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Pegasys Updates SNM Sales Meeting June 23, 2001.

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1 Pegasys Updates SNM Sales Meeting June 23, 2001

2 Product Updates Flat Panel (LCD) Monitor option 20 GB Hard Disk
Shadow for Win2000 Emory Toolbox AutoQUANT Plus 3.4.1 DICOM Price Book / Pass-Through Sales

3 Flat Panel (LCD) Pegasys with Philips 18.1” Flat panel monitor
Same viewable area as 20” CRT Start quoting now Release in July (with SkyLight) Field upgrade available in July Market codes for Pegasys: List N-P-ULTRA-HT-LCD $142,100 N-P-ULTRA-HT $139,500

4 Much Worse Same Much Better
LCD vs. 21” CRT Feature LCD Brightness Same Reflection Better Pegasys image display Same AQNT image display Same Pegasys text display Worse AQNT text display Worse Pegasys Cine Same AQNT Cine Same Viewing Angle Same Much Worse Same Much Better

5 20 GB Disk Replaces current 9 GB disk (Q3)
Almost triples patient partition (image data capacity) Field upgrade kit available in Q3 (HT and Ultra 60) No changes to market codes or prices Quote text will be updated Issues Not available for PegasysX, Ultra1 Mixed network limits space usage to 2 GB

6 Shadow on Windows 2000 Provides ability to run Pegasys optional Applications remotely on any PC within institution Fully validated on Win98, NT, Win2000 No feature modifications to product No changes to Market codes or prices: N-PSW-SHDW List $7,000

7 Emory Toolbox Cardiac review and quantification program
Sales Quote beginning July Release in July/August Market codes and Prices TBD

8 AutoQUANT Plus 4.3.1 AutoQUANT Plus includes AutoQUANT and QBS*
Resolves formatting issues for printing (AutoQUANT 4.3 users only) No feature modifications to product No changes to Market codes or prices: List N-PSW-AQNT+ $10,200 N-PSW-AQNT+UP $ 3,200 N-PSW-AQNT+QGSUP $ 8,500 *Package includes AutoQUANT and QBS for PegUltra, and AutoQUANT for PegX

9 Cardiac Quantification Software Differentiation
CardiaQ Easy Database generation Circumferential Profiles 3 Datasets display Michigan AutoQUANT Extensive validation and publications Batch Processing Lung Heart Ratio Look & Feel / Branding Cedars Emory Toolbox Coronary Artery Overlays Comprehensive Databases (5 db’s) Vantage Databasewip Emory

10 3rd Party S/W Exclusivity
Application Description ADAC Exclusivity AutoSPECT+ InStill AutoQuant+ CardiaQ Emory Toolbox Auto Reconstruction Auto cardiac motion correction Cardiac Quantification Yes No Yes* * QGS, QPS components are not exclusive

11 AutoQUANT Exclusivity
“AutoQUANT” brand is trademarked by ADAC It does not belong to Cedars Features exclusive to ADAC Ability to integrate functionality of QGS & QPS in one application Automatic selection of patient objects, upon selection of patient Quantification Heart/Lung Ratio Mass of Heart TID Ratio Competitors CAN’T quote “AutoQUANT” Ease of Use / Workflow Exclusive Cedars algorithms to calculate values Competitors cannot use Cedars algorithms for these values

12 Pegasys DICOM 4.22 Available on Pegasys X and Pegasys Ultra
Note: DICOM Modality Worklist on Ultra only. 4 Packages available: List Communication (N-PSW-DICM) $12,000 Print (N-PSW-DICMP) $4000 Worklist (N-PSW-DICMW) $12,000 Comm-Print-Worklist $22, (N-PSW-DCMWF) Updated Specification Sheet available (several bugs fixed) Updated compatibility matrix available Updated conformance statement available in July, 01

13 Services Supported Service Usage Storage Query/Retrieve Print
Modality Worklist Image transfer Query remote system and retrieve data Print to DICOM compliant printers Query HIS/RIS for patient worklist

14 Services Not Supported
Comments Storage Commitment Performed Procedure Step Inform system that data was received Planned for next release Inform system of all processing steps performed on data No plans for now Not a high priority customer need

15 Compatibility Matrix NM CT MRI PACS RIS Philips GE GE-SMV GE-Elscint
Siemens Marconi AGFA CEMAX N/A E,R All QR E,R* R All E,R N/A N/A N/A N/A E,R N/A N/A N/A E,R R All N/A E,R R R N/A N/A N/A N/A E N/A N/A N/A E N/A *GE-GENIE Export only Export (E), Receive (R), Query/Retrieve (QR) remote system

16 (installed base, refurbished systems)
Pegasys Products PegasysX (3.4 and later) PegasysUltra (4.2 and later) (installed base, refurbished systems) Current product line Speed (Not to Scale) Peg 15 Peg 20 Peg 25 Ultra 1 U 60 U HT - AutoSPECT Plus - DICOM Comm & Print - QGS - CEqual - InSPECT/ProSPECT - LCD monitor - Image Fusion - Vantage Pro - CardiaQ - WebView - AutoSPECT Plus with InStill - AutoQuant Plus (QPS, QGS, QBS) - Emory Toolbox Shadow - DICOM Worklist - 20 GB disk

17 Price Book Current Issues: New Process (Q3): Goals
No Process to update and modify price book Slow turnaround Infrequent updates New Process (Q3): Cross functional participation Sales participation (in-house and field) Goals Process to update and modify Price Book Scheduled regular updates

18 Pass-through Product Sales
Current Issues: Sales calls 3rd party vendor directly No internal process to assist in quick turnaround Need to develop a pass-through sales process (Q3) Product focus: Remote image review (e.g. SeeMor) Postscript printers (e.g. Lexmark) Low-cost DICOM Archive (e.g. Softmedical)

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