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Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System Introduction.

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1 Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System Introduction

2 CENTRIXS Background Enclaves Replication Summary

3 Background We operate in a multi-national coalition environment 24X7. It is incumbent upon us to ensure we can communicate as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. CENTRIXS was designed for that purpose.

4 Background Incremental advances: RIMPAC 98 – e-mail to coalition ships via dial- up to NCTAMSPAC RIMPAC 2000 – RIMPAC web site established, coalition ships received data via Secure Mail Guard (SMG) and web pages Tandem Thrust 2001 – e-mail, CAS, Common Operational Picture (COP) & chat services 2003 – CENTRIXS becomes predominant real world coalition communications network

5 Enclaves There are two Coalition CENTRIXS enclaves: CFE GCTF CENTRIXS FOUR EYES GLOBAL COUNTER-TERROR FORCE ENCLAVE A ENCLAVE C VPN Communities of Interest (COI) such as CNFC and CMFP tunnel through existing enclaves. These COI connections can be established as needed in support of regional or global situations CENTRIXS operates at the SECRET HIGH level within each enclave

6 Replication Replication is the key to element of CENTRIXS information management and sharing capability A copy of the entire SG web site resides on local servers Users locally access and modify information via CENTRIXS workstations Only changes are replicated from the local server to the master hub server The master hub server then replicates with all other enclave servers

7 Replication Master hub server replicates via the WAN Benefits include: Reduced bandwidth usage Only changes are replicated Changes are made locally, not via access to a remote server Continuous access to local data, even when off ship connectivity is unavailable

8 Summary History Enclaves Replication Summary

9 Questions / Comments

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