socket for both the FLO-TECH-TOR™ and the VCSPS™

FLO-TECH-TOR-TF™ (Protective), early (supervised) ambulatory or preparatory socket The OUTER SOCKET UFOS-TF™ (Universal Frame Outer Socket) Ambulatory outer socket

6 APOPPSTM & APOPPS-TF™ Specifics for Obese Patients
Systems In Stock: Transtibial Adult 7” & 9” length Transfemoral Adult 12” length

The largest TT socket in stock: MPT circumference of 19” to 20” Distal circumference of 16” to 22” The largest TF socket in stock: Ischial circumference of 30” Distal circumference of 22” to 28” Longer or larger requires custom system

8 CUSTOM ORDERS 131 custom sockets provided in 2003
An average of nearly custom sockets per week Allow 3 lab days Average shipping time days If ordered before 12 noon APOPS-KD™ (Knee Disarticulation)

9 Stock BB-d™ Pre-custom Definitive
Available in Transtibial & Transfemoral systems Stock Custom sizes

10 Stock BB-d™ Pre-custom Definitive
Adjusts circumferentially at all levels AP adjustability at all levels ML conforms to patient at all levels 5 stock sizes 2” carved distal end pad Custom systems available

11 BB-d™ ORDERS Available in:
5 Transtibial & 3 Transfemoral Stock sizes in left & right configurations Custom sizes Custom strength Based on weight & activity level Non-ambulatory (polypropylene inner socket & Polyethylene outer socket) Up to 500 lbs. (Acrylic resin, carbon & Kevlar inner socket & co-polypropylene outer socket)

Adult Transtibial sockets & systems Adult Transfemoral sockets & systems Adult Knee Disarticulation sockets & systems Adult Symes sockets & systems

Toddler, children & youth Transtibial & Transfemoral Toddler, children, youth & Knee Disarticulation & Symes Not your every day shapes, sizes and systems for adult, youth, children or toddlers

Odd shapes Extremely long FLO-TECH-TOR  MPT to distal end = 23 ½” plus 1 ½” shrinkage & padding plus thigh length and trim allowance of 12” Total one piece forming 37” Extremely large TF = 45” Ischial circumference

15 Applying the Socket Attachment Plate
Bottom portion of UFOS™ MUST be flat If not; LIGHTLY sand with a disc sander to remove any protruding plastic AT POINT(S) OF CONTACT ONLY

16 Other UFOS Trim Permitted
Suspension wings (A) on the proximal medial & lateral sides Proximal posterior (B); if necessary NEVER remove material from the distal sides (C)

17 The Socket Attachment Plate
The holes in the socket are oversized intentionally and line up with the holes in the Grace plate & the socket attachment plate If not; carefully drill or cut away any interfering material & smooth as needed

18 Why Over Sized? Rotation – 7o to 10o A & P slide – 1/4”
To provide & permit Rotation – 7o to 10o A & P slide – 1/4” M & L slide – 1/4”

19 COMPONENTS & OBESITY Rating of a complete system is determined by the lowest rated component The lower the activity level the higher most components are rated Pylon components rated at 300 lbs with a socket unable to support 300 lbs. plus & an activity level exceeding these limitations negates intended rating

20 EXAMPLE: Foresee – Weight & Activity Levels for Pyramid Systems & Delta Ankle Low activity = 250 lbs Moderate activity = 220 lbs. High activity = 185 lbs.

21 COMPONENTS Multiple manufacturers offer choices of: pylon, attachment components & knee units for patients who weigh 275 lbs or less.

22 COMPONENTS Rated to 300 Lbs.
Hosmer The W.A.L.K. (Weight Activated Locking Knee) & S.A.F.K (Single Axis Friction Knee) units, Titanium #60794 & #60821 The S.A.L.K. (Single Axis Locking Knee) unit #60471 All Titanium & Stainless Steel pylon and attachment components in the series #60000

23 COMPONENTS Rated To 300 Lbs.
USMC Some Titanium & Stainless Steel pylon and attachment components in the # series Designated by AK and BK respectively The Stainless Steel Knee unit #15226 and the Black Max Knee #P24000 series

24 COMPONENTS Rated To 300 Lbs.
Ohio Willow Wood Magnum Heavy Duty System Functional level 4 = 300 lbs.

25 COMPONENTS Rated to 350 Lbs.
USMC Machined Titanium pylon and attachment components in the # series The Black Max Short Knee & The ProSport® Titanium Knee in the # series

26 COMPONENTS Rated to 350 Lbs.
Ohio Willow Wood Magnum Heavy Duty System Functional level 1-3 = 350 lbs.

27 COMPONENTS Rated to 450 Lbs.
IPOS-Bauerfeind X-tra Series

28 COMPONENTS Rated to 500 Lbs.
TiMED (Titanium Specialists in Prosthetics) BK-500 (does not include foot) GH-610 EX.HD EAR CONNECTOR EH-503 TUBE CLAMP 34 mm (requires 2) A mm CARBON TUBE EH-509 EXTRA HD SACH FOOT INSERT USE HEAVY DUTY SACH FOOT By Kingsley

29 APOPPS™ Follow Up Concerns
Sockets have specific warranties Workmanship and initial quality Thereafter: FLO-TECH-TOR™ 30 days VCSPS™ 90 days UFOS™ 90 days FLO-TECH-TOR-TF™ 90 days UFOS-TF™ 90 days

30 Follow Up Concerns Hook and Pile Velcro® on the belts are slipping
SOLUTIONS: Set belt to patients specifications & stitch all areas in place You can remove and discard the double sided hook Velcro®

31 Follow Up Concerns Patient seems unstable and one or more sockets demonstrate an unwanted medial-lateral motion SOLUTIONS: Practitioner may fine tune alignment The toe out and the socket placement over the foot MUST be optimal to minimize unwanted motion

32 Solutions Continued ALIGNMENT SOLUTIONS:
Use equally rated offset components if necessary Maintain alignment whenever removing or disassembling components Use pre-custom definitive BB-d if necessary

33 Follow Up Concerns Swelling is causing skin to protrude through the slots on either side of the FLO-TECH-TOR SOLUTIONS: Elevate the limb as often as is practical Be sure the proper size is used Apply a compressive sock, Ace wrap or liner to the residuum before socket application

34 SOLUTIONS Continued: Add a thin polyethylene tongue to the affected area Attach the tongue to medial and or lateral areas of the posterior section only

35 Follow Up Concerns Socket or system is difficult to don SOLUTIONS:
Apply inner socket & tighten straps and Bands Apply a donning sleeve (nylon or parachute material) over the FLO-TECH-TOR, FLO-TECH-TOR-TF or VCSPS (straps, neoprene and all) AND Open UFOS™ straps before attempting to insert the inner socket

36 Follow Up Concerns Socket or system is showing signs of stress
SOLUTIONS: If FLO-TECH-TOR beyond warranty and patient will move to a new socket soon have patient avoid unsupported ambulation until the new socket is ready If within warranty call for a Return Authorization number and replacement socket

37 Follow Up Concerns Sockets are rotating one inside the other
SOLUTIONS: Be sure sockets are sized appropriately Distal sockets are of tri-quad shape to prevent rotation Call for assistance and possible return of socket or system

38 Follow Up Concerns Patient is slipping up and down inside the socket upon heel contact and toe off SOLUTIONS: Most of this motion is designed into the FLO-TECH-TOR to prevent separation of incision upon early weight bearing and

39 SOLUTIONS Continued: Be sure socks are sized appropriately
Be sure all straps and bands are tightened before the UFOS™ is applied Be sure the waist belt is secured properly Application of the Prep Socket (VCSPS™) with other forms of suspension and distal AP closure should eliminate this concern “WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT”

40 To make the benefits of APOPPS™ technology available to all amputees.
COMMITMENT FLO-TECH® O&P Systems is here to assist you in any way we can; please call. Our staff can help with most: fitting, follow-up or adjustment issues. Our Mission is: To make the benefits of APOPPS™ technology available to all amputees.

41 COMMENTARY Each APOPPS™ or BB-d™ prosthesis has the best opportunity for maximum comfort and success if the selection of components conforms to the patients needs and these components are set up, aligned and maintained in the most effective manner.

42 Questions Or Shared Experiences

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